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Parking areas should be in safe and suitable places. Controls. Controlled parking areas might be appropriate wherever uncontrolled parking might pose a risk to safety, for example by: narrowing routes; blocking sight lines; and; forcing pedestrians on to vehicle routes Risk Assessment for Car Park and Grounds Page 1 of 2 Safety Management System Risk Assessment for Car Park and Grounds. Next review due: February 2022, or when significant changes occur. See review findings at the bottom of the page. Hazard: Speeding Traffic. People / Items at risk: Microlink employees, visitors and contractors, delivery RISK ASSESSMENT SITE ENTRANCE & CAR PARK Persons at risk - all users, volunteers & contractors Significant Hazards Control measures taken to reduce risk Residual risk rating What further action required? Electronic gate Gate is operated on a digital keypad Fitted with sensors to detect a person or vehicle to prevent closur Parking What's the problem? Carelessly parked vehicles are responsible for many of the injuries and deaths that result from Vehicles at Work accidents. This guidance should be followed to help avoid problems. Guidance. Vehicles should be parked on firm and level ground, in a designated parking area if one is available

Car Park Risk Assessment. Following an incident in the Highlands when a child was hit by a school bus outside their school, all Highland schools have been asked to risk assess their drop off/pick up zones for buses. When assessing the risks we found the main risks to children's safety to be; The large volume of cars attempting to access the. Risk Assessment is a process by which hazards are identified and the risks assessed so that controls can be established to reduce the risks to an acceptable level Car Parking A Health and Safety Perspective Thank you for listening! David Bone. Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - BPA Presentation Accidents involving injury in a car park are likely to be reportable to the HSE and it is essential that adequate risk assessments are in place. FPM's General Manager, Steve Morris wrote an article about managing your car park earlier this year for the FPM blog. Health and Safety Executive. Workplace health, safety and welfare

A risk assessment should be completed on the car park taking account of how the car park area is used; access requirements, location, physical features (benchmarked against best practice) and management procedures. Fire safety in car park areas should also be subject to a risk assessment under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 high-risk recreation pursuit, it would be foolish and very risky not to place a great deal of importance on training, parachute rigging, and aircraft safety. A wise manager should also consider the use of waivers and releases in high-risk activities. The standard by which a provider of recreation Risk Assessment - Local Park Education and Care Services National Regulations • Regulation 100 - Risk Assessment must be conducted before excursion • Regulation 101 - Conduct of risk assessment for excursion National Quality Standards - Operational Requirements 2.14 Excursions Identified Activity: Local Park Visit

Example risk assessment: Cleaning large retail premises 1 of 5 pages Health and Safety Executive Example risk assessment for cleaning large retail premises Setting the scene Smith's Cleaners (Retail) provide commercial cleaning services to businesses. They employ 100 cleaners, some full-time and others part-time. They have recentl Advice on horizontal swing car park barriers. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is aware of accidents including fatalities as a result of incidents involving horizontal swing barriers which are found in car parks used in retail and many other premises. A barrier typically comprises of a horizontal bar or beam hinged at a vertical pillar Risk assessment for the car park. 1. RiskAssessmentForThe CarPark Hazard LevelsOf Risk How To MaintainA Safe Environment Weather,openbuildingsare subjectedtohighwinds which can be unpredictable. Moderate Organise timingforwhen weatherconditionsare suitable for filming. Oncomingcars,if driversare unaware of the projectthey will. Under the health and safety at work Act 1974 car park owners and operators have a duty to ensure carparks are safe to use and this includes employers. It is important to include the car park in your risk assessment in order to reduce any risk of accident or injury to your employees and not put your business at risk of expensive damage claims

If budget allows, have security staff on the premises who can maintain safety in the car park or alert the police or other authorities if necessary. Fire safety. If your car park is underground or multi-layered, the law requires that you have a fire risk assessment for the car park. This should include the emergency escape plan in the event of. Risk Assessment Form: THORPE PARK Resort About THORPE PARK Resort All rides and attractions have the relevant safety restrictions displayed at the queue The park is surrounded by a lake which is surrounded by a fence. Care should be taken in the car park and coach park with regards to the movemen General School Risk Assessments - No.23 Car Park and External Areas cont'd. (List additional hazards, risks and controls particular to your school using the blank template no.69) If there is one or more High Risk (H) actions needed, then the risk of injury could be high and immediate action should be taken In the event of a full Park evacuation please return to your vehicles in the car park. Drusillas has public liability insurance of £10,000,000 Anyone with a serious phobia should advise the education staff before an animal handling session

risk assessment prepared well in advance of the winter season. Whether a site needs a specific risk assessment for winter weather may depend on how a site has assessed for other weather-related situations, such as closing in high winds - there is scope for a combined approach Factors that should be taken into account within the part of the. marketingripples.co An adequate system of risk assessment and management will help patient and user safety and mitigate practice liability in the event of injury. Subscribers to First Practice Management can access a number of relevant protocols in the Protocols Library including the new Car Park Risk Assessment template Risk Assessment Guidelines -School Groups out in the Park Supervision in accordance with recommended ratio of adults and students and The Park Rules (PR) is an expectation. It is assumed that all adults and children will be aware of the park rules and why they exist and that adult helpers will have a copy with them on the day To reduce the risk of slips on ice, frost or snow, you need to assess the risk and put in a system to manage it. Identify the outdoor areas used by pedestrians most likely to be affected by ice, for example: - building entrances, car parks, pedestrian walkways, shortcuts, sloped areas and areas constantly in the shade or wet

Car Park Hazards. May 8, 2018. Car parks can be extremely hazardous places. You may have experienced people parking carelessly without consideration for others, which can cause a safety hazard. Disruption is caused by obscuring essential pedestrian routes, which makes it difficult for other cars to park alongside or move past safely This usually means the risk assessment focused on the rest of the building use, eg office accommodation. In turn, this suggests a more detailed fire risk assessment of the car parking area is now overdue. Older enclosed car parks may have comparatively little in terms of passive fire protection, certainly compared to more modern structures Autonomous Valet Parking RISK ASSESSMENT - Carpark Data Capture MANUAL DRIVING WITHIN THE CARPARK OF THE STREETDRONE ONE VEHICLE IN ORDER TO CAPTURE DATA Page 1 of 4 Date: 28/08/2018 Demonstrating this technology in a variety of car parks in the UK. 4. Develop the safety case and prepare for in-car-park trials 5. Engage with stakeholders to. Parking solutions such as these reduce the risk and congestion your employees face by reducing time spent circling the car park. This has the added bonus of happier, more productive employees. Employers also benefit from greater control and understanding how and when their facility is being used

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Risk Assessment Guidelines - School Groups within the Park Supervision ratio of Responsible Adults to Children/Students in accordance with recommended guidelines. There will be a First Aid Nurse or qualified First Aiders, on site, to deal with any First Aid incidents on the day of Visit The hidden dangers in car parks It's not just fast-moving traffic that you have to watch out for when it comes to health and safety; even slow-moving and stationary vehicles in car parks come with plenty of risks attached. A car park is a surprisingly dangerous place with plenty of potential hazards, such as these 1

RISK ASSESSMENTS. The Royal Parks welcomes filming and photography in the parks, however in order to comply with the law and ensure the safety of other park users, productions will be required to complete a written Risk Assessment before filming permission can be granted Being extra cautious when driving in a car park may prevent your vehicle from being damaged, prevent you from being at fault in an accident with another vehicle, and reduce the risk of pedestrian injury. Low speed, 'off road' locations including car parks and driveways have been identified as high-risk sites for accidents involving small children The following 'Safety Information' has been collated for schools for visit preparation and as an aid in producing risk assessments. Safety Statement Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, Margam Country Park fully accepts its responsibilities under Health and Safety Legislation. A Health and Safety Policy is in place together with writte

individual risk assessment and additional staffing as necessary. Please email enquiries@thorpe-park.co.uk for specific provision for schools. Slips Trips and Falls Pedestrian circulation areas within the park are checked regularly and kept clear of trip hazards, Surfaces can become wet in bad weather overflow staff car parking either within school sites or on surrounding roads, causing general annoyance and (in some limited circumstances) safety concerns. In addition, central government policy has moved away from the imposition of restrictive parking standards which have often been ineffective in managing car use, particularly at school sites

VILLAGE ROADSHOW THEME PARKS HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT INFORMATION Cont. Page 2 of 4 Task/Topic/ Issue Description of Potential Hazard Assessed Risk Current Control Measures Responsibilities of Arriving Group Contact Travelling to Theme Parks Motor vehicle incident Minor to serious Ensure students are seated and/or seat belted Risk Management. Set out below is a summary of risk assessments that specifically relate to education/learning activities that take place in Tatton Park. If you require any additional information about Health and Safety matters, please raise this during your pre-visit or contact the Learning and Visitor Services Office 01625 374428 Multi-storey car park, 1 suicide and 2 attempted in the past 4 years. Concrete construction with 'walls' 1m high and open above. Crash barrier in front of these walls bolted to uprights. My colleague is suggesting removing the crash barrier and leaving just the uprights to make it difficult to climb onto the walls GAME retail ltd. - RISK Dept. Page 1 of 9 Activity Coronavirus transmission Reference No CRNAHOTRNWIDD120320R6 GAME Retail Ltd. Location Office, welfare areas and car park Risk Assessment Assessor (Print) Sean Widdowson and Shona Brown Date 29th July 2020 Assessor (Sign) Risk Assessment Scoring RPN = S x

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When designing an outdoor car park, it pays to always be aware of the hazards that can adversely affect both people and vehicles. While it is the car park owner's responsibility to ensure that the park is well-maintained, designers of these spaces should be aware of the potential risks found in outdoor car parks Car Park Covid-19 Risk Assessment. This is a covid-19 risk assessment for the church car park during departures and arrivals between back-to-back meetings. For an editable copy, please contact us at info@thechurchoffice.co.uk The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 states that employers must conduct a risk assessment of their activities and premises to identify these potential causes of harm and take steps to reduce the likelihood of this harm occurring Risk Assessments | CTA 06/2020© Why do we assess risk? Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employers are required to carry out a risk assessment. This is a process to identify potential hazards and to outline what steps can be taken to minimize the risk of these hazards causing harm Safety at Toverland Since 2005, TÜV Nederland has been the first point of contact for risk assessment in the Toverland amusement park near Venlo. Since 2007, one of the main attractions in the park has been the wooden roller coaster Troy. Rising up to a height of 33.5 metres and at 1,040 metres in length, it is the largest of its kind in.

Risk Assessment Practices Review Dated 5th December 2016 Introduction The Codsall Parish Council is the landlord for the Watery Lane Allotment Site and have their own risk assessment plan and carry out inspections every year. As such they are responsible for ensuring that appropriate Risk Assessments are carried out an This risk management process is illustrated by the four steps in the diagram below. For information on how your employer should undertake a risk assessment, see the content under the employer tab. You can also read more about the risk assessment process in the model Code of Practice: How to manage work health and safety risks. The model Code. Yanchep National Park Risk Assessment Review 6 MAJOR SOURCES OF EVENT RISK This Risk Review looks at the following major sources of operational risk; Environmental Risk - hail storms, heat. Public Health and Safety - including crowd management, pedestrian and traffic movement, injury, assault, fire, OHS breaches ANNEX 1: Car Park Risk Assessment 2018: Safety Aspects There were no required additional measures identified HAZARD IMPACT LEVEL OF RISK MEASURES ALREADY PERTAINING ADDITIONAL MEASURES AGREED Injury by car to pedestrians Severe Moderate Parking places clearly marked, with hatching to prevent parking at access points to bac Failure to respond to calls made from help points 5 3 15 Regular patrols of car park to ensure public safety 5 1 5 Health and Safety Risk Assessment Department: Parking Services - Hertbert Road Car Park - Pre Restructure Assessment of uncontrolled risk Assessment of residual risk Herbert Pre Restructur

RISK ASSESSMENT 2020 -2021 (COVID-19 UPDATE) Page 1 of 6 Version 2: July 2020 CLUB SHOP AND CAR PARK TASK HAZARDS IDENTIFIED RISK: Low/ Medium/ High CONTROLS REQUIRED ADDITIONAL CONTROLS Opening and closing of grounds and tuck shop Potential for lone person to carry out this task Low Money not kept in tuck shop, minimal value of stock Risk assessment Activity Hazard identified Risk assessment (use matrix) Elimination/control measures Who When Walking across car park Tripping while getting on and off the bus- Low Children ask to be careful Children / educators All times Slip/trip/fall with potential for impact on object or furnitur Risk minimised Dog bite Dogs to be muzzled if required, new dogs to have muzzle available. Risk minimised Deep water All dogs on lead Vehicle movements Congregating in car park avoided. Risk Minimised Weather Be prepared for warm weather and ensure participants are made aware of caring for thier dog and walk is suitably paced. Risk minimise The public will be verbally instructed as to safety procedures before departing this area. should report to the entrance kiosk on the car park. Title: RISK ASSESSMENT - GREENACRES FARM PARK Author: User name placeholder Last modified by: Jonny & Sophie User Created Date: 4/21/2013 3:30:00 PM Other titles: RISK ASSESSMENT - GREENACRES. Risk assessment process. 1) Identify the hazards associated with activities in the contract work scope. 2) Assess the HSE risk of each hazard using the Risk Assessment Matrix Estimate the severity of potential consequences Estimate the likelihood of these same consequences Assess the risk rating. 3) Categorize the contract HSE risk

Example Risk Assessment Form Example Risk Assessment for Park visit October 2019 1 Adults refers to adult volunteers who are part of the team delivering the event or activity This is an example of a Risk Assessment for a visit to the Park. It will need to be completed according to your specific activities, girl experience and people needs A risk assessment should be made just as for any other activity. If it is not a public highway then the Road Traffic Act may not apply but the HASAWA will. If it is a shared car park then you should consider communicating and cooperating with the other employer(s) when conducting a risk assessment and implementing any corrective actions Excursion Risk Assessment Excursion Destination: Australian Reptile Park DATE: Wednesday 27th September 2017 Departure and arrival times: Leave service 8.30am - return to the service by 5pm. Proposed activities: Travel to venue via charted bus, walking around the Reptile Park, watching park talks and shows, and visiting the animal enclosures, and return to service via charted bus Adventure Park & Resort, by Crealy staff. Risk . Assessment (Low, Moderate, High) L. L-H (No evidence of . previous harm. L (No evidence of previous harm. L (No evidence of . previous harm. Venue/ hosts . responsibilities - Ensure children are . supervised at all animal contact sessions - Ensure Health and safety is listened to by all.

Because the car park has been assessed by the Police and has measures in place that deter criminal activity and create a obligations under the health & safety at Work act following an assessment of the crime risk within the site. 3.3 For new build or major refurbishments (i.e. parking. Occupational Health and Safety Plan, Which fulfils all legislative requirements of the Workplace Health and Safety Act. All rides, activities, facilities and work practices are subject to a process of hazard identification and risk management. However school excursion visitors also have an obligation to avoid injury to them and other Countryside Services Risk Assessment - Country Park Outdoor Environmental Activities with Schools and groups Page 1 of 4 Assessment by Chris Haines 18 November 2009 This risk assessment is to evaluate the safety of Ranger led outdoor activities with Schools and groups of all ages and abilities in countr Books/leaflets/advice on Risk Assessment, Health & Safety etc will be gleaned from the Health & Safety Executive, Police, Fire etc as appropriate. Health and Safety information detailing risks, clothing etc will be made available prior to school visits. First Aid boxes will be regularly checked Safety Policies and Principles I N T E R N A T I O N A L & E UR O P E A N S T A N D A R D S I N T E R N A T I O N A L & EUR O P E A N S T A N D A R D S I N • Self-assessment questions: supporting quality and safety compliance; • Metrics: supporting efficiency of the Car-park equipment measures that promote better use of NHS car-parks 2

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  1. An event risk assessment is to help you as an event organiser to: and exit the car park. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) electrocution personnel who are well aware of all relevant legislative Electrical Safety requirements. • Place all electrical equipment away from public areas
  2. Areas of Risk Assessment Health & Safety Since 2014 the School has employed the services of qualified specialists Oxford Safety and Risk Management (OSRM) to carry out whole-school risk assessments, including a review of policies and procedures, and fire safety. The report findings are subsequently actioned accordingly and evaluated as part of.
  3. W:\School Games\2016\Risk Assessments\NY SG QM Risk Assessment 2016.doc ss03 Hazards Identify the hazards likely to affect health and safety? Main Car Park Risk Assessment for venue in place Parking Plan attached 1st Aid Major incident Controls Identify the controls in place. 1Clearly defined area
  4. To ensure the health, safety and welfare of any employees, volunteers, contractors, participants and the public, you should firstly carry out detailed risk assessments. Event risk assessment template form. Risk assessments are divided into five stages. 1. Identify the activities. Where the event consists of more than one attraction e.g. fun run.
  5. i bus or coach. Visitors struck by vehicles. Coach parks in car park. Staff to maintain proper control on the bus/coach. Children stay on bus until instructed to get off. Supervision of car park. One way systems

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Risk Assessment for Town Walk Page 1 of 2 Basic Risk Assessment for Local Area Walk / Town Trail • Verbal warning of risk • Supervise road/car park crossings by groups • Health and safety briefing to include importance of • Verbal reminders of risk Extreme weather conditions Sunstroke/ sunburn/ dehydratio Health and safety notes. We are extremely conscious of our responsibilities in relation to health and safety, and we aim to provide fun, inspirational and safe learning experiences in the national park. We hold the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, certificate number R2QB103464. These health and safety notes and risk assessments are. While we are talking about safety as we leave the parking space, the risk is also minor as we arrive. When the car is parked forward, it is not necessary a conduct a previous manoeuvre and the driver can enter the car into its place directly. When parking backwards, the driver is forced to make an extra manoeuvre, so he is forced to check the. Transportation risk assessment template. Incident, injury, trauma and illness record. Medication record. Prohibition notice declaration for prospective staff members. Quality Improvement Plan template. Record of visitors to family day care residence or approved venue. Staff record. Record of staff engaged or employed by family day care service Activity and Site-based risk assessments. View the risk assessment detailing the safety control measures needed across all of our parks in response to the Covid-19 pandemic here. This document will be reviewed as guidance changes. Please see below a full list of our activity-based and site-based risk assessments

Phillip Island Nature Park Risk Assessment & SWMS template Control Copy Page 4 of 9 Version 3.0 Created: 12/8/15 PINP SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT - STEPS & RISK ASSESSMENT OF THE ACTIVITY ACTIVITY Describe each step of the activity to be undertaken. HAZARDS List any hazards associated with the activity. INITIAL LEVEL O Sample Risk Assessment This risk assessment is an example to show you how the process works. The actions listed in it are only suggestions - they may not apply to your event. It is up to you to identify the hazards relevant to your particular event and decide what reasonable precautions you can take. N.B

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School Risk Assessment Farm/Site name: Aldenham Country Park Postcode: WD6 3BA OS grid reference: TQ 171958 Prepared by: Martine Xenophontos Telephone number: 02089539602 Date the Risk Assessment Prepared: 16/11/15 Date for Review of Risk Assessment:16/11/17 Nearest hospital: Watford General Hospital, Vicarage Road, Watford, Herts, WD18 0HB Site Access for emergency vehicles: Entrance to the. Section 1: Measurement is the first step to Managing Risk Arguably the most important role of a risk management professional is to measure and communicate risk factors to others within their organization. There are areas that risk managers are measuring to track the financial health of solar investment portfolios: 1. Operational Risk


  1. HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT * See attached sheet for definition of Risk Level Page 3 of 10 March 2019 • Specific risk assessments and method statements in place prior to work commencing. Slip, trip or fall on same level • bad cracking etc. barriers installed until area made safe. Areas considered high risk, due to uneven surface
  2. All staff, coaches, and volunteers will be given adequate information and training as is necessary to ensure their safety, during routine, unscheduled and emergency situations, together with the appropriate facilities and equipment. Risk assessments, audits and general inspections will be undertaken at regular intervals by those trained to do so
  3. Risk low Race Director will warn runners in an email and at race briefing Week before race and on race day 10k finishes in same area as all races started, crossing car park access road Risk of runners being met by cars entering the car park Marshalls will be this point to ensure runners stop if cars enter the car park
  4. There is some information in the 5588 series usually where the car parks are ancillary to a shopping centre for example, and the ADB has just about enough information to design a car park from a fire safety point of view. Dont think theres any hard and fast requirement outside the risk assessment approach for your scenario though
  5. The parents or guardians are responsible for the safety of children in their care at all times whilst on site. Please refer to Club Site Rules 13.b regarding road safety. Play areas are never entirely risk free. Age restrictions will be indicated on the equipment and please remember you are responsible for your children on site
  6. ating type of solar.
  7. Fire Risk Assessments. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (the Order) applies to Caravan/mobile and park home sites. It applies to all non domestic premises in England and Wales, including certain types of caravan sites: On these sites the licence holder has a duty to undertake a fire risk assessment and decide what prevention and.

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  1. Car park surface is well maintained and well lit Doormats are placed at the entrance in wet weather fire risk assessment and regular safety checks on the system. Manager 1.12.14 Working at height Putting children's work on walls changing light bulbs, cleanin
  2. This General Guide applies to all businesses or undertakings where there is a risk of traffic colliding with people in the workplace. However this does not apply to work which is carried out on or near a public road, for example constructing or repairing a road or working on a footpath or nature strip adjacent to a road
  3. Compliance surveys available include: Fire Safety Risk Assessments. Electrical Safety. Gas Safety. Lifts Safety. Car Park Risk Assessments. Water Risk Assessments. Asbestos Surveys. To discuss your Building Compliance requirements, contact EIS on 01352 706270 or email info@eis-fms.com
  4. The event Safety Risk Assessment and Management Plan is a live document and must be kept updated as and when new hazards/risks and the control of those risks have been identified. The plan should include, if applicable to your event, information about the following: Safety Policy
  5. GROUP VISITS RISK ASSESSMENT Risk assessment as required by the Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999 Activity Hazard Who Risk Level route behind the car park fencing. Staff to brief and supervise participants if they need to walk on or cross over the road. Speed limi
  6. Trampoline park injuries made up 11 percent of all 2014 ER visits for trampoline injuries where the location was known. While sprains and fractures were the most common injuries at both homes and.

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This allows us to identify the potential risk and score from 1 to 25. All hazards identified in our risk assessment carry a risk factor of less than 5 meaning they are categorised as very low risk. Our risk assessment covers key areas of visiting the Resort; getting here, the Theme Park, Waterpark, all hotels and relevant attractions. Whils Moreover, park managers tend to assume that that the scale of risk rises in a linear way - for example, if they build a ride that's 10 percent bigger, that means a 10 percent increase in risk, Petersen said. However, increases in risk are typically exponential, so park managers need to prepare instead for greatly elevated risk levels

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  1. Logistics UK, the business group representing the logistics industry, has today (01 July 2021) announced the launch of a brand-new eLearning course, Van Driver Safety Training with the aim of ensuring the four million vans currently on the UK's roads are being driven safely, efficiently and in compliance with government legislation
  2. Risk Assessments for LED Community Leisure. LED Leisure Facilities Covid Risk Assessment. Social Distancing & Face Masks Update. July 13th 2021. Following the latest government update outlining the eased restrictions our team have taken time to fully understand how LED Community Leisure's facilities can implement changes. We would like t
  3. premises. It is envisaged that via the fire safety risk assessment process, a safe distance or any alternative arrangements can be put in place to ensure compliance. Car Parking 17. One car only should be permitted to park between adjoining caravans/mobile homes subject to the entrance to the unit not being obstructed. Plastic/wooden boats shoul
  4. istration). Make sure staff are able to work safely avoid the need for any continuous bending/stooping and the risk of back injuries
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