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Now you have the Power App.msapp file with the orientation converted from landscape to portrait (or vice versa) and during this converting of the file many of your items will have automatically tried to fit based on this new size, however you will still need to clean up and edit many of the properties (as I said, this just saves a lot of time from having to do EVERY item and instead does a fair number of them for you depending on how you've set up the properties of your objects If you want only two apps to rotate and all the others to stay at their default, just disable global orientation and then select both Portrait and Landscape for the specific app in the list. After.. Instagram is now open in landscape mode You can also force your screen to always stay in portrait mode, you have to tap the third option as you see on the screenshot: This option is usually the default one when you launch the app itself If they are apps that were designed for the iphone, they will only show as portrait. In the bottom right will be a button to double the size, but still portrait. If they are apps designed for the pad, or universal apps, then orientation is determined by the developer Under Orientation list, select Portrait or Landscape. (Tablet apps only) Under Aspect ratio, perform either of these steps: Select the ratio that matches the target device for this app. Select Custom to set your own size, and then specify a width between 50 - 3840 and a height between 50 - 2160

When the icon is blue, Auto-rotation is enabled which means the phone can move freely from portrait to landscape mode. When this icon is gray, Auto-rotation is disabled and your phone's screen will stay locked in either portrait or landscape mode. 4 Rotate your phone to change the screen orientation Tap the Portrait Orientation Lock button to make sure that it's off. Turn your iPhone sideways. If the screen still doesn't rotate, try a different app — like Safari or Messages — which are known to work in landscape mode. Learn how to rotate the screen on your iPad To change the orientation of the whole document, select Layout > Orientation. Choose Portrait or Landscape. Change part of a document to landscape Select the content that you want on a landscape page

When your app is in landscape orientation on a Fire tablet, for example in a game, use Display.getRotation () to check the display rotation when using raw accelerometer readings. The reference orientation for the Fire tablets is portrait mode, and the accelerometer readings are relative to a fixed coordinate system based on portrait orientation When I publish the app and open it on iPad I have the problem that it will always stay in landscape orientation despite the height and width being set for portait. I have tried using a standard format and even with portrait orientation selected and orientation lock slider on on, it will always open in landscape mode on my tablet Go to your notification area in the taskbar. Right click on Bluestacks Agent>Rotate Portrait Apps>Enabled. There are several options available.

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  1. The process is the same on both Android and iOS devices. Step one: Run the app, then load any book. Step two: Tap the lower right corner of the screen. You should see a little padlock icon. Step.
  2. Note: In Word for mobile devices, you can't use a different orientation for certain pages or sections of your document.This feature is only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers on devices of a certain size. If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, make sure that you have the latest version of Office
  3. Designing the Landscape and Portrait Mode of Application in Android Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2020 Whenever the user switch to landscape mode an issue is encountered in which some of the widgets becomes invisible (as you can see the below image) and so in this scenario there is a need to design the separate layout for the landscape mode
  4. Mar 16, 2017. #7. Jaysjob said: Found it and used it today. I know it's not the best orientation but it works well for long street shots. Click to expand... Good stuff, for everyone else.. it's a switch under the camera settings whilst in photo mode. Same place you find over explosive warning, histogram etc

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In the Page Setup dialog box, select the Margins tab. In the Orientation section, select the orientation you want the section to have, Portrait or Landscape. Toward the bottom of the dialog box, in the Apply to dropdown menu, select This section About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. It wasn't until 2015 that Apple enabled app publishers to actually display their screenshots in Portrait (vertical), Landscape (horizontal), and Hybrid (both vertical and horizontal) orientations Back to your question, it seems that you are using OneNote for Windows 10 (UWP app), in this case, there is indeed no option to rotate objects currently. To do that, I'd like to suggest you use OneNote desktop app which has more practical functions. In OneNote desktop app, you just need to right click the object to rotate the picture. Reference

2 EASY WAYS to change a video from landscape to portrait on iPhone! // Turn existing widescreen videos to Vertical Videos! Today I'm showing you 2 ways to c.. With a landscape App Preview for a portrait app, you can zoom a lot on the UI when needed, so people only see the part that matters at a specific time Zooms on the UI in a portrait App Preview can be done, but they often look awkward because you are still working with the portrait orientation. Easy to read cop Android, at the platform level, was designed to put apps through what are called configuration changes in order to allow them to best adapt to specific changes in the device's environment. The..

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While using an app on your mobile device, you have to hold it in different positions in order to view the app in portrait or landscape mode. Whereas BlueStacks lets you rotate an app to either of the modes with the click of a button. This article will teach you how to rotate an app to portrait or landscape mode In reply to GAH_804's post on August 1, 2020. Hi all, I just had the same issue between my HP laptop and HP printer using Microsoft Word. All settings on printer and document and print previews are showing Portrait, but it ends up printing landscape. I will try removing printer and reinstalling, but this just happened and has not happened before I want to lock the orientation of the first screen of the app to portrait. In some screens, I need landscape orientation. I am using the react-native-orientation plugin. But when I launch the application, I see landscape orientation for a while and then quickly rotating to portrait orientation. The next screens are ok. Here is my code At least the website is usable on the iPad, but the iPad app is horrible in both landscape and portrait mode. Source. The case for Instagram is a little more confusing as there is a standalone iPad app for Boomerang for Instagram for the iPad, yet the Instagram app still feels like a blown-up iPhone app, with massive black bars on the side and all

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Some apps have a nasty habit of ignoring your Android's auto-rotation settings and locking the display into either portrait or landscape orientation. When you open one of these apps, the screen goes into landscape view and you're forced to hold your phone differently. Conversely, other apps use portrait mode only, so you couldn't flip it sideways even if you wanted to (I'm looking at you. Step 7: Now you are done with the interaction between two activities, you have created two activities and now your app should behave as follows. Step 8: How to make the entire application to be in portrait mode or landscape mode? Now we will discuss how to make the entire application to be in portrait mode (irrespective of the activities in the app will be in strictly portrait mode)

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  1. On Android Nougat or Oreo you can now add new Quick Settings tile and force landscape mode in any app until you turn it off! • Works in launcher, and in any game. • Quick access from any app, just swipe down your status bar. • Great for car mounts - always landscape, even in launcher
  2. Tablets. @tech_clash_2007: If you swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom, then again to enlarge the Quick Panel, look for an option called Auto Rotate and make sure that this is highlighted. If you can't see it, look for a padlock symbol with Portrait or Landscape written below, and tap this so it changes to Auto Rotate
  3. Since the Fire TV doesn't contain an accelerometer, apps that load in portrait mode by default have nothing to trigger landscape mode. The solution is an app called Rotate Screen Orientation. Once sideloaded onto the Fire TV, the app can be set to force all apps on the Fire TV to always load in landscape mode
  4. Hi Senanayake, I already have the HP app installed but cannot see where I can change the paper orientation as indicated in my first email.I can see where to change the paper size but there is only the portrait option for A4 size
  5. Portrait or Landscape mode: Portrait locks the screen in the upwards position, while Landscape locks the screen in the sideways position. Both icons look like a lock and are gray when enabled. When enabled, your device's screen will not rotate based on how you are holding it, however apps that are designed for a specific mode will rotate the screen as necessary
  6. Hi All, Is there any way we can control orientation setting in power BI mobile App? Details: When we drill down to reports from dashboard, it changes the orientation to Landscape, which is quite annoying.. Why: Mobile reports are best consumed in portrait while landscape is idle for tabs <best practices>. To maintain consistency across all reports we never use landscape for mobile dashboards

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Trying to change from landscape to Portrait orientation for the picture of the caller. I tapped on the three dots for settings and a square block comes up that says portrait. I tap on portrait and nothing happens. It seems that should be the way to switch from portrait to landscape. I tested this out with someone on Android and they were full. The Set Orientation app is an easy way to automatically force Android and FireTV to rotate the screen into landscape or portrait mode. Tim Wells After discovering Android TV boxes in 2013, he created a popular Android PC Review website and guided it to over 8 million pageviews before stepping away in 2018 They are 2 distinctly different apps. The first screenshot below shows the Snipping Tool and the second shows Snip & Sketch. Regardless, the portrait vs. landscape mode you describe has absolutely nothing to do with either tool. CTRL + P is the print dialog. If you want the default to be changed to Portrait mode, then you need to go into. It quite easy to get current orient in flutter app using MediaQuery. MediaQuery.of(context).orientation This will return Orientation object and you can check is the portrait or landscape like below. MediaQuery.of(context).orientation == Orientation.landscape

Gallery Orientation: Apps vs Games. In the Apple App Store, we've found that 95% of the top apps utilize Portrait Galleries. For games, there's a little more diversity, with 63% of the top games utilizing Landscape Galleries. Based on these findings, it's clear that developers of non-game apps are more inclined to use Portrait Galleries Thus, you can now use Instagram, Growtopia, Chrome, etc in forced landscape miode. App also works for tablets that have other set of default options, typically lock to landscape mode and automatic rotation - it will allow using apps in forced portrait mode, if necessary

If your app provides a public service in the US, ADA Title III law says you app must support orientation changes. The required WCAG 2.1 level AA guidelines forbid locking orientation to portrait Why create (or not) Landscape App Previews with Portrait Screenshots. Apple has always been pretty strict about the guidelines for App Preview videos: there are specific rules your video has to follow so it is approved during the review process.. And even though App Previews are device-specific (one resolution per device ratio), somehow over the last two years Apple has been approving. In this video I show you how to make videos that are filmed in Portrait mode, Landscape mode

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Launch Images. Launch images for iPhone apps are always sized to match the dimensions of the screen in portrait orientation. For applications that launch into landscape orientation, you should use your preferred graphics editing software to rotate the content of the launch image while keeping the image's size consistent with a portrait launch image (height > width) If other apps can switch between landscape and portrait modes, it means your iPhone works well. Solution 2: Check Screen Lock. As mentioned previously, there is a Screen Lock in Control Center. Once you turn it on accidentally, your iPhone will get stuck in landscape mode or portrait mode and cannot rotate anymore. The solution is simple 1. Build a GridView with two columns. 2. Use an OrientationBuilder to change the number of columns. In some situations, you want to update the display of an app when the user rotates the screen from portrait mode to landscape mode. For example, the app might show one item after the next in portrait mode, yet put those same items side-by-side in.

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When you lock an app to landscape or portrait not noticing these device configuration changes will have a big impact on your app users and therefore your app store ratings. Put another way ; when an app is locked to portrait onSaveInstanceState will not be implemented as the developer has never seen a config change and so they have not seen the. Instagram recently announced that it was slowly rolling out an update on version 12.0 of the app which will allow users to share both landscape and portrait formats in their slideshow posts! According to Instagram, now when you upload your photos and videos to a slideshow post, you'll have the option to share in either landscape or portrait. I have a user that recently started using the hp smart app to scan on windows 10. When scanning documents it scans every page in landscape instead of portrait. I do not see an option to scan to portrait in the HP Smart application. I can rotate the images after they are scanned but he often has m..

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My app will be launch in portrait mode. Another case is using hot key (Ctrl+Alt+arrow key) to rotate the screen. My app will be force rotate to portrait mode. so here is my questions: 1. How to correctly restrict a store app in landscape mode and landscape-flipped mode? 2. Does the behavior from Charm bar settings and Hot key to rotate. Ultimate Rotation Control overrides app-specific settings and locks the screen in any orientation mode. Forced Auto mode, for example, lets you use native launchers in landscape mode, or override the default portrait mode in some tablets when you hold them upside down.. It's especially handy for tablets, and lets you use any app in. I don't know of any stats - and I don't really see how such statistics could be generally useful. The users' preference for portrait or landscape is driven by the application design and usage context as much as anything else. For example people. To the app developers: Tablets are much bigger devices than phones. It's much easier to hold a phone in your hand in portrait view. My tablet cover flips open to become a stand for it, and the stand props it up in landscape. If I am forced to use portrait view, I have to hold my tablet up with one hand

Back in iOS 10, videos in the TV app — even the new TV app rolled out with iOS 10.2 in December 2016 — would default to landscape mode, because of course they would. It was only when Apple. TLDR => By default React Native apps rotate with the device orientation. Often this isn't desired and you just want to lock to portrait. This quick tutorial shows how to do just that Upon starting the app in landscape mode and rotating it 180 degrees (still landscape), the openui5 app renders the split view in portrait mode (master is hidden with the standard 3 lines button showing) but maintains the dimension of landscape (i.e. full screen) Step 1. Create MyApplication class and extend Application class. add following code and methods. package `in`.eyehunt.androidapplicationportraitmode import android.app.Activity import android.app.Application import android.content.pm.ActivityInfo import android.os.Bundle /** * Created by Eyehunt Team on 31/05/18

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  1. 2. Create constructor in your project with super() method and inside the state create 3 state variables named as OrientationStatus, Height_Layout and Width_Layout and set their default values is empty. OrientationStatus is used to Store the Screen Orientation Status like Portrait Mode or Landscape Mode.. Height_Layout is used to store the device screen height
  2. With iPadOS 15, that's no longer the case. iPhone apps will be in portrait orientation if someone is holding their iPad that way, but if they rotate the iPad to view it in landscape mode, the iPhone app will change its orientation accordingly. It's hard to say why it took so long for such a basic feature to come to the iPad, but either way, it.
  3. Remember that hardware is rarely designed for a single piece of software! Just because all your apps are portrait oriented doesn't mean my same phone won't have one or two that really work best in landscape mode. Different apps will have different usages and there is value in hardware being versatile enough to accommodate them
  4. Install Orientation Control app. 2. Run Google Home and cast your screen to ChromeCast. 3. Run Orientation Control app but leave the device in unspecified orientation. 4. Run WhatsApp. 5. Immediately switch to Orientation Control app and change it from unspecified to landscape
  5. Recording in Landscape. The app will automatically change between portrait and landscape mode when you rotate the device. However, there is a setting on your device which prevents this from happening. If you have this set then it won't rotate. To check this, go into the control centre. To go here, swipe up from the very bottom of the screen.

Rotate from portrait to landscape. I had auto rotate active on my hero 7 and even though I was panning horizontally, it recorded in portrait mode. Now I transfer the video in the Gopro App and use the rotate button and the orientation is correct, but it crops it to portrait and I can only make a selection of what part to be displayed as portrait Landscape Mode Only Works In Certain Apps. When an app is created, the developer has the option to choose whether their app will work in portrait mode, landscape mode, or both. The Settings app, for example, only works in portrait mode. The Messages app and Safari work in both portrait and landscape mode, and many games work only in landscape mode The latest version of the operating system allows these apps to run in landscape mode, so you can easily use them without having to rotate the iPad to portrait orientation. This was a problem for iPad users with a Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard since you cannot use these accessories with the iPad in a vertical position

Crop Portrait Mode to Create Landscape View. If you choose to keep project settings, you then right-click on the video in the timeline, and from there, click on the crop and zoom option.. Once you select the Crop and Zoom option it will open up your video in a new box, where you'll bet the controls to change the aspect ratio of the video How to change portrait orientation in the PowerPoint app. 1. Open PowerPoint on your Mac or PC. You can open a presentation you already started or create a new one. 2. Navigate to the Design tab. In iPadOS 15 when you open an iPhone app in landscape mode, it will respect your device's orientation. You won't be forced to switch to portrait — not even when using portrait-only apps. Landscape by Sprout Social. Landscape is a powerful social media image resizer, designed to help social marketers, content creators and business owners stand out in a visual world. Our tool offers an efficient way to produce multiple image sizes, optimized for every social profile, message and campaign In android, every application is designed in almost both the orientations i.e Portrait and Landscape. By default Android Studio gives you the option to design your application in Portrait mode but for Landscape we need to make some extra settings or more specifically, we need to add/create a Landscape Layout folder under res folder

Note: This article covers the typical annual monitoring process using the 2021 version of the Landscape Mobile App (Landscape Mobile 3). Prior to monitoring, staff will need to set up the proper forms and final report templates, and ensure that proper mapping and documents have been made available.. Step 1: Download the site for offline us Learn how to convert a portrait video to landscape online in 3 easy steps. Step 1: Upload your Videos Create an account for free and upload the video you want to convert to a landscape video. Step 2: Convert Portrait Video to Landscape. Once your video is uploaded, click the resize button and select the 'Widescreen 16:9' video format dimension The latest version of the operating system allows these apps to run in landscape mode, so you can easily use them without having to rotate the iPad to portrait orientation. This was a problem for. Using both Portrait and Landscape screens in one app Submitted by ThatAPIGuy on ‎11-14 we can use the accelerometer values to determine device orientation and then change the screens based on that to a portrait/landscape screen. I know that this will be a lot of work for us but can be a workaround till we get the responsive design in.

The new app update removed the portrait option. I've also tried reinstalling, signing out, and restarting the phone. Still will not play in portrait mode and automatically goes to landscape. I used to watch in portrait because I have a vertical wireless charger and have a portrait phone bike mount But a few apps, such as video players and streaming apps are better suited for landscape mode; however, they work in either orientation. And unless there is an in-app option to toggle between landscape and portrait modes, the only workaround to enter landscape mode is to temporarily disable the orientation lock and holding the device in. STEP 3: Select a Custom Size to Align the Embedded App with the Content from Your Page. In case the default Display Options (Portrait or Landscape) does not align your content as you wish, you should use a custom size to embed your app. For instance, if you want to align the height of your app with the content of a sibling element, detect the required height and calculate the corresponding. Android Portrait and Landscape mode screen orientation example. In this example, we will create two activities of different screen orientation. The first activity (MainActivity) will be as portrait orientation and second activity (SecondActivity) as landscape orientation type All that said I tried your last instructions to turn a landscape picture. into a portrait. it worked to a point but when I went to the edit and fill. area, the fill was all grayed out. Honestly I have given up on Photoshop it seems so fragile and to the novice. Install the app

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So when you switch between the home screen and an app, it constantly changes the orientation between landscape (in the app) and portrait (for the home screen or apps list). Please help! Reply. simon says. December 5, 2017 at 1:21 pm. It depends on the launcher. Some launchers support landscape orientation for the home screen and apps screen I have Xamarin.Forms project, in that my whole project is in Portrait Mode but in one particular page i want to detect orientation of the page and depending on orientation i want to change the page within The aspect ratio (x:y) of an image is the proportional relationship between its width (x) and height (y). For example, a group of images with the same aspect ratio of 16:9 can include one image 16 inches wide and 9 inches high, another 16 centimeters wide and 9 centimeters high, and a third 8 yards wide and 4.5 yards high. In short, the aspect. Step 1: Open the Photos app. Step 2: Select the navigational option that you would like to use to find your picture. . Step 3: Tap the picture to open it. Step 4: Touch the icon at the bottom of the screen with the lines and circles. Step 5: Tap the rotation icon at the bottom of the screen YouTube's mobile interface in portrait and landscape modes. This interface lacks any visual clues about its orientation, and it has limited controls. You are unable to edit or add business cards, making the carousel screen somewhat frustrating and confusing, especially if you've launched the app in landscape mode

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How to change Android auto-rotate settings You can direct Android to switch between portrait and landscape orientations whenever you rotate your phone or tablet The rotation tool provided with ConvertImage is very practical for a daily use to straighten out a photo online taken in landscape mode (or portrait) and rectify it. You can rotate your photos until 180° and thus use them immediately on your blog, and on all your documents, whether personal or professional, within few seconds only I have now mounted the Note 4 in landscape mode and somehow, when launched by Tasker, the Sirius XM app works in landscape mode! Not like I really care though, because the Automate car dashboard app is working well to display Sirius XM content. Automate can't change channels, but at least it supports pause/play/skip and album art

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Switching between Landscape mode and Portrait mode is common behavior on iPhone and iPad. Entering landscape view or portrait orientation on iPhones and iPads is routine, but technically speaking the feature is limited to supported apps, and that alone can be an issue This interesting article about Portrait or Landscape highlights that only 21% of the top 200 apps in the app store support both orientations (at the time the article were written) and hence the orientation preferred would be the orientation supported by the app. To quote the article. Here's how the 200 top paid apps look It is a very simple concept to support landscape mode or portrait mode in applications. For this, you will need to create a folder named layout-land. In the layout-land folder, you will paste the same XML file present in your layout folder (activity_main.xml). So when we change the layout to landscape mode it will automatically take the XML. Tips: Not all apps can fix landscape and portrait, if some apps flash back, just cancel it. The MEmu comes with a fixed switching function. The information settings in the upper right corner of the simulator are as follows: 1. How to fix landscape? ① Pull down the Android menu to switch Auto-rotate

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  1. But if your display is stuck in portrait or landscape orientation, here are a couple of ways to fix it. Turn Off Orientation Lock on iPhone If your iPhone display is stuck in portrait and won't rotate to landscape even when you hold your handset sideways, the Portrait Orientation Lock might be the culprit
  2. Rotate to the vertical position to change the screen to portrait mode or rotate to the horizontal position to change the screen to landscape mode. You can lock or unlock the orientation in your iPad's iOS control center panel by swiping up from the bottom edge of the iPad and tapping the orientation lock icon. ‍
  3. Windows offers a shortcut to switch between portrait and landscape mode. This works on most versions of Windows though not, apparently, for one reader with a 2010 Gateway laptop
  4. Fore Photo is a simple app that automatically adds depth effects to your photos, giving you a faux Portrait mode image with little effort. VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more. With Fore Photo, just select an image that you want to apply the faux depth effect to, and it will do it automatically thanks to a neural network
  5. ScreenOrientation from expo allows changing supported screen orientations at runtime, and subscribing to orientation changes. This will take priority over the orientation key in app.json. On both iOS and Android platforms, changes to the screen orientation will override any system settings or user preferences
  6. Hit Download to download the video to your local computer or share it to 20+ social media platforms from right within the app. TRUSTED BY THOUSANDS OF LEADING COMPANIES Resize videos to Square, Portrait or Landscape
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How do I change Windows 7 Paint default print orientation from landscape to portrait? I'm tired of changing the Paint document from Landscape to Portrait EVERY time I use the program. Is there a patch somewhere? · Open the Properties and enter the Width and Height you want as the default. Please remember to click Mark as Answer on the post that. However, recently, I accidently found a way to lock landscape in an app, but unfortunately, it come with some limitations. Basically, what you need to do, is to find an app that can turn on landscape mode EVEN if the orientation is locked (ex. YouTube), and press on a notification OR something (widget/notification) in the Notification Center Android supports two orientations as portrait and landscape. we can disable orientation in android application. This example demonstrate about how to disable landscape mode in Android. Step 1 − Create a new project in Android Studio, go to File ⇒ New Project and fill all required details to create a new project

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If you launch it in landscape mode the splash screen briefly appears in landscape before switching to portrait. This is my biggest frustration with Discord, and the main reason I wish so many of my friends didn't use it. I have asked the developers to enable landscape mode on this app too for iOS devices If you want to disable Landscape mode for your android app ( or a single activity) all you need to do is add, android:screenOrientation=portrait to the activity tag in AndroidManifest.xml file. Now the activity YourActivityName be displayed only in portrait mode. If you want to do this programatically ie. using Java code I am making an app which is intended to be in portrait mode but I am unable to get the app to launch in portrait mode through Unity's settings because the Unity Player settings indicates that the app will start in Landscape Left. Since my splash image is intended for a portrait display, it appears incorrectly rotated. We have been rotating it 270 degrees so that it appear I just purchased a new 2019 Tab A and downloaded the NFL Fantasy app. I love my tablet but on the NFL Fantasy app it won't let the Auto-Rotate function work properly. It wants it to be landscape. Can I fix this somehow? On landscape you can't really see much and you have to keep scrolling to see anything. Portrait would be soooo much better