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A paint primer is the first coat of paint you will need to put on metal, wood such as MDF, and walls if the surface has never been painted before. By adding a primer, it creates a better bond when you paint the surface with your topcoat, giving a more hard-wearing finish. If you paint a new surface. Solid wood flooring. For a timeless look that improves and develops with age, choose one of our solid wood floors. Made from single pieces of wood, this flooring range comes in a selection of finishes, from dove grey to coffee, and is great for high-traffic areas such as hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. This flooring is easy to lay with the. Wooden Flooring & underlay. Wooden flooring emits a luxurious, authentic feel to any home and our range at B&Q offers oak and bamboo effects in light, natural and dark shades of wood meaning there's one out there to suit every household and if not, it's easy to customise with our range of wood floor stains and paints Luxury vinyl click flooring is water resistant, making it a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Solid wood. For an authentic, rustic wooden floor finish in your home, choose solid wood flooring and bring the outdoors inside. Vinyl tiles. Lay vinyl tiles and give the illusion of expensive slate, wood effect or statement tiles in your home 336 1 Gal. Bond Enhancer Self-Stick Tile Primer Henry 336 1Gal. Bond Enhancer helps improve Henry 336 1Gal. Bond Enhancer helps improve the adhesion on dry, dusty and porous substrates. The primer can be used on gypsum cement underlayment's and to prime soft wood floors, including plywood. User friendly with improved characteristics

The Henry 336 Bond Enhancer 1 qt. Floor Primer helps improve adhesion on dry, dusty and porous substrates. The primer can be used on pour in place gypsum cement underlayment's and to prime soft wood floors including plywood. User friendly with improved handling characteristics. Apply with brush or roller. Henry floor primer is for indoor use only Scant & CLS (studwork), Sawn Kiln Dried & Carcassing. Finishing Timber. Redwood PSE (planed Smooth), Whitewood Spruce & Floor Boards. Sheet Materials. Chipboard, Hardboard, OSB, Plywood, MDF & Cement Board. Furniture Boards. Use for a wide variety of applications such as shelving and furniture making. Decorative Timber Wooden floors in busy households and commercial properties take a lot of punishment. It's for this reason that varnish manufacturers recommend that wooden floors are pre-treated with a wood floor primer, before applying a floor varnish.Floor primers improve adhesion between the floor and varnish, increase durability and help to produce a finer finish 2. Zinsser B-I-N Primer Sealer - Great Interior Primer Both for Bare and Painted Wood. Zinsser is a brand that is a part of the Rust-Oleum family of paints and primers. This particular product is one of the oldest and most trusted shellac-based primers and sealers on the market.Shellac-based primer can be thought of as heavy-duty stuff Prime the wood porch floor with a wood-specific primer. Pro Floor Tips recommends using either an oil-based or latex wood primer. Read and follow your chosen primer's instructions to ensure that.

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BEHR 5 Gal. White Acrylic Interior/Exterior Multi-Surface Stain-Blocking Primer and Sealer. Model# 43605. (903) $ 106 00. $ 106 00. Free delivery. Set your store to see local. availability 1. Our Wood Floor Primer & Undercoat is for use on interior wooden floors before applying our Modern Eggshell for a durable and longer lasting finish. It's important to choose the correct shade of Primer & Undercoat from our four colours. Ready to buy. Select a surface and then a finish to add this product to your basket I'm painting old oak floors and I have tried to do everything by the booksanding from 150 to 250 two coats of SW paint and primer (not by the book) 24 to 72 hours dry time,sand between coats vacuum and removed all dust then 3 coat oil fast dry poly for floors same dry time 24-72 and 250 sand paperthe finish is pretty but the satin dried.

Protect indoor & outdoor surfaces. LEARN HOW. MAXIMUM WATERPROOFING. FOR WOOD & CONCRETE. KILZ® Waterproofing Semi-Transparent Stain. KILZ OVER ARMOR® Smooth. KILZ® Porch & Patio Floor Paint. SEE ALL WATERPROOFING. FEATURED PRODUCTS & PROJECTS Some wall primers create barriers to stop wood from bleeding, others focus on being flexible, fast drying and easy to clean. Top brands are available in various colours and finishes. Sort by. Filter (0) Filters Clear all. Brand Dulux (2) Dulux Trade (4) Hammerite (1) Leyland Trade (7) No Nonsense (5). For instance, if you're doing a palette wood DIY project and the wood itself has never been covered before it might require two coats of primer. The best way to prep that kind of wood, however, before you ever put primer on is to make sure you're sanding it enough with a high-quality piece of sandpaper. This will help it accept the primer and.

Most popular Name A-Z Name Z-A. Bona White WB250620001. Size: 5 L. Details. Bona Natural Primer WB251620001. Size: 5 L. Details That should allow them to custom mix your wood floor paint. Ours, again, was done at Home Depot. I used two coats of paint (plus the two coats of primer) in total on the wood floor. Let's start showing you some shots of the finished painted wood floors Best Exterior Primers - Top List. 10. XIM High-Build Water-Based Sealer-1 Gallon. Buy on Amazon. This water-based sealer goes on clear and is designed to bond and seal a number of different surfaces. It can be used on both interior and exterior walls and will go on smoothly on wood surfaces, drywall, and concrete

Exterior primers are more durable than interior, so the best exterior primer to use is the one that protects surfaces from mildew and minimizes cracking and erosion. New Wood If your wood isn't stained, use a high-quality latex primer or an oil-based primer Selecting the Right Primer New Wood: For unstained wood, opt for a high-quality latex primer or oil-based primer. For redwood, cedar wood or wood that's stained, use a stain-blocking primer. Painted Wood: If paint is in good condition, primer might not be needed. For exposed wood, chalking or chipped paint, use an oil-based primer Bona AB is a family-owned, sustainably-driven company that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining and restoring premium floors. Founded in 1919, Bona offers products for most premium floor surfaces including wood, tile, vinyl, resilient, rubber and laminate A sprayable primer and undercoat for a variety of interior surfaces, including wood, metal, kitchen and bathroom tiles, brick, stone and MDF. 2-3 coats. 6.5 m² per litre. 30 mins drying time. £ 8.55. More info. Available in 400ml Wood floor paint. Change the colour of your floor with diamond hard paint that offers long-lasting protection. Wood floor paint Diamond Hard Floor Paint. Long-lasting protection for your floor. Suitable for wood, concrete and stone floors. Available in 6 colours. Covers 12m2 per litre. Diamond hard protection and lovely colour in only three coats

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Levelrock™ Brand Wood Floor Primer seals porous floors and can be used between multiple pours of Levelrock® Brand Floor Underlayments. This fast-drying, low odor primer: Is available in concentrated, powdered and ready mix formulations. Is engineered and manufactured by USG Before you paint your floor, make sure it's primed with ECOS premium interior wood primer. Zero VOC 1. No Odor 2. Non-Toxic 3. 1 Conforms to CDPH 01350 (VOC emissions test taken at 14 days). 2 No traditional paint (polyurethane) odor, which can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues

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  1. 1. 2. Bona Home Wood Floor Primer is a water-based primer for wood and cork floors. Produces a beautiful wood colour. Use Bona Home Wood Floor Lacquer as a topcoat. KEY BENEFITS. • Beautiful wood colour. • Odourless
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  3. If your floors are in need of a deeper cleaning, use a wood floor cleaner. Follow the instructions for diluting the cleaner in water. Clean the floors with a damp mop, going with the grain. Then, go back over the floor with a clean, damp mop to remove any excess cleaner. Finish by drying the floor completely with a dry towel
  4. Flooring Adhesives. Floor covering adhesives are what we at Sika take pride in. Polyurethane is our passion and we do it well. The SikaBond line consists of a wide variety of polyurethane adhesives ranging in wood capabilities, product elasticity, sound ratings, unlimited moisture limitations, cleanability, and easy to open and close packaging
  5. Wood Stain Color Selector. Floor Coatings Color Selector. PRODUCTS. Interior Paints & Primers. Exterior Paints & Primers. Wood Stains & Finishes. Behr Express
  6. Moore said to use Fresh Start Oil Based Primer, followed by BM Alkyd Porch and Floor. A professional painter told me NOT to prime, saying it.

Priming will help your garage floor paint adhere to your wood's surface. Primer typically comes in light or dark colors, so you need to choose a primer color that won't interfere with your garage floor paint. In other words, if you have white epoxy, you should choose primer with a light color Levelrock™ Brand Wood Floor Primer by USG Health Product Declaration v2.1.1 created via: HPDC Online Builder CLASSIFICATION: 09 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Levelrock™ Brand Wood Floor Primer seals porous floors and can be used between multiple pours of Levelrock® Brand Floor Underlayments. This fast-drying, low odor primer is mold resistant and.

Sika® Primer MB is designed for use in conjunction with SikaBond wood flooring adhesives: For moisture control on cement-based substrates with moisture contents of up to 6 % CM (ca. ~9% Tramex / Gravimetric weight percent). For substrate consolidation on concrete, cement and anhydrite screeds and refurbished substrates How to Repair Scratched Wood: For Small Scratches, Try a DIY Solution. If you have a small, single scratch that's only noticeable when you get close (like a scratch caused by an excited pet) and your floor has a relatively new finish, try a DIY home solution first.Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil in a small cup, and dab the mixture into the scratch Recoat Primer is an easy to use, revolutionary technology which allows you to coat over previously coated or sealed concrete without having to scuff, sand, or grind the surface. Transform your worn garage or basement floor with any floor coating (including water and solvent base). Simply Clean, Prime, & Coat Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours before painting the wood floors with a top coat of paint. Step Five: Apply two coats of paint to the wood floor allowing each one to dry in between. Again, lay it on thick allowing each coat of floor paint to dry before applying the next coat of paint

Wood Flooring Cost, Installation, And Maintainance. The cost of wood flooring varies greatly and I mean greatly. A 3,000 square foot home can get pre-finished wood flooring installed in all the dry areas for about $10 - $12 a square foot. If you want 12 inch black walnut floors with an inlay, plan on spending upwards of $90,000 KILZ® ORIGINAL Primer is a powerful stainblocking formula that blocks most heavy interior stains including water, smoke, tannin, ink, pencil, felt marker, grease, and also seals pet, food and smoke odors. Trusted by pros for over 40 years, excellent sealing and adhesion properties help paint adhere to most interior surfaces leading to better. A trade quality water-borne wood primer for use on all wood floors: Bona Natural Primer: A wood floor primer designed to preserve the look of raw, untreated wood: Bona Intense Primer: A high viscosity, single component, 100% polyurethane primer for wooden floors: Bona Amber Primer: A water-borne wood primer that produces a rich amber effect on. So, if you are looking for the best floor paint for wood floors, then just read the review article and get one from my list. Now let's get into it! Table of Contents [ show] Our Best Paint for Wood Floors. Top 6 Best Wood Floor Paint Reviews. 1. KILZ L377611 1-part Epoxy Acrylic Floor Paint. 2

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Primer is designed to stick to stuff. So when you drop some on your laminate floor and it dries, you've got a problem, but not an insurmountable one. You can remove primer from wood by sanding it, but the surface of laminate flooring isn't wood, and if you sand it, you'll ruin it Clean thoroughly, and prime the floor with primer suited to covering a finished floor. Step 1 Apply the Base Color. Use two paint colors. Engineered wood flooring offers the timeless look of hardwood, but is perfect for basements and other areas where moisture can be an issue. Follow these steps to install an engineered wood floor in your home A high quality wood primer that creates a 'white-washed' effect on wood flooring: Bona Amber Primer: Wood primer for oak and darker tropical species of wood. GreenGuard approved: Preparation. Preparation. Wooden floors should be clean, dry and free of all surface contaminants such as waxes, oils, grit, dirt and dust prior to application The surfaces of these floors must be sound and non-friable. For old and new concrete floors and existing floor coverings such as vinyl tile, ceramic tile, linoleum and varnished wood floors, use USG Levelrock™ Acrylic Concrete Primer. These low odor primers are sprayed, broomed on or paint roller-applied to the subfloor by US

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  1. Buy at Amazon . 2. KILZ Premium Interior and Exterior Primer. KILZ premium primer is known for its stain blocking feature and high flexibility. You can use it on wood, metals, cast or wrought iron, plasters, wallpaper, masonry, etc. Additionally, you may also apply it under a latex paint or over oil-based one
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  3. imised. Protective coats with one of Junckers' water-based floor urethanes have to be applied after.
  4. Minwax® preparation products are the first step to ensure your wood surfaces show their most beautiful colors and smoothest finishes. The products that have made Minwax® an American icon will add color and beauty to your wood—in oil or water-based stains. With Minwax® wood stains, there's a color to suit every style
  5. imised. Protective coats with one of Junckers' water-based floor lacquers have to be applied after pri
  6. Varnish is the most common wood floor surface treatment, favoured for its high wear resistance and low maintenance. Compared to oil and hard wax oil, varnish gives the wood a light colour, more consistent with natural wood. Primer and topcoat The floor is treated with two different types of varnish, a primer then a topcoat
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Primer T is a low-VOC, water-based acrylic primer that enhances the performance and adhesion of self-leveling underlayments (SLUs) on nonabsorbent surfaces such as ceramic tile, vinyl composition tile (VCT), epoxy moisture barriers and adhesive residue, as well as profiled, absorbent surfaces. Suitable for a wide variety of substrates, Primer T. A wood floor primer is a key element of the wood floor staining process. It works as the perfect base that helps the colour of the wood floor stain show its intensity. A wood floor primer ensures that the floor lacquer will last for a long time and it is an essintial part of creating a beautiful hardwood floor. Water-based

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We show this in every mold remediation paint, deck stain, wood finish, floor finish and non toxic paint product made. Earthpaint was started in West Asheville, NC. After nearly 20 years as a professional painter, Tom Rioux, suffered a life threatening illness, more likely than not caused from using toxic paint, drywall and wood finishes Fire retardant paints are most frequently used in large scale industrial spaces, public buildings and facilities, or on new builds. They can also be used on smaller DIY projects, but not for those tasks that simply require heat resistant paint, like BBQs and exhaust pipes.Rawlins Paints is one of the UK's largest stockists of fire retardant paints and fireproofing coatings from paint. Farrow & Ball Wood Floor Primer & undercoat® is een grondverf/primer voor houtenvloeren binnenshuis. Voordelig bij Verfgilde. Snelle levering Rustins Aluminium Wood Primer 500 ml Rustins Aluminium Wood Primer 250 ml. Buy it now. Rustins Aluminium Wood Primer is an oil based primer, but contains aluminium pigment which provides better water-resistance. Applied directly to bare wood, it seals the surface and provides adhesion for subsequent coats of paint. Suitable for exterior use Bona Wood Floor Primer is specially designed for fast and easy preparation of wood surfaces prior to varnishing with Bona Wood Floor & Furniture Varnish or Bona Wood Floor Paint. It has excellent adhesion to wood and produces a rich wood colour which enhances the wood grain. Can be used on all types of commonly available wood species*

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  1. It is an excellent primer/basecoat for high-performance epoxy floor systems, with fast-dry performance. This product can also be used as a stand-alone clear finish on masonry floors (2 coats). Fast set - recoat in 5 hours. Can tolerate slightly damp masonry
  2. PALL-X 333 COLOR WHITE. Solvent-free 2-component wood floor primer for all standard European wood types under the 2-component wood floor lacquers PALL-X 98 GOLD, PALL-X ZERO, PALL-X PURE or under the 2-component. Data sheet. Display product
  3. These primers can reduce the absorbency of the substrates and improve the adhesion between the underlayment and the substrate. Sika® MB and Sika® MB Redline are 2-component, solvent-free, low-viscosity, epoxies for use under ALL flooring products, including wood, carpet, vinyl, LVT, self-leveling underlayments, floating floors, and other.

wood flooring primer ADE-TON 2K. polyurethane. Contact. wood flooring primer. ADE-TON 2K. Water-based bicomponent primer for parquet flooring, applied by roller or brush. To be used as a primer to achieve a toning effect on the treated surface. Bicomponent Solvent-free Excellent. Product Information. Sika MB is two-part resin membrane barrier for sealing concrete floors. Use one coat for sealant or two coats for a DPM (Damp Proof Membrane). > Solvent Free > Easy to Apply > Allows Faster Completion > Good Penetration & Stabilisation of the Substrate > Reduction of Adhesion Consumption > No Broadcasting of the Primer Necessary > Suitable for use with Subfloor Heating. Free home delivery on orders over £50. Free delivery over £50 refers to standard home delivery orders placed on diy.com only. Charges refer to the value of goods being delivered and excludes delivery from stores or services. Excludes bulk, large and Sunday delivery Farrow & Ball Interior Wood Primer & Undercoat Dark Tones - 750ml. £23.00. £30.67 per L. Move to Wishlist Save to Wishlist. Log in/sign up to use Wishlists Sika Primer MB CA in conjunction with SikaBond Wood Floor Adhesives is used as: A moisture regulator: to help control osmotic moisture propagation in cementitious substrates with a moisture content from 4% to 6% (Tramex method). An adhesion promoter: for surfaces with old adhesive residues. A surface consolidator: on concrete, cement, gypsum.

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Premium Wall & Wood Primer. Your Price. List Price: $52.49 / Gallon. Sale Price: $39.37 / Gallon. Save 25%. Sale valid through 06/16/2021. Sign In to order online Apply Wood Primer. Use the type of primer recommended for the wood and for the best adhesion to an epoxy floor finish. Spread the primer around the edges of the floor with the 3-inch paintbrush. Create a strip about 4 feet long with each brushstroke to even out the primer effectively and join one of thousands of communities. ×. •. •. •. Bona Natural Primer | Easy To Apply Natural Looking Wood Floor Primer ( i.redd.it) submitted 6 minutes ago by bonaireland. comment Wood floors may look fragile and hard to care for, but nothing could be further from the truth. A well-maintained one can pretty much withstand the abuse pets, kids, spills and track-in dirt can. The term 'primer' is commonly used in the paint industry to refer to a base coat or a first coat used on exterior surfaces, he says. Good primers seal, hide and bond to form a firm foundation for the topcoat. Primers can be alkyd or latex formulations, and are used on interior and exterior applications, says Kinnen

Wood Floor Installation Primer. The wood floor installation primer from UZIN is easy to use with a short drying time. UZIN PE 404 is also low emmission and solvent free for safe use, used in conjunction with UZIN wood flooring adhesives provides a secure bond which protects the wood floor from moisture or dust from the substrate Primers, waterproofing products, mortars, adhesives and maintenance - our products are designed to meet all these wood-floor installation needs. INNOVATION We feature cutting-edge products that are developed to meet or exceed industry standards while reducing installation time and material waste

Resincoat Factory Floor Paint Bundle gives you everything you need to create a professional resin system in a factory or industrial space of up to 100m² or 120m². You will receive our best selling HB Factory Floor Paint, primer of your choosing, anti-slip option and full acessory kit designed to make application as smooth as possible. High. the outer wall to floor joint with duct tape or temporary caulking so that liquid Floor Resurfacer will not lead at the dam area. 4. Prime the clean dry floor surface using a mix of 1 part QUIKRETE® Self-Leveling Primer to 4 parts water. Brush or spray this primer coat on the floor to produce a uniform coating with no pools or puddles Use metal or synthetic lath in conjunction with the properly designed wood floor. Priming Reference Primer Usage Chart for proper choice of primer based on substrate type. Shake or mix FLOOR-TOP STG PRIMER prior to use. Dilute the high solids FLOOR-TOP STG PRIMER 1 to 1 by volume with cool, potable water. One gallon of undiluted primer will. Wood Stains & Finishes Floor Coatings, Sealers & Prep Specialty Paints Decorative Finishes. Behr Express Buy Paint Online. RED, WHITE & BLUE SAVINGS. Get incredible savings on #1-rated , BEHR MARQUEE®️ Paint starting at $39.98* from June 24 - July 7, 2021

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Bare wood surfaces are ill-suited for paint adhesion. Before epoxy paint will adhere to a wood floor, it must be coated with an acrylic latex primer. The primer should be applied, using a roller affixed to a rolling pole. The primed wooden floors must dry for at least three hours before they are ready for epoxy paint. Advertisement Morrells Induro XLO Natural Parquet Floor Oil. £ 71.90. A blend of natural oils and urethane suitable for all types of solid wood, parquet and engineered flooring. Easy to apply, maintain and repair. 2-3 coats. 10 m² per litre. 4 hrs drying time. £ 71.90. More info

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Style Garden Light Oak Solid Wood Flooring - 1.5m2. (60) £67.50. £45.00 per SQM. Wickes Bordeaux Pine Wood Unlacquered Flooring - 22mm x 120mm x 2m. (62) £20. £20.83 per SQM At Wood Floor Warehouse we buy all our engineered wood floors in bulk and direct from the factory to ensure the best possible prices. Engineered Flooring is the most popular type of real wood as it is the most stable while delivering an authentic wood warmth and texture. We stock a very large range, ready for fast dispatch or collection in store Valspar offers an extensive array of interior and exterior paint, stain & sealant products to fit your project needs. Learn more by visiting Valspar.com today Minwax Performance Series Tintable Wood Stain 250 VOC. Your Price. List Price: $55.49 / Gallon. Sale Price: $41.62 / Gallon. Save 25%. Sale valid through 07/13/2021. Sign In to order online Mold grows on wood floors when it has appropriate moisture, warmth, and food. It can not only stain wood floors, but also move below the surface to discolor, rot, or warp the wood. To keep the mold from spreading, first cut off the source..

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Varnish is a clear transparent hard protective coating or film. It is not a stain.It usually has a yellowish shade from the manufacturing process and materials used, but it also may be pigmented as desired, and is sold commercially in various shades.. Varnish is primarily used as a wood finish where, stained or not, the distinctive tones and grains in the wood are intended to be visible Step #1 Use Site Finished Wood Flooring. Step #2 Clean the Area. Step #3 Sand & Clean. Step #4 Apply Wood Primer. Step #5 Fill the Gaps with Silicone. Step #6 Apply Waterproofing Sealer. Step #7 Apply Multiple Layers. Before you consider wood flooring for the bathroom its important to know your options. For the most maintenance free flooring. How to Use Satin Latex Paint on Wood Floors. Painted wood floors are making a comeback in popularity. You can paint the floor one color, make a design or create any kind of custom floor with satin. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) Total Ratings 1, $243.74 New. BJYX Interlocking Patio Pavers Wood Flooring Tiles - 11 Pieces. $55.99 New. 12x12'' Patio Pavers Interlocking Wood Flooring Decking Deck Tiles Outdoor 27pcs. $122.99 New. Brown Hardwood Flooring 27pcs or Outdoor&indoor Patio Garden Deck 12x12in

From modern laminate to reclaimed hardwood, the warmth and texture of wooden floors - whether faux or the real deal - is a popular choice for homeowners. Prices start at £3 per square metre, but be aware that the cheapest kinds are smooth and don't look particularly realistic. Bevelled edges, a. Apr 3, 2019 - Three ways to decorate your parquet floor in style parquet floor finishing with bona primer classic YEABJNF. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Mohawk Hardwood Flooring Wood Laminate Flooring Best Flooring Hardwood Floors Ceramic Wood Floors. Laminate flooring is essentially resin-impregnated paper atop a wood chip base. The surface of laminate plank is actually a photograph of oak, cherry, slate, marble, or any other wood or stone. On top is a clear coat called the wear layer. DuPont RealTouch, for instance, warrants the wear layer on its line of laminate flooring for 30 years

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Osmo Wash and Care - For Regular Cleaning of Floors - 1 and 5 Litre. 5 out of 5 stars. (10) 10 product ratings - Osmo Wash and Care - For Regular Cleaning of Floors - 1 and 5 Litre. £15.00 to £58.77. Was: £23.69. Free postage. 750 sold. 50 antique reclaimed parquet flooring fingers / blocks ECOS Wood Stain is a water based, tinted, full bodied, solvent free, fast drying stain, ideal for wooden floors, window frames, doors, trim, and furniture. Applied to bare wood to enrich the natural grain, adding depth and color. Additional coats may be applied for enhanced depth. Available in several pre-mixed colors, without the harsh odors. Find a Stockist - Coo-Var specialises in providing high-quality coatings for walls, roofs and floors to their enhance safety, security and appearance. Order online today ECOS Interior Satin Clear Varnish is a water based, medium to low sheen, protective finish to be used over bare wood, stained wood or paint, that dries to a hard, durable film - Clear varnish enhances the natural wood tone when applied over bare wood and is ideal for wood floors, window frames, doors, trim, and furniture, without the polyurethane odors and harmful fumes found in conventional. Wood furniture, doors, woodwork, cabinets, accessories - not recommended for floors: Natural bristle brush: Minwax® Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner (oil-based) 2 coats. To deepen the color, apply a third coat. after 6 hrs: 6 hours: Optional, for additional luster or sheen a clear protective finish can be applied Start with a medium grade of sandpaper (e.g. #120) and gradually work your way to a finer grade (e.g. #220). Sand in the direction of the grain for a smooth, uniform finish and remove all sanding dust using a vacuum, dry paint brush or cloth. Look out for dried glue, especially in the joint area