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A Discovery Flight is an introductory flight anyone can take! You don't need to be a pilot or have any idea about aviation. This flight is approximately 1 hour in a private airplane with a capacity of 4 seats ( a Cessna Skyhawk or Piper Warrior ). Your discovery flight will be out of Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, AZ, and will give you. Flying Lessons in and near Seattle, WA. icon-trending icon. Trending. 30- or 60-Minute Discovery Flight and Ground School from Pacific Northwest Aeronautics (Up to 36% Off) Flight lessons include ground instruction and discovery flight that counts toward pilot-license requirements. 8850 Washington 3, Bremerton • 21.8 mi 1 hrs Flight and 1 Hrs Simulator are $299. Fly to Miami Beach, over South Beach and around Key Biscayne. Typically flown in a Cessna 172. Bring your camera. Maximum 1 person with Weight Limit of 400 lbs. (Sponsor and/or legal guardian for the flight can join as well) A special gift from our Pilot Shop is included. 1 Hour Flight A Discovery Flight is the first step into the exciting world of aviation. Whether you're just curious about what it's like to fly a small airplane, or have the goal of a lifelong aviation careera discovery flight at American Flight Schools will introduce you to all the thrills aviation has to offer If you decide to pursue flying lessons, your flight time from the Discovery Flight can be counted toward the FAA requirements for your license. Take time to enjoy a Discovery Flight near Phoenix, Arizona at Sierra Charlie Aviation in Scottsdale. Purchase the flight online for only $199.99 or call us today at (480) 474-4115 to make the arrangements

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On your discovery flight, you'll get the chance to get your hands on the controls! Your instructor will guide you through the required pre-flight inspection and prepare the aircraft for flight. Then, with the help of an instructor you will get to fly the aircraft. cirrus-sr22-915td. Cirrus SR22. cessna-172n-n738jy. Cessna 172n DISCOVERY FLIGHT. INSTRUMENT RATING. Our program will help you become a safe instrument pilot who will be able to get the most utility and enjoyment out of your pilot certificate. Already rated but out of currency? Our recurrent training builds upon your existing experience to broaden your knowledge and hone your skills

South Bay Aviation Inc. Torrance Airport / Zamperini Field (KTOA) 3481 Airport Dr # 100, Torrance, CA 90505. Telephone: 310-791-5454. Unicom: 122.95. E-mail: sealsr@ix.netcom.com. Business hours: 7 days a week 8am to 6pm If you would like an introduction into flight training or looking for a special gift, this is the ideal place to start for only $169. Flights are conducted in one of our new Cessna 172SP's equipped with the G1000 avionics suite - the latest of glass cockpit technology! Learn the basics of flight and discover what it takes to become a pilot. Discovery Flights make great gifts for that special someone - it's an amazing experience they will never forget! Prior recipients have taken an evening sunset flight which they told us was the best gift ever. Call us and we'll be happy to send you a personalized gift certificate for you to give to the recipient Think of it as the ULTIMATE test drive! Whether you are considering pursuing the Private Pilot's Certificate, the Sport Pilot Certificate or considering aviation as a career, AFTC can give you your first lesson. Discovery Flights are just $149 in either a Cessna 172 or one of our Light Sport Aircraft. Call us today to schedule A discovery flight usually takes an hour to complete including the 30 min flight. Book your discovery flight online! A Discovery flight can either be you and a instructor in a Cessna 152 (2 seater), or you may take a passenger along in a Cessna 172 (4 seater). Gift Certificates are also available

You will learn everything it takes to obtain your pilot's license. Whether you want to fly for fun or for a career, we will help to launch your dream into becoming a reality! Discovery flights cost $200 and can be scheduled any day of the week during daylight hours. Call us (850)-778-FLY1 to book Discovery Flight. The Discovery Flight is an opportunity for you to experience the thrill of flight. Should you decide to sign up for flight lessons, we will credit your account $199 after flying 15 hours with us or completing your first solo, whichever comes first Yes, you can probably fly over your house. It's a typical thing to do during a discovery flight. You may also see local landmarks, nearby lakes, towns, and cities. If you have a specific place you want to see from the air, just let your pilot know. If it's within range and doesn't violate any airspace restrictions, they're usually happy.

Call us at (239) 274-3170 to get started with your discovery flight, or stop in and schedule it in person. We love to get new pilots into the air! Discovery flights also make a great gift for your loved one or friend who has always dreamed of learning to fly. Get in touch with us today to make arrangements for this once-in-a-lifetime gift We understand plans change from time to time, so if you need to reschedule your flight, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to the flight. Inside of the 48 hour window you will be charged a $25 fee to reschedule. Once purchased, the Discovery Flights are non-refundable Free Introductory Flights. Do you think you might be interested in learning to fly, but you've never been up in a private airplane and would like to try it out first? We can make that happen, free of charge! If you're between the ages of 8-17, you're eligible to fly as part of our Young Eagles ® program. Established in 1992, volunteer pilots. Free Young Eagles® Flights Launched in 1992, the Young Eagles program has dedicated more than 25 years to giving youth ages 8-17 their first free ride in an airplane. It's the only program of its kind, with the sole mission to introduce and inspire kids in the world of aviation Discovery Flight - Learn the basics of flying with a hands-on 15-20 minute flight with a knowledgeable flight instructor. This first flight introduction for one person is only $99. There is a $25 charge for each additional passenger

The most common discovery flight we sell is the Cessna 172 discovery flight for $219.99. This is limited to 2 passengers and a combined weight of 460lbs. If you are just going by yourself and weigh less than 160lbs the Cessna 152 discovery flight is a great option (it's also $30 less expensive) The discovery flight is perfect for someone who just wants to get a taste of becoming a pilot or to check off an item on their bucket list! The airplane will be pre-flighted and ready for you to hop in the pilot's seat. With you at the controls, you will learn climbs, descents, turns and straight and level. This experience involves about 30. Experience Dead Reckoning Flight (Flying by Landmarks) View Pilot Mountain. Enter Sequencing for return to the airport. Understand pattern entrance and landing procedures. Bring a friend or two for only $25 each! Flight will be in a 4 passenger C-172 Aircraft. Headset Rental Available DISCOVERY FLIGHT 60-Minute Pilot Experience Tour. Price: $144.53 Persons: Up to 2 people Description: 30 min ground lesson includes obtaining weather, preflight, 30 min flight in KORL Traffic Pattern. Includes Logbook (Departs from Orlando Executive Airport, flies in Orlando Executive Airport Traffic Pattern. Up to 2 people permitted

Peachtree City/Atlanta, Georgia, KFFC. (770) 290-2480. The history of aviation has been a timeline of discovery and it has never been easier to take your place in the adventure. Academy of Aviation's New enrollment Orientation Flights offer a unique opportunity for future pilots to take the controls of an aircraft in flight Discovery Flight. The Discovery Flight is designed to help you understand what flying is about and all that is involved. It lasts about 30 minutes. As lesson #1, it is designed to show you what flying an airplane is like, a chance to explain what learning to fly is all about, and to meet the staff and tour our flight school Cessna 172N. Cessna 172F. PA-28R-201. PA-28-140. Frasca 141. Our goal is to provide the highest quality flight instruction tailored to your schedule and learning style. Our instructors will pass on valuable real world experience to make you a confident pilot DISCOVERY FLIGHT. A Discovery Flight is a flight with an instructor and 2 additional people. The adventure begins in Executive Airport Atlantic Aviation KORL and it continues over the City of Orlando and Central Florida. This is a unforgettable experience. 123456

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Looking out the window is allowed during the flight. After landing back into Conroe Airport, we will taxi back to Lone Star's hangar and do the shutdown procedure. Your flight can count as a training flight and can be recorded in a pilot logbook (extra charge) and count towards your training. The person taking the flight must be 15 years or older Soar into the Illinois skies during a thirty-minute hands-on Introductory Flight Lesson over Aurora, IL. This one-on-one flying lesson with a Certified Flight Instructor begins at the Aurora Municipal Airport in Sugar Grove, IL where you will meet with your Pilot

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Take your first flight, your Discovery Flight, and you officially start your journey to becoming a pilot. Your Discovery Flight takes you and a trained instructor on an approximately 30-minute-long flight to familiarize you with the airplane, the airport and the general awe of taking the controls of a safe, reliable Cessna aircraft for the first time, thousands of feet above the earth Depending on your weight and comfort, this may be a 2-seat Cessna 152 or our larger Cessna 172s. These vary from $81 to $133 per hour, billed for the time that the engine is running. The FAA requires at least 40 hours of time in a plane to get your license. We find that most of our students spend closer to 50-70 hours Discovery Flights also make a great gift for that special person who is ready to learn how to fly — our online gift certificates are just a click away. And don't forget — discovery pilots earn a $100 discount on any upcoming Willamette Aviation private pilot ground school , which is a perfect transition for those who are ready to learn how.

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  1. ute preflight briefing and spend about an hour in the air
  2. Discovery Flight . $75 per hour $75 per hour $75 per hour $15 per hour $99 . AIRCRAFT . See Aircraft Rental. PILOT SERVICES . In addition to the aircraft listed above, Flight Instructor - Pilots are rated for a variety of airplanes and are available for instruction and services in customer owned airplanes
  3. 825 W. 20th Ave. Oshkosh, Wi, 54902. ATTENTION ALL PILOTS: If you're flying in, inform ATC that you'd like to taxi to Discover Flight. They'll take you to the north end of the airport, and we are located in a big blue hangar at the November 4 Foxtrot intersection. Learn to fly

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After a pre-flight training session, you'll hop in the pilot's seat and take to the skies on one of our breathtaking Discovery Flights. Our FAA Certificated Flight Instructors will guide you through a thirty-minute hands-on flight. You'll learn the basics: From taxiing and take-off to basic flight maneuvers and landing Our discovery flights are available year-round by appointment at both locations. To schedule a discovery flight or purchase a gift certificate over the phone, please call: 440-322-3692 (Elyria, Lorain County Regional Airport) 216-333-1537 (Cleveland, Burke Lakefront Airport Our discovery flight is the best way to see what flying is all about. You will get to experience what it is like to be a pilot. You will meet with one of our instructors to go through what a pilot does when they fly, including a pre-flight inspection, a 30-minute flight where you take the flight controls, and a post flight debrief Seaplane Discovery Flights. We invite you to go for your first discovery flight over Florida's beautiful Suncoast beaches, from Clearwater Beach to St Petersburg Beach, or Tampa, to see how much fun it is to fly! Seaplane flight training at it's best. Our dedicated instructor will be next to you the whole time, and they'll perform the.

Avel Flight School DuPage Airport 3N040 Powis Road West Chicago, Illinois - 60185 Email: fly@avelflightschool.com Call: 847.466.5161 / 847.246.2231 Fax: 847.440. Try a Discovery Flight. Here is your opportunity to find out what flying is like and decide if Sundowner Aviation is where you want to earn your Private Pilot's License. Our First Flight Special is meant especially for the person considering flight training. It's only natural to want to try it out first This is an ideal experience for those wanting to get a feel for what it's like to fly a small aircraft and see the beautiful Ozarks from a whole new vantage point. Allow us to give you your first opportunity to Fly Oz! Discovery Flight certificates are non-refundable. Airplane Discovery Flight. 200.00

The price for a one hour AV-ED Discovery Flight experience starts at $179. For a small upgrade fee you can enjoy a two hour experience. You can a friend or family member for an additional $25. An AV-ED Discovery Flight is a great way to get acquainted with flying and get started on a wonderful life-changing adventure The Discovery Flying Lesson In Northern Virginia is offered seven days a week year-round, subject to availability. Flights are typically scheduled between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. All dates and times shown are subject to change and availability And that concludes your discovery flight. Please keep in mind that it is a 4 seater aircraft. Feel free to bring a guest (at no extra charge, but please let us know). Take all the pictures you can to commemorate your first flight! Please call with any questions you may have. Discovery Flight February 22, 2016 RichSb007@_-Facebook Tom Wood Aviation can conduct discovery flights 7 days a week at nearly any time of the day. The cost for each session is only $99. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them for you. Contact us at 888-587-9146, or visit us at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport to speak with a flight instructor in person Then a Discovery Flight at T&G is the perfect first step! What to Expect. You will be paired with an instructor who will first cover the basics of flight and how the airplane works with you on the ground. You will then get into the airplane and feel firsthand what it's like to fly. You get to control the airplane from your very first flight

Come try a discovery flight that puts you in the pilot's seat! This is a great, fun way to start your flight training. $75.00 plus tax for half hour and $140.00 plus tax for a full hour. If you are enrolled in CCBC you are eligible to a free discovery flight. call 724-843-4800 to schedule yours today A Discovery Flight is the first step into the exciting world of aviation. Whether you're just curious about what it's like to fly a small airplane, or have the goal of a lifelong aviation careera discovery flight at AlphaFlight will introduce you to all the thrills aviation has to offer Explore Minnesota from the air and experience the wonder of flight. For $99.00 (retail $160.00), a Certified Flight Instructor will take you up into the sky in one of our aircraft. You will have the opportunity to pilot the aircraft from take off to landing while discovering the joy, speed, and exhilaration found only in flying. Call the. Statistically, your drive to the airport is more dangerous than your flight! Your flight instructor wants to stay safe just as much as you do and he or she will take all precautions to keep everyone safe. How do I buy a Discovery Flight? Call (615) 494-1900 or email us: fly@MurfreesboroAviation.com. You must include your phone number with area. Learn to fly with an FAA certified instructor with our Discovery Flight Lesson. This introductory flight lesson will be given around beautiful coast of South Florida extending to Miami and the beaches in our Cessna 172. Take the hands on approach to learn about flight training and what you can expect from further flying lessons

The first step is to take a Discovery Flight. Two Locations to Fly: Cuyahoga County Airport (CGF) 26300 Curtiss Wright Parkway, Area B Richmond Heights, OH 44143 (216) 289-5094. Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL) 1501 N. Marginal Road, Suite 184 Cleveland, OH 44114 (216) 241-232 Air Venture Flight Center is an FAA-Approved 141 flight training school and aircraft rental company. We have a full-time staff of professional flight instructors and a fleet of well maintained Cessna, Beech, and Piper aircraft. From Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, ATP and Certified Flight Instructor, we can get you the ratings.

A Discovery Flight is an introductory flight lesson. Our professional instructors will help you explore the sky! You will actually control the aircraft during your flight under the guidance of your instructor. Lunken Flight Training Center offers several Discovery Flight options from which to choose The discovery flight will give you a taste of what it's like to fly and be a pilot. Your instructor will be able to answer your questions about flight training. You'll also have the opportunity to sign up for further lessons. Contact Us. 419-358-7045. blufftonflyingservice@gmail.com

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  1. Discovery Flight. $89.00. Discovery Flight - Upgrade to Cessna 172 or Piper Warrior. $104.00. Scenic Flight. $99.95. Web Design.
  2. High Flight Academy. Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport. 475 Airport Road. Butler, PA 16002. United States. (724) 481-1359. frontdesk@highflightacademy.com
  3. ute Discovery Training flight (an $87 value) Logbook (a $19.99 value) Learning materials (an $8 value) This deal does include the price of sales or airport taxes, and customers need to set up a class appointment within one month of purchasing

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  1. 7 reviews of Elite Flight Training Ask about their Discovery Flight. Certificates cover commercial operations, complex aircraft, FAA regulations, and performance limitations. If you're already pilot rated, this business offers aircraft cleaning, maintenance, and parking. My boyfriend is learning to fly so we tried this training center to add to his log
  2. DISCOVERY FLIGHT. The activity of paramotoring can be exhilarating, fulfilling, exciting, challenging, and so much more. We are passionate about paramotoring and hope to share it with everyone we can. Paramotor flight is the cheapest form of powered flight. Compared to other private aircraft, paramotors are simple, easy to transport, and safe
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Ridgeland Flight Training. 38 Airport Rd, Ridgeland, South Carolina 29936, United States. 843-247-7344 Introductory Flight - Robinson 44 Helicopter. The R44 Introductory flight is a step up from our R44 Discovery flight. This experience allows you the opportunity to bring friends along for the ride of a lifetime! The R44 Helicopter Discovery Flight is an exciting way to truly experience what flying a helicopter is all about Extended to a ONE HOUR Discovery Flight for $175! (under 200 lbs) Over 200 lbs or 2-3 participants just $25 additional charge. We also offer personalized gift certificates to give to a loved one. You can purchase one by clicking here. For more info call us at 618-670-5782 or email us at kwkopp762@gmail.com To make the most of your time at the training center, complete the Introductory Training Flight Online Learning Module and then give us a call at 904-595-7950 to schedule your flight at one of our 65 training centers nationwide (available 7 days a week — 4 day notice required). You must be at least 18 years old to conduct an Introductory.

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A Discovery Flight with Eagle Aviation is designed to help you understand what flying is about and all that is involved. The Discovery Flight will actually be your very first loggable flight lesson and possibly the beginning of a lifelong passion. This lesson is approximately 1 hour long and shall consist of 30 minutes in a Cessna 172SP and 30 minutes of pre-flight and post-flight briefing. Brazos Valley Flight Services has received the AOPA Distinguished Flight School Award for 2018! This is the third year in a row that our customers have voted us as one of the best flight schools in the country. The Flight Training Award, according to AOPA data, puts BVFS within the top 4% flight schools in the USA and the top 1% of flight instructors in the country Contact us to schedule your Discovery Flight. Contact Sundance Flight Academy. 13000 N Sara Road Oklahoma City, OK 73099 405-373-3886 opt 3 flightacademy@sundanceairport.com 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT. Select an option below to learn more. airline_seat_recline_normal. Western Air Flight Academy, Colorado, is a flight school providing pilot training, flying lessons, aviation instruction and pilot certification programs in Colorado, serving Denver, Boulder, Broomfield and the front range. Western Air Flight Academy, Colorado, is a flight school providing pilot training, flying lessons and aviation education Discovery Flight. Many of our students, graduates, and instructors began their adventure into aviation with a Discovery Flight! So what is a Discovery Flight? Well, it's different things to different people. Specifically, for about $211 you can take a 60-minute flight in one of our aircraft and with one of our highly qualified flight instructors

On a discovery flight, you'll take the controls and see what it's like to soar through the beautiful blue sky. Why Over the Mountain? Our team of owners and instructors bring over 100 years of Aviation experience and instruction to Over The Mountain Aviation and Birmingham flight schools. We are commited to the very best and safest flight. Helicopter Tours. Plane Rides. 45-Minute Discovery Flights. Flight School of Greenville. (864) 202-3342. www.FlightSchoolofGreenville.com. 30-Minute Discovery Flights. Greenville Aviation Flight School. (864) 242-4201 Over 50,000 hrs of flight instruction given! Air Trek North's Flight School offers Accelerated Flight Training or Flight Training on YOUR schedule, not ours. We are open 7 days a week! We fly 7am to 11pm. If you're like most people considering first-time flying lessons, you have probably dreamed of flying since you were a kid Flight Training and Aircraft Management. Windy City Aviation provides comprehensive services for the Chicago aviation community. From aspiring pilots looking to take their first discovery flight to current aircraft owners seeking turnkey management services, Windy City Aviation can meet your needs Flight Instruction in non-Brunswick Air aircraft $60/hour. *** Discovery Flights $109 Any Gift Certificates bought prior to our price increase will be honored with no add'l cost. BRUNSWICK AIR TOURS ARE AVAILABLE WITH LIMITATIONS. We are honoring Air Tour Gift Certificates purchased prior to 3/1/2021 at this tim

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After payment, you will be emailed a link that you can use to schedule your discovery flight, or you may choose to call us at 504-246-2700 and we will be more than happy to assist you! Please note, that discovery flights need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. If you have a special request, please call us and we will be happy to discuss Aero Elite Flight Training is an excellent flight school. Located in the main terminal of the Leesburg Airport (KJYO) allows for easy access to their amazing fleet of aircraft. The wide range of aircraft type gives the students and renters great selection. Heck, then even have a 2020 Cessna 172s G1000 NXi with new plane smell EFI Flight School is an authorized testing center for FAA Airman Knowledge Tests. Exams must be scheduled online. To register for your written exam, please click the link below. Schedule an FAA Exam. EFI Flight School has been recognized as a Distinguished Flight School by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Welcome to Arizona Flight Training Center (AFTC). The Valley's premier custom flight training provider. AFTC was established in 2008 as an alternative to the large, mostly international flight schools that were dotting the Southwest. The founders of AFTC noticed that there existed a void that the truly customized flight schools had once filled

Instructors Who Care. Our instructors are experienced professionals with an array of impressive credentials and thousands of hours of flight instruction given. Modern Planes. We provide the highest level of flight instruction and aircraft rental, in clean, new aircraft to provide the safest and most economical way to fly. GET $20 OFF FIRST FLIGHT About Us. Incorporated in 1950, SNOHOMISH FLYING SERVICE (SFS) is located on Harvey Field in the pristine Snohomish River Valley of Washington State; just 20 miles north of Seattle. SFS offers a full range of Fixed Base Operator (FBO) services including Flight Training, Air Charter, Scenic Flights and Air Tours Half Hour Discovery Flight $1 60.00 Full Hour Discovery Flight $ 310.00 Beechcraft Duchess (Complex/ Multi- Engine) Half Hour Discovery Flight $1 80.00 Full Hour Discovery Flight $3 50.00 All Full Hour Discovery Flights include a Pilot Logbook (upon request) and All Discovery Flights include 6 free issues of AOPA's Flight Training Magazine with. TROY AIR EXPERIENCE Oakland/Troy Airport (VLL) Troy Air Experience, LLC is a professional flight school and aircraft rental company. Call us today to schedule your $129 1/2 hour Discovery Flight. 1 Hour Discovery Flights available for $199

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Welcome to Tampa North Flight Center! Our flight school is ready to serve you! We offer a Cessna 172 and a Cherokee 140 for rental and flight training. Our flight instructors are professional pilots who hold a certificated Flight Instructor Rating administered by the FAA. Whether your aspirations are for recreational, business flying, or making. Airplane Flight Instruction, flying lessons and Flight Reviews in the Philadelphia, Atlantic City and Cape May areas. Get your airplane single engine private pilots license in New Jersey. Learn to fly a Cessna Skyhawk 172 with CFI Lou DiVentura from Linwood, NJ. Flight training, private thru commercial. Discovery Flights Welcomed. Costs of flight lessons Specialties: FAA Part 61 and 141 approved Flight Training Center Get Your Pilot License - Fast. Start Today, Fly Every Day. We offer pilot courses - Private Pilot (PPL), Commercial Pilot (CPL), Instrument Rating (IR), Flight Instructor (CFI). Don't know how to start? Come to visit us We also offer Introductory Flights. Flying Academy located in Corona, CA - A Flight School managed by airline. Cherokee Flight is a flight school that offers flight training to include Discovery Flights, Private Pilot Training, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Training, Multi Engine Training and ATP pilot training.We are located just north of Canton off of I-575, exit 24.Foreign students holding certain US visa's are also welcome to train with Cherokee Flight

The Discovery Flight is an exciting way to truly experience what flying a helicopter is all about. Each Discovery Flight begins with a 30 minute ground briefing, covering topics such as helicopter controls and aircraft pre-flight inspection. Once ground training is done, you will hop into the Pilot-In-Command seat for 30 minutes with one of our. Discovery Flight. Whether you are considering flight training or would just like to see what it is like to pilot an aircraft a discovery flight is the perfect starting point. The Discovery Flight process takes about an hour or so. Your visit starts with a briefing from our flight instructor. You will be briefed on basic principles of flight and.

2k Discovery Flight (2,000 feet) - $169 Our most popular flight is the perfect way to experience hang gliding for the first time. It is definitely an experience you will remember for a lifetime! 3.5k Discovery Flight (3,500 feet) - $249 You will be towed up an extra 1,500 feet, almost twice as high Book A Discovery Flight For Only $89! Take the controls of our Diamond DA-40 with a Certified Flight Instructor on a flight around the St. Pete area and determine if the path of aviation is for you! Passengers welcome for $25. Some restrictions apply. Learn more about our Discovery Flight Introductory Flights typically take about 45 minutes (30 minutes flying time) but can be scheduled for a longer duration if you prefer. A typical 45 minutes Introductory Flight costs $ 118, in a Cessna 172SP Analog. To schedule an Introductory Flight, call our Front Desk at 979-260-6322, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, every day, including weekends The Discovery Flight is an unforgettable experience offered at Melbourne Flight Training which puts you in the cockpit for a half hour to get your shot at flying an airplane. Get in, strap in, and takeoff!. What Are Discovery Flights?. A Discovery Flight, commonly referred to as an introductory flight, pairs you with a professional Flight Instructor for a 30-minute trip through the skies Piedmont Flight Training takes concerns about COVID-19 very seriously. Our number one priority is the safety of all students and staff. We have been proactive in educating our students and staff in reference to healthy protective measures and will expend every effort to continue to do our part in the protection of public health and follow appropriate guidance as necessary from the CDC and NC.

Discovery Health MD is a trusted testing partner for flights to Hawaii as part of the deployment of Hawaii's pre-travel testing program for inbound travelers. A negative test allows you to bypass Hawaii's mandatory 14-day quarantine however you must collect your negative test results before flying Aspen Flying Club unites a group of pilots and flight instructors with a large and diverse fleet of aircraft for flight training and recreational flying all in a fun, friendly environment. Our flight training school offers everything from ground school to a flying club, fulfilling the needs of most every pilot

Funds from expired/unused discovery flights and air tours are used in our charitable outreach programs. Scheduling. Learning to fly happens on your schedule and so do the discovery flights. Contact us via phone or email with a date and time you'd like to take your flight. If that spot is available on the schedule, it's yours A Discovery Flight is the perfect opportunity to learn about Crosswinds, meet our instructors, and experience the difference that is Crosswinds flight training. Check out our Discovery Flight video below: Discovery Flight costs: 2 seat Diamond DA20 - $165 for 1 hour; 4 seat Cessna 172 - $200 for 1 hour; 4 seat Diamond DA40 - $200 for 1 hou

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The Airline Career Pilot Program is your most efficient path to becoming an airline pilot, with a fast track to all major airlines. Get the best training in the best aircraft, with the most qualifications, and become an airline pilot on the fastest timeline - proven by 20,000 pilots since 1984. Commercial Multi with CFIs Discovery Flights from $85! Let one of our flight instructors help you discover the joy of flying by scheduling an introductory flight lesson, more commonly called a discovery flight. You'll have the opportunity to help preflight the plane, taxi it from the hangar to the runway and maybe help with the takeoff!.

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