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Feminized seeds grow under the same conditions as regular seeds, using the same nutrients and light cycles. However, unlike regular cannabis seeds, feminized seeds produce all-female plants. In fact, 99.9 percent of feminized seeds are female. This assures growers that male plants will not pollinate their crops Feminized autoflower seeds grow from seed to harvest with 20 hours of daily light, taking around 75 days. First time cannabis growers are often recommended to grow feminized autoflower seeds, they are easy to grow and the best autoflower seeds can produce huge yields of several hundred grams per plant in good conditions Cannabis naturally looks for an ongoing cycle of 18 hours of light followed by six hours of darkness during its vegetative phase. Once this evolves into a regular sequence of 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness, the flowering phase comes into play. Mother Nature provides these elements and changes automatically Autoflowering seeds do not yield as much as feminized seeds do, but are ideal if you are looking for quick grow cycles with relatively small plants. Mother Plants Female cannabis plants can be kept in their vegetation stage as long as they are under 18 hours of light

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  1. Most growers that grow their plants indoors begins from the point of 12 hours of darkness immediately the plants have reached the desired size and shape during their vegetative stage. Usually, most growers prefer an indoor vegetative period of 4-8 weeks under a 24/0 or 18/6 light period
  2. ized seeds. One classic method is stressing out a healthy female plant by interrupting its light cycle during flowering. While that works..
  3. The plant can receive as much as 24 hours of light a day while in the vegetative stage. Many indoor growers provide 18-24 hours of light a day (known as 18-6 or 24-0 light schedules) during the vegetative stage to encourage faster vegetative growth. Don't want to worry about light schedules
  4. Vegetative stage light cycle should be between 18 and 24 hours of light daily. This is because the process of energy making by the leaves require much light. There exist two types of chlorophyll receptors in marijuana plants, A and B. We normally have the red and blue spectrums of light
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Feminized seeds are produced by a process of inducing a gender change in a female marijuana plant to become male and produce pollen. If the pollen of this male plant that used to be female pollinates a female plant, the seeds produce will be 100 percent female due to the female genes of both parents, even the male parent because it used to be. Some growers drop the light cycle to 18 hours a day. This for many, including us is considered the optimum light cycle because the plants still get the rest they need while also being given enough light to produce large yields. Other cannabis growers even put their autoflowering marijuana strain in a 20-hour light cycle

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White Widow Feminized light cycle and growth The light cycle for this plant is fairly standard. Compared to an autoflower, it's only a little bit more in-depth. The ideal light cycle to begin with is 18-6 The best feminized seeds USA save money at the cannabis seed bank too. Growers no longer need to buy twice the amount of marijuana seeds that they need as with regular weed seeds. Feminized pot seeds are available as photoperiod strains (light cycle dependent), fast-flowering and autoflowering strains. Feminized parents are ideal mother plants Feminized seeds, in general, are those that are produced by making the monoecious, or hermaphrodites in a female cannabis plant. This can be done through various methods. One is spraying the plant using a colloidal silver solution. It can also be performed using rodelization, as well as spraying gibberellic acid This is when the plants need the least amount of light. When growing outdoors the sun takes care of handling the light cycle. When growing cannabis indoors, that responsibility is now in the hands of the grower. Light Cycle of the Vegetative Stage. There are two preferred light cycles commonly used in an indoor growing area: 18 and 24 hours

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  1. ized seed varieties start to flower when light hours are reduced from 18 to 12 hours. Outdoors photoperiod fe
  2. ized autoflowering cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate: They flower without the need to change light cycles or remove males. Automatic seeds are ideal for new growers, and for those who want a low-maintenance growing experience
  3. ized version that offers a very high level of CBD, in our test the plants reached the 14% of CBD, in this case the THC was 0.2%. The effect is a positive feeling of relaxation that won't affect any of your abilities, so your
  4. ized seeds are produced by inducing a normal female, not a hermaphrodite, to grow male flowers with viable pollen. Close up: Female. The pollen contains only female, or X, chromosomes because the plant has no Y, or male, chromosomes. The progeny will inherit an X from the male flower's pollen and an X from the egg donor female flower

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  1. A truly stable autoflowering seeds that are 100% autoflowers will definitely yield more if it is under continuous light cycle but not all seeds are perfect and many first, second and some more generation unstable crossbred seeds will not completely flower under 24 hours of light and will produce small yields
  2. You won't have much choice in lighting cycles when you are growing autos outdoors. Nature has plans for your seeds and it is under a 12/12 natural light cycle where your plants will receive equal amounts of light and dark conditions. Apparently this is what the earliest cannabis plants get as they grow roughly in the wild
  3. ized version that offers a very high level of CBD, in our test the plants reached the 14% of CBD, in this case the THC was 0.2%. The effect is a positive feeling of relaxation that won't affect any of your abilities, so your
  4. ized Marijuana Seeds. One method involves stressing a healthy female plant by interrupting the light cycle during its flowering phase. A more common and controlled method, however, is to spray down female plants with colloidal silver, a process that doesn't involve any genetic modification..
  5. Which light cycle is best for vegetative growth, is an often-debated topic. Here we review the basics and explain why we prefer an 18/6 light cycle. Cannabis Light Cycle Basics: In the cannabis community, light cycles are expressed as a fraction with Lights on time over Lights off time. 24/0: Lights are on 24 hours and off 0 hour

Autoflowering: Autoflowering seeds begin flowering after a certain period of time instead of waiting for a change in light cycle like traditional photoperiod plants. Autoflowering plants can be harvested in as little as 10 weeks allowing growers to reap multiple yields throughout the year Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds. Comprising of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genes, Blue Cheese marijuana is an immensely popular strain, loved by both recreational and medicinal users alike for it's unique, complex flavors and effects. Combining the award winning UK Cheese and classic Blueberry. Show Me The Seeds Rocket Seeds - Feminized Seeds No need to grow male marijuana plants when you have feminized seeds. Order fresh, high quality, ready to grow feminized seeds only from Rocket Seeds. You'll enjoy growing without the hassles of accidental pollination with feminized seeds with high germination rates. Order from anywhere. Rocket Seeds ship to any destination using their stealth shipment methods. Basically: Flower Light Cycle is 12 hours on and 12 hours off and the Veg Light Cycle is 18 hours on and 6 hours off. Plants grown from feminized seeds can be a bit more challenging to grow because they stress easily. You'll see the stress in weird coloration's in some of the leaves

Most growers of autoflowering strains prefer a light cycle of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness per day. The short growth phase makes it necessary to use this time as effectively as possible and to maximise the growth of the plants. Yet, you may prefer to save fuel bills by adopting a lighting schedule of 18 hours of light and 6 hours. 12/12 - 12 hours on, 12 hours off is the light schedule for flowering feminized cannabis. Non autoflowers require 12 hours of darkness each night in order to stay in flowering stage. Flowering plants can revert back to vegetative if they sense light for more than 12 hours. This is the reason tents are needed for indoor growing

Using feminized seeds or automatic seeds should eliminate this process as they are bred to produce plants that will flower as females.. Inducing flowering for sexing marijuana plants. Indoors, it is the grower who decides when to alter the photo period and induce flowering.This is achieved by simply adjusting the timers on the lights. Outdoors, the grower must wait until the natural daylight. These are feminized seeds. Female plants, contrary to male plants, are the ones that actually produce weed. They start flowering when they receive less light per day, i.e. in the Fall or when you manipulate the light cycle indoors. This is a great plant for beginners, even with it being an extreme yielding, high THC strain. The seeds are very. 45-55 days. Effect. Stoned + High. THC Level. 18%. Growing. Easy. The Northern Lights Feminized strain is unquestionably one of those strains that have left a good mark in the cannabis world. The origin of this strain can be traced from West Coast America, and was originally bred from 11 different types of seeds Light Cycles. Outdoors, a cannabis plant will veg during spring time, when the days are long. This is simulated indoors, with a light cycle of 18/6 ( 18 hours light, 6 hours darkness) Even if you are growing with feminized seeds, you should have a check around the plant to ensure they are female

1. Chemically induced feminized pollen - this is a particular way to do it. Most seed banks do this type of method. It's how the breeders create their seeds—drenching the Marijuana bud sites with substances such as Gibberellic acid and Colloidal Silver at around 3 to 4 weeks once you've shifted to a 12/12 light cycle. 2 Unlike standard feminized Cannabis seeds, Autoflowering seeds are genetically programmed to grow, flower and mature regardless of the number of light hours they receive. Conventional Cannabis plants require a light cycle of twelve hours of darkness and twelve hours of daylight to flower and mature at it's full potential

Green House Seeds came out with this feminized strain in 2011. The original Money Maker was a High Times Cannabis Cup winner in the early 90's, and the feminized version is just as good, only easier to grow. Money Maker Fem is a short plant with a low leaf to calyx ratio, making trimming a breeze Place Your Feminized Seed Order Online Or By Phone TODAY. Weed Seeds USA offers potent and guaranteed feminized seeds for growing in the US. Choose from Candy Kush, White Widow, Bruce Banner, and others. Our feminized seeds will make growing easy to learn and maximize yields for experienced growers. Order your fem seeds today at 1-844-807-1234 Feminized seeds are not the same as autoflowering seeds. Feminized seeds available on the i49.net website are all 'photoperiod' seeds, which means that they will require a change of light schedule to instruct the plant to switch from vegetative stage into the flowering stage Feminized Autoflowering Seeds. Cannabis ruderalis, commonly known as autoflower, is one of the most popular types used by home growers. Autoflower plants do not require a different light cycle in order to flower, meaning you can plant them virtually anywhere and harvest 7-10 weeks later. Combines the characteristics of autoflowering with the. LSD™ Cannabis Seeds. LSD™ is a hardy mould and disease resistant plant that responds well to all growing conditions. It was given its name by the Barney's crew because of its powerful trippy high. This plant is very easy to grow, and can give you a high yield of award winning and powerful buds. LSD™ gives a euphoric, psychedelic and.

Photoperiod CBD are the classic Feminized cannabis seeds (in this category) with a high CBD content. Growing these cannabis strains requires a specific cycle of light and oxen. During a cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 of dark the plant will remain in the vegetative phase. The important thing will be never to give too few periods of light to. To produce feminized seeds, growers essentially breed female-dominant plants together to eliminate the male chromosomes. Female plants produce male flowers under stress, such as when the light cycle is interrupted, and the flowers from those genetically female plants may be used to fertilize other female plants Light cycles do not need to be changed, allowing vegetative and flowering plants to be kept in the same grow space. By eliminating the need for careful lighting control, autoflowering marijuana is perfect for newcomers with minimal experience. Depending on the strain, it's possible to go from seed to final harvest in as little as 55 days

Autoflower seeds are the easiest to work with. They will generally produce a bountiful crop with less care and attention when compared to feminized seeds. With the reduced light cycle requirements, autoflower seeds are a favorable option for those with very limited experience, time, and understanding of cannabis cultivation Seed to harvest: The seed to harvest time is between 10 - 12 weeks. Autoflower: This plant is an autoflower and will automatically switch to flowering stage with age, regardless of light cycle changes. Grow Difficulty: This strain is easy to grow, forgiving and great for beginners, can reach its full potential with basic care This small plant grows under any light cycle and it doesn't need the light cycle change that is necessary for Indica and Sativa(photo sensitive) plants to start flowering. Automatic cannabis seeds look exactly like all the regular strain seeds and they do not differ in size or shape form them Light poisoning refers to the flowering night cycle of a plant being unnaturally interrupted with light. The best way to prevent this is to close yourself inside your darkened room during the daylight, and then after allowing a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark, check for any light leaks from covered windows, door jams, etc Northern Lights auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds offer users deep relaxation that can penetrate and relieve chronic pain and migraines, and alleviate stress, anxiety, and insomnia. In addition to the all-over relaxation created by the strain's 80% indica make-up, users often experience a gentle euphoria leading to a happy calm, thanks.

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  1. ized seeds is they are relatively high maintenance in comparison to autoflowering plants, which we'll cover more next. Fe
  2. ized seeds have two main growing phases: veg and bloom. The veg state means the seeds grow vegetatively between 18 - 24 hours of daily light and will develop roots, branches and leaves. When you reduce the daily light cycles to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, your cannabis plants will enter the flowering phase
  3. The seedling stage begins when the seed coat splits open and exposes the root and cotyledons. It lasts from 1 to 4 weeks, and is the period of greatest vulnerability in the life cycle of the plant, requiring moderate humidity levels, medium to high light intensity, and adequate but not excessive soil moisture
  4. ized to prevent fertilization, making potent buds more likely. Female cannabis plants, contrary to male plants, are the ones that actually produce weed. They follow a strict light cycle and start flowering when they receive less light per day, i.e., in the Fall or when you manipulate the light cycle indoors
  5. ized Cannabis Seeds. The most obvious reason to use fe
  6. g cycle and begin this phase within a timeframe of four to six weeks after ger
  7. ate the need to induce flowering by reduction of day-light hours. It eli
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How to Grow Pineapple Express Feminized. If you've ever grown a Pineapple Express feminized plant before, you'll recognize the light cycle for this one. It's all a little more complex than an autoflower. 18-6 is the best light cycle to start with. That's 18 hours of work followed by 6 hours of rest. Continue to do so in the vegging process Medical Marijuana Rating: 4.7. With it's easy-to-grow nature and fast-maturing characteristics, these Wedding Cake Autoflower seeds can also be successfully cultivated indoors. With no requirement for different lighting regimes, both seedlings and mature plants can be grown in one room under an 18-hour light cycle Feminized seeds effectively remove the need to identify genders because the plants will always be female. Temperature drops, physical harm, issues with the light cycle, and other stressors can cause the plant to produce intersexual characteristics. The plant's response to these conditions is to recognize that chances of survival and. Buddha Magnum Information. The Magnum is a flagship autoflowering marijuana strain, bred and sold by the Buddha Seedbank. Contrary to most auto seeds, it reaches impressive sizes and branch development: A fully grown Magnum can grow to be 5 feet in height and yield up to 5 oz (142 gr.) of yield per plant. Despite its massive size, this strain.

Gorilla Glue feminized weed seeds are easy to grow and suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. It is a tall-sized plant with a height of 70 to 85 inches (180 to 220 cm). Cannabis growers are in love with this strain because of the high yields, dense buds, and short flowering period of 8 - 9 weeks Do your best to stick to the proper light cycle. If you need to go into the garden during the dark time, use a green light. Fluorescent burn the leaves . I have 2 GG#1 plants from feminized seed in large pots in ~3rd week of budding, outdoors, with the plants in a homemade patio darkroom, which I open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m... Genotype: 35% Sativa; 45% Indica; 10% Ruderalis THC: 17-24% Growth Cycle: 9-10 weeks from seeds to harvest Yield: 500 gr/sqm; 100 gr/plant Auto strains typically have a lower THC level, and Gelato Autoflower is not exempted. Still, considering that it could reach 24%, you can say that the light-independent Gelato is among the most potent autos.. From the time the tiny sprouts appear, the young. Germinate Seeds And Get Under Light Source. Before you can plant your seed, you must first germinate the seed. To do this, grab a moist paper towel and a plastic sandwich bag. Drop the seed (or seeds) in the middle of the damp paper towel, fold it over a couple of times and stick it in the sandwich bag Autoflowering Seeds. Seeds that generate female plants, that flower automatically (independently from the number of hours of light received each day) and complete the whole cycle in about 2 months, from seedling to mature bud. We all know that normally the cannabis plant, is a short-day plant, so it flowers when the days gets shorter

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The feminized seeds are created using the female plants which have received a special hormone treatment known as gigerell-acid. An effect of using this hormone is that it is able to force the female plants to produce cannabis flowers of the male species from its pollen containing x-chromosome. Once fertilised using this pollen the female plants. Once the light cycle has shortened to 12 hours or less, the plant will begin to flower. As long as you avoid pollination, flowers will get bigger, denser, and stickier with high resin being developed, all in the pursuit of attracting some male pollen to produce seeds - and such is the cycle of life

While you've been collecting pollen, your female cannabis has remained on a 12-hour on, 12-hour off light cycle. Continue with this light process until you decide that your plants are large enough to flower. At this point, you'll need to decide how many female plants you want to seed and which of your plants that you want to flower Automatic cannabis seeds will flower under any light cycle, you do not have to change it to 12/12. Auto feminised seeds will flower under 18/6 and some will even flower under 24 hours of light per day This means that the hemp plant enters the flowering phase only after a first cycle of 18 hours of light, and a second one of hours 6 of darkness and then again 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, in order for the blooming to take place. Feminized seed plants live longer than those that come from automatic seeds For bigger harvests, choose a feminized strain that yields more. At Herbies, each feminized marijuana strain comes with a yield estimate. Light. This variable directly converts to yield size. The more light your weed plant receives, the bigger yields it will bring. In good growing conditions, 1W = 0.5-1g of bud Interruption of the light cycle and other environmental issues are the primary causes. Hermaphrodite plants are used to create feminized seeds. By crossing your females with a hermaphrodite with male pollen sacs, you increase the chances of the offspring being feminized up to 70%. CAUSES OF HERMAPHRODITIC CANNABIS PLANTS

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12. Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds. Blue Cheese is a powerful indica hybrid cross between UK Cheese and Blueberry. ILGM's Blue Cheese feminized seeds grow into wide bushy plants that stretch nearly 3x in height during its flowering cycle, consisting of 7 weeks Actually feminized seeds are pretty bullet proof. I have never had one male from them. Feminized seeds are given hormones and stimulants. Gibber-something acid is one of them. It is a tiresome process, thus the high price. But it almost always results in all female plants Light Of Jah Seeds Full Description. The product of in-depth breeding and refinement, the light of Jah sales delivers massive yields of dense buds. This strain leads to huge yields. Plant light of Jah cannabis seeds indoors and you can harvest a fantastic 750gr per plant. That's somewhere within the range $8796.34 value harvest per plant Feminized cannabis seeds work by engaging a useful trait many plants possess: the ability to pollinate themselves. In regular instances, male cannabis plants pollinate female plants, which causes plants to go to seed, which is great if you want more cannabis seeds, but disastrous for the product of quality cannabis flowers or buds Feminized seeds are produced by causing the monoecious condition in a female cannabis plant—the resulting seeds are nearly identical to the self-pollinated female parent, as only one set of.

For instance, to force your plants to enter the flowering stage, you need to create a 12/12 light cycle. The change in light duration lets the plants think winter is coming, and it starts flowering accordingly. As the name suggests, autoflowering marijuana strains flower automatically rather than waiting for a specific light cycle Read—Top 15 Best Feminized Seeds; Cannabis Seeds by Genetics. Sativa Seeds: Grow into tall plants with slender, elongated branches, sharp leaves, and large colas. Sativa originates from subtropical/tropical zones, including Africa, Southeast Asia, South & Central America. The plants have a naturally long flowering cycle that's often over 10. Feminized seeds are seeds which have been created by breeding two female plants together. Because there are no male parents, all the resulting seeds end up being bud-bearing female plants. With feminized seeds, you know you can always count on every plant to produce buds, and don't have to worry about removing male plants (which cause lower. Feminized seeds produce only female flowers; hence, no need to worry about the chances of males pollinating the female flowers on the cannabis plants. It can begin flowering when the light cycle changes from 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of total darkness. These conditions occur naturally. Many patients, past and present, have sought out Northern Lights feminized marijuana seeds to treat conditions like pain, insomnia, depression, and stress. Rather on the short side, Northern Lights is a relatively easy growing strain, and indoors gardeners can expect the often purple-hued buds to yield up to 650 grams per plant, after around.

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Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds genetically modified to give rise to only female plants. These seeds have drastically changed the operations of marijuana growers. Feminized seeds have helped growers to increase the ratio of female to male plants, boosting the yield. Developing female marijuana plants is a process that took time, read on to. How are Feminised Cannabis Seeds Produced? There are quite a few techniques that can be employed to produce feminised seeds in a reliable way. A well-known method is to stress out a healthy female plant which is accomplished by interrupting the light cycle during the flowering stage

Northern Lights Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized. This Indica dominant hybrid is well-liked by expert and novice growers for its resilience during growth and its honey-musk aroma combined with its earthy Afghan undertone. Beware that this is not an autoflowering version, but this fast version with a life cycle that can be completed in only. The key is to give the Northern Lights cannabis strain plenty of light during the vegetative growth period — at least 18 hours per day — before flipping them into a 12/12 light cycle to trigger flowering. Blue Dream Feminized Seeds 21% THC - Dense Bud Structure 9 Weeks Flowering Time Autoflower seed is the perfect variety to start with. Unlike regular seeds, autoflower seeds don't need a lot of attention. It will begin to create buds after a few weeks and it doesn't need different light cycles, provided that they are given a sufficient amount of light

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While (regular) photoperiod seeds need a change in their light cycle to a schedule of 12/12 (12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness) to start the flowering process Autoflowering seeds automatically start flowering after a set period of time (usually around 3 months), and here comes the important part: Without any change in their light cycle 18 - 6 Light Schedule. Some growers don't believe in a constant autoflower light schedule. So there's 18 - 6, which represents 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. The philosophy behind this perspective is that plants are exposed to light for a good yield while they take a rest in darkness to maintain healthy growth

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Autoflowering Cannabis is a variety of Cannabis that has evolved in order to survive harsh conditions and is now being developed with a specific feature in mind. While regular Cannabis is highly dependent on the period where light is necessary for the flower to properly develop (called the photoperiod). Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds does not need the photoperiod at all in order to flower Northern Lights #5 Seeds. SKU: KNG-NTH. 23 reviews. $ 49.99 - $ 239.99. Northern Lights is a stunning strain to see. The nuggets are dark green with purple hues and orange hairs. Northern Lights strain has a minimal amount of leaf on the buds. Long sections between the calyxes and stems make this a quick and effortless strain to trim What Are Autoflowers? Simply put, autoflowering cannabis initiates its flowering phase based on age, rather than a change in the light cycle. The secret weapon responsible for this trait is called ruderalis—a cannabis subspecies native to regions of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Used to growing in harsh conditions where sunlight is scarce, this weed-like cannabis evolved to flower. Regular seeds flower in response to a change in the life cycle, i.e. when your plants are developed enough to flower, you would switch the light cycle from 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness (18-6) to 12 hours of light and twelve hours of darkness (12-12) If you plan to start seeds after the beginning of June, lighting is not necessary as days are longer. As long as plants are moved into their field environment prior to reaching sexual maturity (1-2 months old) they should have no problems adapting to altered light cycle when going from inside to out

C annabis, like many plants, matures as the seasons change. When light cycles shorten and light waves lengthen, cannabis plants are prompted to produce flowers or seeds in preparation for the next generation of plants. This happens naturally outdoors as the summer months come to an end and the days get shorter; when the earth begins to turn away from the sun, different light waves penetrate. Therefore, you'll want to purchase feminized seeds and germinate them. Online seed banks are an excellent resource to find feminized seeds. Seedling Stage. Duration: 2 to 3 weeks. The marijuana plant is a baby at this point in the life cycle. No longer merely seeds, your plants are now officially seedlings PART 1: LIGHT SCHEDULES FOR AUTOFLOWERING CANNABIS. Unlike photoperiod plants, which rely on a change in light cycle to start flowering, autoflowers bloom based on age. However, just like photoperiod cannabis, autoflowers still use light to photosynthesise and produce buds. Ever since the first stable autoflowering variety (Lowryder) arrived on. Feminized seeds usually require 12-20 weeks from seed to harvest and only begin flowering when they receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness a day, as opposed to autoflowers which flower based on age (usually 2-4 weeks after planting)

Most home cannabis growers looking to buy feminised seeds turn to Dutch Passion. As the first seed bank to create feminised cannabis seeds back in the early 1990's, we take pride in supplying the best quality feminised seeds to the home recreational and medical growers. Female seeds (or feminized seeds) grow into female cannabis plants, saving you the hassle of unwanted male plants Growers love using autoflowering cannabis seeds due to the simple, rapid turnaround to harvest. Those growing standard strains will know about the uncertainty with regards to the optimum light cycle when growing, and without autoflowering traits this needs to be sustained for a longer period of time What Are Auto-Flowering Seeds? All cannabis seeds will produce flowers. Regular cannabis seeds will produce buds as a response to a light cycle, which should mimic the changing lights in seasons. When these regular plants are ready to flower, the light cycle should change from 24 hours of light to include between 6-12 hours of darkness When planted indoors the seeds can yield up to approximately 800g per square meter with the plants growing up to a maximum height of about 15cm. These properties make them best grown even in the thinnest spaces like on shelves. Important to note also, is that when grown under the right cycles of right they are easy to predict and uniformly light While feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce female plants, there is a separate term known as photoperiod that is often lumped into the feminized description as well. See, photoperiod simply denotes cannabis plants that bloom according to the light cycle, rather than age. This is as opposed to autoflowering varieties

Autoflowering marijuana can go from seed to harvest in 50-75 days. Autoflowering marijuana goes from start to finish with an 18-hour light cycle. No 12-hour triggering needed. Autoflowering marijuana needs less vertical and horizontal space than regular marijuana. Auto-flowering marijuana strains include AK-47, Blueberry, Mazar, Haze and other. Grow method: Photoperiod feminised seeds can be given varying lengths of vegetative growth periods which will affect final yield. 4-6 weeks of vegetative growth (often with 18-24 hours of daily indoor light) is typical for most feminised seed growers. But some Scrog growers like to use longer periods of veg growth to increase final plant yield

Beginners can benefit from autoflower seeds as they don't need to take care of the light cycle and seasons. They don't need any experience to grow marijuana plants. All plants grow automatically that get flowers between 7 to 11 weeks only The photoperiod is the changing of light cycle from dark to bright. A lot of autoflowering marijuana plants are ready for harvest within 10 weeks from seed which is shorter than the regular marijuana strains. Yes, you can buy autoflowering pot seeds with high thc and cbd levels from our online legal seedbank Big Serious Seeds cultivation showdown: AK-47 regular vs feminised! Text & Photos: Green Born Identity - G.B.I. There are a couple of classic strains in the world of extra potent marijuana that have been around for a very long time, permanently fascinating both growers and smokers with their superb qualities, and having reached a legendary status Germinate Properly. An easy and proven method for germinating White Widow seeds is the paper towel method. Take about 5 seeds and put them on a paper towel and cover them. Then take a spray bottle and moisten the paper towel, but make sure not to make it soaking wet. Put the wet paper towel in a plastic bag such as a Ziploc and close it COOKIES KUSH™ has quickly become a phenomenon within the cannabis community. This amazing strain was created through crossing our Girl Scout Cookies phenotype with a powerful OG Kush. This project gave incredible results from the beginning, merging the powerful mint chocolate flavour with the amazing smell and taste of Girl Scout Cookies

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Latest in auto flowering feminized technology Legendary Super Silver Haze x Kush Larger yielding auto Much improved taste flavour and strength from standard autos More Info 5 seeds ($45.85) 10 seeds ($91.70) 15 seeds ($137.55) 20 seeds ($183.40) 25 seeds ($229.25) 30 seeds ($275.10) 35 seeds ($320.95) 40 seeds ($366.80) 45 seeds ($412.65) 50. Some of the popular strains of outdoor seeds are likely to include Hollands Hope, Blue Berries, Northern Light Shiva, and Afghan Outdoor. A quality aspect of the outdoor plant species is that they are more resilient to disease and mould due to the stronger properties 2. Auto Sweet Soma Feminized Seeds. This seed has a bit higher quality in terms of THC content and height compared to the others on this list, as it contains high THC content of 15-25% and can grow to a staggering 75-155 cm per seed. This seed will allow you to get decent yields with sweet buds each time due to it being a feminized seed

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