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Big, lush beauty that gives a tropical feel to any landscape - when it comes to an instant exotic vibe, the Cold Hardy Banana Tree fits the bill. But what makes the Cold Hardy Banana, also known as the Basjoo, even better? For starters, it can: Withstand winter temperatures down to -10 degree when properly mulched A cold hardy banana tree, also known as a Musa Basjoo banana tree, can grow in freezing temperatures all across the United States and gives off a tropical vibe, despite not producing any fruit. Keep reading to learn how to grow a cold hardy banana tree and where to buy one. Cold Hardy Banana Tree Overvie Musa sikkimensis 10 Seeds Red Tiger Banana Tree Vigorous Grower Cold Hardy Purple Green Leaves Zone7+ Perfect for containers + Deck Gardens. 3.9 out of 5 stars. 6. $12.99. $12. . 99. $15.99. $15.99 The growth rate of a banana tree is phenomenal when plenty of moisture and nutrition are provided. Cold, wet soil in winter, however, can spell death for a banana plant in colder zones. We hope you want to buy banana plants to bring a little tropicality into your perennial garden The hardiest of all bananas, this tropical can be grown in almost anywhere in the USA and does not require lifting in the winter! The bright green leaves of this 12-18' ornamental tree add a tropical look to your landscaping or bring inside for a showy..

Banana - Cold Hardy . $38.99. Musa Basjoo Banana Tree Pair $38.99. Availability: Only 5 left . $34.99. Musa Ice Cream Banana Tree $34.99. Availability: Only 3 left . Musa Ornata Milky Way Banana Tree 2 Gallon $24.99. Availability: Out of Stock . $29.99. Thai Black Banana Tree 2 Gallon $29.99. Availability: Out of Stock . $19.99. Musa Kalela. Hardy Basjoo Banana Plant - Musa basjoo. Amazing hardy tropical banana for the north or south, though native to the Ryukyu Archipelago which lies between Japan and Taiwan, Musa basjoo is also very common in parts of China. This specimen will survive temperatures as low as -20 if mulched The Musa Basjoo Banana Tree is the world's most cold hardy banana tree, and can be grown in all 50 states! It is hardy planted in ground to -3°F and with protective mulching it can survive temperatures reaching down to -20°F

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Even the hardy, cold-tolerant banana tree species prefer consistent temperatures ranging between 75 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold temperatures and dry conditions can cause the plants to quickly die back. To raise humidity, mist the leaves daily It's time to put the Hardy Banana (Musa basjoo) to bed for the winter. The following step-by-step directions are one way to ensure that your hardy banana stand comes through a cold winter like we have in New England. The trick is to give an insulating mound of mulch that is high enough and wide enough to keep the ground from freezing

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  1. Some varieties of cold-hardy banana trees include: Musa basjoo, which is the largest variety and the most cold-hardy Musella lasiocarpa or dwarf banana, a relative of the banana tree with gigantic, yellow, artichoke-shaped fruit Musa velutina or pink banana, which is an early bloomer so more apt to bear fruit (albeit too seedy to eat
  2. Saba 25 Foot Giant Banana Tree. Add to Wishlist. Scarlet Torch Banana Tree (musa coccinea) -57%. Add to Wishlist. THIS WEEK, 2 Pink Teddy Bear Bananas Musa Velutina, Just $22. Aromatic Plumeria. Learn more. Plumeria are our most popular patio plant, always fresh and available in a multitude of colors and sizes
  3. The banana tree can go through cold winters and withstand winter temperatures down to -20°F with proper mulching techniques. What many of us mistake as a trunk of a banana tree is actually a false stem . All parts of the tree are herbaceous and the trunk is a roll up of green banana leaves waiting to emerge
  4. A fast-growing, cold-tolerant variety, our Ice Cream Banana Tree is known for its hardy qualities and delicious taste...especially since it produces fruit that actually tastes like ice cream. Thrives indoors or out. Fruits as soon as the first few seasons. Tropical growth that's cold hardy down to 20 degrees. Call 866-982-0431 for Availability.
  5. Grows Well Despite Cold Weather. Why Cold Hardy Banana Trees? Big, lush beauty that gives a tropical feel to any landscape - when it comes to an instant exotic vibe, the Cold Hardy Banana Tree fits the bill. But what makes the Cold Hardy Banana, also known as the Basjoo, even better? For starters, it can
  6. Our South African Banana trees are extremely Cold Hardy. They have been growing right here in our back yard in Marietta Georgia, Zone 7B and have survived well over 20 winters without any loss from freezing. OUR COLD HARDY BANANA TREES ARE NOT GROWN IN A GREENHOUS

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Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee Tropical Banana Grows in the North! The hardiest of all bananas, this tropical can be grown in almost anywhere in the USA and does not require lifting in the winter! The bright green leaves of this 12-18' ornamental tree add a tropical look to your landscaping or bring inside for a showy, 8-12' container plant. Give plenty of water and. The Basjoo Banana Plant grows 12-18 feet tall, has long slender leaves and strong fibers in the trunk. The Basjoo Banana Plant is the world's most cold hardy banana tree

The most cold hardy banana is called the Japanese Fiber banana (Musa basjoo) and is said to be able to tolerate temperatures down to 18 degree F. (-8 C.), a perfect banana tree for zone 8. Information on Banana Trees for Zone 8. As mentioned, the most cold hardy banana tree is Musa basjoo, the largest of the bananas which may attain heights of. We carry Musa Basjoo Banana plants. These bananas are commonly referred to as Cold Hardy Bananas. I have had these in my garden for the past eighteen years and they have produced fruit. They grow to heights of 12 to 15 feet. We also carry Red Abyssinian Bananas. These grow to a height of about 12 to 15 feet. These make great patio plants. C Cold Hardy Banana Tree. Sold Out. 141. Growing Zones: 5-11 Sold Out. Dwarf Red Banana Tree. Sold Out. Growing Zones: 8-11 outdoors Hassle-Free Benefits Meet Tropical Flavor. Whether you plant them outdoors or in a container to move inside and out, Banana Trees are some of the most versatile fruit trees on the market. For starters, their sweet.

Now let's move on to the cold hard banana tree. Musa Basjoo - The Hardy Banana. Yes, you've read that correctly! This is a hardy banana plant that is supposed to be hardy in all 50 U.S. states! One year, I planted two Musa basjoo plants in my garden. Both were planted in mid-April. Here is one of them The Texas Star Banana trees and the Golden Rhinohorn banana tree are considered the most cold hardy banana to grow in more Northern states. The Texas Star banana tree has survived minus sixteen degrees cold in Wichita Falls, T.X in 1988 The banana tree more resistant to cold , which in theory can hold up to around -20ºC . Its natural distribution area is southern China, mainly the Sichuan province, although it is more common to see it in Japan, where it is cultivated for the extraction of fiber (which gives it its common name, Japanese fiber banana) Sikkimensis, Velutina and some others are very cold-hardy species. However it has not been very clear which edible bananas are cold-hariest. Through the experiences and experiments in this extra-ordinary cold winter in CA and some parts of US, it is gradually revealed which ones were cold-hardy. From my understanding of the posts to the forum.

Best Cold Hardy Tropical Plants for Cooler Climates Hardy Banana. You can't get much more tropical than a banana tree. And luckily for most gardeners, there are a few varieties of this cold hardy tropical plant that can survive as far north as New England (USDA Zone 5). Sadly, these banana plants won't produce edible bananas To ensure your hardy banana rhizomes survive freezing temperatures in USDA zones 8 and below, cut the banana tree back to 2 to 3 feet above the ground, wrap the stems with burlap or bubble wrap.

Foliage colour: Green. Key features: Dramatic foliage. Prefers rich soil. While commonly known as the Japanese or hardy banana, Musa basjoo is now thought to originate from the Sichuan province of China. Musa basjoo grows to the size of a small tree, so gardeners are often shocked when the foliage dies back when the first frosts arrive The banana featured in 'protecting your cold hardy banana' was a seed raised musa sikkimensis. Musa basjoo will also survive with similar treatment. If you feel that all this seems like too much bother, it is possible to leave your bananas unwrapped for the winter. To see what happens if you leave your banana plants unwrapped, have a look here

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Today, we're talking growing banana trees in Southern Indiana. That's zone 6b on the USDA plant hardiness scale. and it basically means it gets darn cold in the winter where I am. So how are we growing banana trees here? Well, I've been growing banana trees for the last 10 years. It started when a friend gave me a sucker or two Banana Trees grow in warmer regions, usually in zones 9 to 11 or warmer. Some fruiting Banana Trees, such as Ice Cream Banana, will grow into zone 8, and the Cold Hardy Banana will grow in zone 7 and even as far north as zone 5 if it is thickly mulched in winter The banana tree plant is one of the largest fruit crops in the world and has been a part of the human diet since pre-recorded history. Banana trees thrive in every humid tropical region of the world but will also adapt to the temperate climates of North America. Some banana plant varieties will even survive temperatures in the single digits The 'Basjoo' is the world's cold hardiest banana plant. It is hardy planted in the ground to -3°F and with protective mulching, it can survive temperatures reaching down to -20°F. Its inflorescence is one of the most beautiful of all bananas. Strong fibers in the trunk of the 'Basjoo' have been used to make fabrics

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  1. CHINESE YELLOW (Musa lasiocarpa)—Small (4'-5'), exotic yellow flowered Chinese banana, ornamental and cold hardy. MUSA BASJOO (Hardy Fiber Banana)—Medium (8' to 12'), cold hardy ornamental banana. M. basjoo is the most cold hardy banana available. It is said to tolerate temperatures below -10°F
  2. Popular symbols of the tropics, lush banana trees are not trees at all, but gigantic herbaceous perennials that grow from corms (or pseudobulbs). Thick, fleshy stalks (pseudostems) emerge from the large corms and can increase in height anywhere from 1 to 30 feet in a year, depending on the selection and location
  3. Carolina King Banana Tree. Cavendish Dwarf Banana Tree. Chemlali Olive Tree. Buy Fruit Trees. Paw Paw trees and Guava trees are native fruits to the U.S. Medlar trees are the most cold hardy tolerant fruit trees in the United States and can be successfully growing in every State. Fruit Tree - Jujube, Mulberry, and Quince
  4. This video is about Hardy Banana Spring Preparation and what needs to be done to prepare the hardy banana (Must basjoo) for spring.Here is a link to the wint..

Cold Hardy Banana Tree, 1-2 ft Indoor/Outdoor Fruit Tree- Grows Well Despite Cold Weather April 2021 Fast Growing Trees- Your place to order trees online from our tree center.Big, lush beauty that gives a tropical feel to any landscape - when it comes to an instant exotic vibe, the Cold Hardy Banana Tree fits the bill Ensete Maurelii - Red Abyssinian Banana - Cold Hardy Tropical Banana Plant $ 18.97 Add to cart; Sale! Dwarf Green Banana - Cavendish Type - Live Plant - Musa Dwarf Green $ 16.97 $ 12.97 Read more; Manzano Apple Banana Plant Live Plant $ 17.97 Read more; Matoke East African Highland Banana - Matooke Banana $ 19.97 Read mor

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  1. This little banana tree is extremely hardy and very prolific. Positive: On Aug 2, 2014, nzivanovic from Smederevo, Serbia (Zone 8a) wrote: Generally speaking, as far as the family banana Musa basjoo is one of the fastest banana for me. I got in late last year, it has risen by almost a meter so far and let the two lugs
  2. The large, tender-skinned, green fruit has a 30 percent oil content, giving the firm flesh a rich and creamy texture. Cold tolerant to 22°F, this tree can grow to over 40 feet tall in the right conditions. Care Tips for Cold Hardy Varieties. It's important to remember that the cold tolerance of each of these varieties refers to the mature tree
  3. cold hardiest banana tree. It is hardy planted in ground to -3°F and with protective mulching it can survive temperatures reaching down to -20°F. Its inflorescence is one of the most beautiful of all bananas. Strong fibers in the trunk of the 'Basjoo' have been used to make fabrics. It is a great landscape plant, it lends a tropical appearance t
  4. Apple trees suffer from three groups of diseases - fungal diseases, viral diseases and bacterial diseases. Apple Tree Fungal Diseases Fungal diseases require a food source to survive - in this case, your apple tree. The fungal spores spread by wind and rain during wet cool weather between 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit in the spring and early.
  5. Cold Hardy Tropical Plants, Marthas Secrets is a family owned and operated online plant nursery dedicated to growing quality cold hardy tropical plants. Musa Basjoo Banana Tree Pair $38.99 . $54.99. Meyer Lemon Citrus Tree $54.99 . $34.99. Musa Ice Cream Banana Tree $34.99 . $47.99 . Musa Basjoo Banana Tree 2 Gallon SALE: $47.99 Reg: 49.99.
  6. How to Propagate a Hardy Banana Tree. Hardy bananas (Musa basjoo), perennials potentially grown as far north as U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 4, are prized for a rapid growth.
  7. d that many of these are ornamental bananas, and aren.

Jun 22, 2015 - Learn more about the new, cold hardy banana tree that can grow as far as Minnesota - our Cold Hardy Banana Trees, or Basjoos, are a must. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Musa Balbisiana Atia Black, 10 Seeds Cold Hardy Thai Banana Fruit Tree . $4.30. Buy It Now +$4.50 shipping. 135 sold. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. Musa sikkimensis HARDY BANANA Exotic Seeds! $4.99. Buy It Now +$2.99 shipping. 44 sold. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. Musa Itinerans 10 Seeds, Burmese Blue Yunnan Banana India Tree Cold Hardy. $3.99. Buy It. Cold-hardy, Musa velutina (Pink Banana) is a dwarf, suckering evergreen perennial boasting paddle-shaped, dark green leaves, 3 ft. long (90 cm). Arching spikes of cream to yellow flowers adorned with showy pink-red bracts appear in summer. They are followed by bright, velvety, pink bananas that contain numerous black seeds and creamy white flesh Classed as one of the finger banana, it has large hands of banana, but small 4-5 inch fruits. The golden yellow, bananas are fully ripened when the skin becomes lightly speckled with black and yields to gentle pressure. The plants are very cold hardy and do well in areas with short summers. Trees grow to 12-14ft tall

The banana that grows out of the flowers is the same size as a regular cavendish banana with a length of six to 10 inches. The skin starts out green and turns yellow when the banana is ripe, and the inner flesh is white. Burst Shopify Growing Conditions for a Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree. Before buying a Dwarf Cavendish banana tree, consider the. Southern Living Plant Collection 4 Gal. Poquito Banana, Live Perennial/Annual Shrub, Ornamental Red and Green Leaves Model# 4175FLR13N Southern Living Plant Collection 2.5 Qt Banana plants are actually not trees at all, but large shrub-like herbs with succulent, very juicy stems. Some banana species produce edible fruit, while others are ornamental. The edible banana plants require tropical or near-tropical climates, which means that they grow best in U.S.D.A. plant hardiness zones 10 and above. These plants need 10. Outstanding tree: no. Ozone sensitivity: unknown. Verticillium wilt susceptibility: resistant. Pest resistance: resistant to pests/diseases. Use and Management. Growing best on fertile, moist soil, bananas will thrive in full sun or partial shade and should be protected from both wind and cold. Plants respond well to regular fertilization

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Ensete maurelii Red Abyssinian Banana Tree in 4 inch pot *COLD SENSITIVE* DaylilyNursery $ 20.95. Add to Favorites Musa- 'BLUE JAVA Banana Plant- MYPlantsGifts $ 35.00 FREE shipping Eligible orders get 25% off Spend $35.00 to get 25% off your. Looking For Great Deals On Top Products? From Everything To The Very Thing. All On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Top Brands On eBay Banana Plants - Musa Basjoo : View Cart : Banana plants are right at home in a tropical plant setting. Leaves are large and wide (up to 5 feet long) and banana plants are quite tolerant of cold weather. Plants remain green until first frost. Plant in full sun in a light soil mix containing bark, perlite and peat moss..

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Basjoo Banana, Masu 'Basjoo', also knows as the Japanese Banana, is a cold hardy, herbaceous plant. In fact, the Masu Basjoo Banana tree is said to be able to grow in all 50 states! Plant a few next to your pool or patio for that rare tropical appeal that enhances an area like no other plant Full Sun, Partial Sun. Grows to. 8-12'. Plant Type. Easy Grower, Hardy Garden Plant. Yes, you can winter over bananas in your northern garden (Zone 4 and higher) and get a defining tropical look when spring bursts through. Our outside banana stand of Musa basjoo is almost 12' in height. After the first hard frost, we prune the bananas back to. If you live in a zone 7 (0 to 10 degrees F) to zone 5 (-20 to -10 degrees F) and choose to leave your cold tolerant banana plants in the ground over winter, it is important to cover the rhizome (underground roots) with at least 1 foot of mulch Banana Tree, Hardy Banana, Musa basjoo - How to Grow from Seed and Care Inhabitants of cooler regions of Europe can still get a taste of a tropical and exotic ambiance in their summer gardens or living rooms with the banana plant

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Was Thanked 12,519 Times in 4,716 Posts. Said Welcome to Bananas 1,685 Times. Re: Charts cold resistence edible bananas. You are in zone 8b. The ornamental banana Basjoo is suitable for that climate. To grow edible fruiting bananas outdoor year-round, you need at a minimum to be at the borderline of zones 9b/10a RAJI PURI. Somewhat of a dwarf at 6-7' tall, Raji Puri is one of the more cold tolerant bananas for zones 8b & 9. It has the sweetness of a typical dessert banana, and ripens in about 5-6 months from spring, making it one of the faster bananas to fruit in the area. RAJI PURI PINEAPPLE As winter approaches, your banana tree will need some extra care and protection. The ideal temperature for growing banana plant is 79 to 82 degree Fahrenheit, while the growth of the plant comes to a halt at about 50 degree Fahrenheit. The plant parts above the ground can die at a temperature below 28 degree Fahrenheit Orinoco banana is hardy, that survives well in cold climates and winds. They require support when bearing huge heads of fruit. The texture becomes silky and soft when they mature, with a firm and fibrous peel. However, these bananas are comparatively starchy but have a delicious sweet taste and smooth texture. 11. Feh The Hardy Japanese Banana, or Musa sp. basjoo, is a hardy banana tree that grows up to twelve feet tall and produces leaves several feet long.Although they freeze back to the ground each fall, with proper care they will resprout in the spring. Hardy bananas grow fast enough to match their previous year's size by early to mid summer, and it usually only takes about two years for a young plant.

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The Musa ' Mekong Giant' (Musa xishuangbannaensis). is a large, cold hardy banana from Yunnan China. Hardy in USDA zone 6. Many people love this plant because it grows so fast, and in areas where it will die down to the ground each Winter they need speedy growth Given their native climate, it is unsurprising that banana plants are cold intolerant. They need mild temperatures in order to grow; their leaves will stop growing at around 55°F. They will suffer leaf damage at 32°F, and their underground rhizomes will die at sustained temperatures of 22°F or lower M usa Ingens, the world's largest banana tree growing in the forest of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. It is the tallest species of bananas and the world's largest herbaceous plant. The size of the Musa Ingens banana is impressive. It can grow to 15 m high; the circumference of the base of the stem (pseudostem) is up to 2m

Ensete 'Maurelii' (Red Abyssinian Banana) - Ensete is native to Ethiopia and is a popular choice for creating tropical effects in ornamental plantings. The wine-red coloring of the top of the large, 10 to 12 foot long leaves and leaf stems combined with the tall pseudo-trunk make this large tropical unique Musa basjoo: Japanese Fiber Banana Musa basjoo is a key element in the hardy tropical garden with its lush green leaves and palm-like structure. Cool yellow flowers appear in summer and small seedy fruits may develop if conditions are right Banana Plant Health And Maintenance Topics: 5: 11-29-2009 01:10 AM: Help! My Basjoo is turning YELLOW! hilashes: Cold Hardy Bananas: 6: 06-10-2009 01:27 PM: new shoots turning brown on ends: mary robin: Member Introductions: 4: 03-13-2009 03:36 PM: Banana Leafs Turning Brown drying out ? Westwood: Main Banana Discussion: 0: 02-20-2007 01:15 A

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EN-se-te ven-tri-COH-sum. Average Size at Maturity. Quickly reaches 12 to 15 ft. tall, 8 to 10 ft. wide. Bloom Time. Prized for foliage; blooms will appear on mature plants. Design Ideas. This potent bronze-colored, fat-trunk Banana is very bold in the garden and used only as a single accent. Overdo it and you lose its dramatic form and impact Cold Hardy Banana (Musa Basjoo) Musa Basjoo is a species of banana commonly grown through the world for it's exceptional cold hardiness and lush foliage. When established Basjoo regularly survives zone 7+ winters (10° F) without protection. Basjoo will survive down to zone 5 or 4 (-20°F+) with proper winter protection techniques described. Although, banana trees are a tropical plant, many people have said their tree managed to withstand cold weather. A banana tree damaged by frost will have leaves that first look withered before they eventually turn brown. One common way to avoid damage from frost is to actually dig up and move the plant Dwarf Orinoco is hardy and withstands cold temperatures and wind, however it must be supported when carrying large heads of fruit. This banana is cold hardy to zone 7. Additionally we recommend using only *Bio Spectrum organic fertilizer, located in our store. Ships to the continental United States only. Dwarf Orinoco Banana care and instructions

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XL Massive Thai Variegated Banana Tree (musa balbisiana) $ 894.99. Most Popular - This is a large, very rare specimen plant for sale, from the collection. Musa Thai Variegated Banana Tree, Incredibly cold hardy, variegated, tall, fast growing, and delicious. It is not uncommon for Thai to reach full size at 18 - 20 feet in a moderately. Dwarf bananas are big eaters. You'll need to fertilize your dwarf banana tree on a monthly schedule for best growth. Using a high-phosphorous fertilizer like an 8-10-8 is ideal. If you can't find that, a balanced 10-10-10 will work. For young plants, use 65-75% strength fertilizer, as they don't need quite as much The Darjeeling Banana is very hardy to cold (i.e. in the sense of Musa basjoo) coming, as it does, from mountain forests up to 2000m (6000ft) in the Himalayas of NE-India. First trials outdoors in the US, Britain, Germany and Switzerland have shown an excellent resistance to cold and frost

If you are not blessed with a warm place to live, a guy named Joe Real put together a list of cold-hardy banana varieties after spending $2000 on 85 culivars of bananas and then leaving them outside for the winter. His list represents the twenty four plants that survived the cold after his wife evicted him (and his bananas apparently) from the. When growing a frost-hardy banana in a cold part of the growing region, cut back the whole plant 24 inches from the base. Use a tree saw to cut through the fleshy stalks. Spread a 4- to 6-inch-deep layer around the base of the stalk. In spring, pull back the mulch to expose the new shoots Williams Hybrid Banana Tree Banana Plant 'Williams Hybrid' is one of the main bananas of commerce. This banana plant grows to 6 to 8 feet. They produce very large heads of fruit that are sweet and delicious. They are wind resistant and cold hardy. Healthy approx. 12 high plant with siol shipped. 1000 Fingers Banana tree banana plant Thi Since they're supposed to be cold hardy to zone 8a, I didn't protect them. I'm trying 2 more this year and plan to mulch them. If they don't survive in ground with protection, they are not reliably cold hardy in zone 8a and their cold hardiness zone should be changed to 8b or 9a

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Located in McKinney, Texas, North Texas Palms & Pottery is a retail and wholesale nursery established in 2006 by Leo and Caroline Yruegas. The family owned and operated business started at trade shows and has grown to a 1.5 acre nursery. North Texas Palms & Pottery specializes in cold hardy palm trees that grow well in the North Texas area as. Banana plants grown in the North have proven to be much hardier than warm climate grown bananas.Hardy Basjoo Banana Plant - Musa basjoo. Amazing hardy tropical banana for the north or south, though native to the Ryukyu Archipelago which lies between Japan and Taiwan, Musa basjoo is also very common in parts of China The most common banana tree is the Muso basjoo, a type of hardy banana tree that is supposed to be hardy to zone 5. Some sources list its hardiness to zone 4, but most gardening experts believe that's really pushing it Musa basjoo, known variously as Japanese banana, Japanese fibre banana or hardy banana, is a species of flowering plant belonging to the banana family Musaceae.It was previously thought to have originated in the Ryukyu islands of southern Japan, from where it was first described in cultivation, but is now known to have originated in subtropical southern China, where it is also widely. Dwarf Cavendish Banana plants grow the same fruit on a smaller tree. Can Dwarf Cavendish Banana Plants take cold temperatures? Dwarf Cavendish Bananas are somewhat cold-hardy plants and can live through short periods of low temperatures down to 20ºF Tropical and Cold Hardy Banana Plants Banana plants are one of the most versatile plants to use in the landscape or in containers. The banana plant can be fruiting or ornamental in nature, and both will produce an inflorescence (flower), but only the fruiting varieties produce edible bananas