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Try one of these recipes: Vegetable Singapore Noodles. Vegan Japanese Curry. Curried Vegetarian Black-Eyed Peas Recipe. Cuban Black Beans and Rice. Vegan Potstickers. Spicy Vegan Potato Curry (Dum Aloo) Vegan Wonton Soup. Vegan Jambalaya Citronella is a medicinal plant that provides many health benefits, as it has analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial, fungicidal, sedative and tonic properties. It is also used in aromatherapy as a relief for anxiety. Citronella oil is derived from the leaves and stems of nard or lemon grass and it is widely used as a non-toxic, natural insect repellent, used in lotions, candles or lamps to keep. 1/4 oz. nard grass leaves and stems. 1 cup olive oil. Slow cooker such as Crock-Pot. Cheesecloth. Add your pure citronella oil to candles and lotions to keep mosquitoes away. Citronella is an oil derived from the leaves and stems of varieties of the nard grass or lemon grass family. Its primary use is as a safe, nontoxic insect repellent History: Citronella was originally known as Andropogon Nardus. Properties and Indications: Highly antiseptic. Deodorant. Excellent insect repellant. Helpful for headaches and migraines. Stimulating for the whole body and mind. Balancing for the nervous system. Can be effective for rheumatic pains and Aching muscles

The Real Citronella plant commonly called the Mosquito plant, is actually a Citronella Grass plant. Citronella is also referred to as Lemongrass. It looks like this image to the left: It's a beautiful, ornamental grass that is also highly used in Asian Medicinal and Food recipes. This is an extremely fragrant plant and is also the. Boil 1 cup of water. Add 3 to 4 tablespoons of fresh or dried citronella

Citronella is quite forgiving and will do well whether you have a little space or a lot. Because it can be grown in containers or in the ground, the grower has options even if space is an issue. 4. Citronella makes a great companion plant. If you like to grow tomatoes, citronella makes a great companion plant Citronella extracts are the first effective active ingredients utilized in mosquito repellents. Citronella is an Asian grass that people use for natural remedies. Since it has fragrant material properties, many believe that its chemical composition is responsible for its effectiveness as a repellent 2 cups witch hazel, 11/2 tsp. lemongrass or citronella oil, and 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar. 1 cup isopropyl alcohol, 1 cup water, 1/2 tsp. catnip oil. 1 cup alcohol or witch hazel and 10-20 drops of essential oils such as lemongrass, peppermint, or lemon eucalyptus

Citronella oil for candle making (use 1 oz per lb of wax) Optional - other scents to add in with the citronella; Hot glue gun; Step by Step Directions for Making Citronella Candles at Home. 1. Add the wicks to the center of your can or container. The best way I have found to use this is with a hot glue gun. Make sure to press the wick down. Harvest Select When you see a Bonnie Harvest Select plant, you should know that it has success grown right into it-helping you get a head-turning harvest and mouth-dazzling taste. And it's blessed with the best upbringing a young plant can have: Miracle-Gro Head Start. View Harvest Select varieties; Foodie Fresh When inspiration grows all around you, you can't help but create masterpieces

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  1. utes as a citronella oil based lotion will not last much longer. Also, be
  2. Translation: Unless you want to plant a citronella field in your backyard, its repellent properties simply aren't strong enough to completely keep mosquitoes out of your yard. (Bummer, we know.
  3. Citronella Oil Recipes. Taken from my Essential Oils Guide, here are several methods for safely using citronella oil at home:. Aromatically: You can diffuse the oil in your home or backyard just like a candle using a diffuser.To make a natural room freshener, put a few drops of oil along with water into a spritzer bottle

Essential oils for mosquito repellent Citronella. It should be no surprise that citronella essential oil is #1 on the list. With a proven track record of warding off pesky mosquitoes and other annoying bugs, it is one of the most reliable oils, which is why it shows up in most homemade mosquito repellent recipes If you plan to do any outdoor picnics, fun days playing in the yard, or camping this summer, our DIY Citronella Candles with Essential Oils are going to become a life saver!. This easy to follow tutorial makes them a great choice for a fun afternoon project that is also useful Citronella Plant at a Glance. The citronella plant (Pelargonium Citronella) has leaves that look very much like parsley. In the summer months, this evergreen perennial grows lavender flowers which spread that citrus fragrance that gave it its name. The flowers look like geraniums and their scent grows strong in the summer evenings

4. Plant your citronella in a deep pot if you're growing it in a container. Citronella will grow up to 4 feet (1.2 m) in a pot, so it's important to grab a pot that's at least 12 inches (30 cm) deep and 8-10 inches (20-25 cm) in diameter. Choose a pot that has plenty of drainage holes at the bottom Citronella is a plant that has many therapeutic properties but that, above all, has become popular due to its use as a mosquito repellent, as it can repel them efficiently. It is ideal to make sure these annoying insects don't come close to us and avoid mosquito bites. Citronella is contained in many candles, torches, liquid repellents or moisturizers; but one of the most effective solutions.

Use this Natural Plant Spray with essential oils to safely ward off unwanted pests, and nurture your indoor and outdoor plants. Certain plants can be used to control and repel insects. Planting a diverse garden helps balance the pests Quick Guide to Growing Citronella. Plant citronella in spring once all chances of frost have passed and the soil is warm. A good rule of thumb is to plant the same time you plant tomatoes. Space citronella 18 to 24 inches apart in an area that receives partial shade and has fertile, well-drained soil As mentioned earlier, citronella oil contains the following three main ingredients: Citronellol, citronellal, and geraniol. Unlike the more popular mosquito plant citrosa, both species of citronella grass contain all three components in the following amounts (4): Cymbopogon nardus: up to 20% geraniol. 15% citronellal, and 8% citronellol

5 Reasons Citronella Essential Oil is Good for More than Mosquitoes. The light citrus aroma of citronella often brings back memories of evenings spent toasting marshmallows around a campfire, summer barbecues, and Saturday afternoon soccer games. Bonus Bug Spray Essential oil Recipe included Citronella grass is hardy in Zones 10-12, and its coarse-textured leaves can grow to six feet tall and wide. It looks very similar to lemongrass and is often mistaken with it. Citronella grass thrives in bright, filtered sunlight and needs moist, loamy soil. Citronella grass is very thirsty, so you may need to water as often as once a day Citronella is a tall grass-like plant grown in Asia with a crisp, fresh aroma. Citronella essential oil is a known powerful insect repellent and typical bug and mosquito repellent during outdoor activities. When you buy a citronella candle in stores, their main ingredient is citronella oil

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evitaochel / Pixabay. Dogs hate the smell of citronella, and trainers often use the oil in both collar and spray form to break aggressive behavior and persistent barking habits.In fact, just a whiff of citronella could very well keep your dog away from your garden. Be sure to only use citronella oil in very small doses, however, and always mix the oil with 10 parts water, as high amounts are. Plant insect-repelling herbs in your yard. I grow lavender, thyme, mint, and citronella near our patio and we use these fresh plants as bug repellent in a pinch. Rub lavender flowers or lavender oil on your skin, especially on hot parts of body (neck, underarms, behind ears, etc.) to repel insects 15 drops of citronella. 15 drops of lemongrass. 10 drops of peppermint. 10 drops of tea tree. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix and then pour into a spray bottle via a funnel for future use. Make sure that bottle is light resistant since brightness can alter the compounds in the oil

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  1. Like the citronella recipe, this option takes advantage of cats' general aversion to citrus products. Use this repellent in your yard without worrying about injury risks to children, pets, or plants. It'll keep cats away like nobody's business. tb1234. Citrus Cat Repellent
  2. Tip: Safe and Effective Mosquito Repellent. By Janette [94 Posts, 162 Comments] May 28, 2013. A safe mosquito repellant is 2 ounces of water and 2 ounces of pure vanilla extract. Put in a spray bottle. They hate the smell. Make sure you use pure vanilla extract and not imitation vanilla extract. Advertisement
  3. The geranium citronella plant looks more like a large parsley plant. Citronella is an evergreen perennial in zones 9-11. It is frost tender, so you'll need to bring your plant indoors before you receive a frost. To get a head start on the growing season, order a large, well-established citronella plant that's ready to rock
  4. t essential oils. 15 drops of Tea Tree. Using these recipe techniques, feel free to substitute spear
  5. What is citronella oil? Citronella essential oil is a naturally occurring insect and animal repellent distilled from two lemongrass varieties (Bond et al., 2013), Cymbopogon nardus and C. winterianus. Citronella essential oil is steam distilled from the leafy parts of the plant and is popular for its use in outdoor candles
  6. Derived from a cousin of lemongrass, citronella essential oil is distilled from the leaves and stems of the Cymbopogon plant. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Oil of citronella has been in continuous use as an insect repellent with human applications for almost 50 years without any adverse incidents being reported to the EPA
  7. Besides this recipe, there are some tips to help you keep insects away from your house: The smoke and smell of incenses and candles made with plants or essential oils are helpful against insects. Citronella, lemon, lavender, and citrus fruits are the smells that inhibit flies, mosquitoes, and many other bugs

The plant is decorative and can be grown in a pot. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to walk into your garden or even a terrace with a few potted herbs and pick fresh leaves and herbs as you need them. I love having Citronella in several places in my garden.It is well known for helping to evict pesky mosquitoes from the garden When growing mosquito plant geranium indoors, keep it watered and fertilize occasionally with all-purpose plant food. Outside the plant is fairly drought tolerant. Citronella plant typically grows anywhere between 2 and 4 feet (0.5-1 m.) high and pruning or pinching is recommended to encourage the new foliage to bush out. Printer Friendly Version Homemade or DIY bug sprays are a popular alternative to synthetic bug repellents. You can use natural ingredients to make bug sprays for your home, yard, plants, and your skin, too

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Citronella may me obtained in a number of different ways. If the plant grows locally, the leaves can be harvested and the oil collected by first drying the leaves completely and then steaming them until the oil seeps out. Gloves should be worn during this process, as citronella oil is quite potent and should not be handled in its pure form Pests like ants, aphids, beetles, caterpillars, fleas, flies, lice, ticks, and weevils can destroy your plants in a matter of hours. Luckily there are some effective DIY natural repellents like peppermint oil spray for garden pests which helps to keep this deadly creepy crawlies at bay Pantry recipes FTW. | Cilantro and Citronella. 14. Vegan Jambalaya. Popular in Cajun cooking, jambalaya is a dish of multicultural origin, drawing influence from West African, French, Spanish, and Native American cuisine. This dish consists of tomato-y rice mixed with white beans and the holy trinity of Cajun cooking—celery, bell. Step 3: Stir in Oil. Stir in the citronella oil using roughly three drops per cup of melted wax (or about three drops per 8-oz. Mason jar candle). Artizen Citronella Essential Oil ($10, Amazon) is a good option for citronella candles, but any of your favorite essential oils will work too. If you want a colored candle, melt a few crayons with. Recipe 4. Antiseptic and essential oils. 250ml of a standard bath oil, a baby bath product is a good, gentle choice; 5 caps of household disinfectant; 1 teaspoon each of tea tree oil, lavender oil, citronella, cedar wood oil and oil of eucalyptus; Top up to 1 litre with either water or cold tea; Shake regularly before use to keep the oils.

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These homemade citronella candles are fun to make and the containers may be decorated to fit any backyard decor. When purchasing citronella oil, make sure to use essential oil, not the fuel one you might find for tiki torches. It can be easily found in health food stores or online, and a few drops added to your candles will keep the deck. Citronella oil is steam distilled from the leafy parts of the citronella plant, also known as Cymbopogon nardus. Thanks to its fresh, welcoming scent and bug repelling properties like those found in our Insect Repellent , Citronella essential oil is a common element in perfumes and cosmetic products and is well known for its use in outdoor. Mosquito Plant (citrosa geraniums or Pelargonium citrosum) is an attractive tropical plant with lacy green foliage and beautiful flowers and a member of the geranium family.It is prized for its citrus aroma that comes from the oils in the foliage. But simply placing a Mosquito Plant on your patio won't stop mosquitoes from biting The green leaves of a citronella plant. Outside of spraying yourself, or covering up, every time you step outside, the use of fragrant plants to repel mosquitoes in your yard, is a beautiful way to keep mosquito numbers down. This is most effective if you think about it before the mosquito season starts Best Stylish Citronella Candle: La Jolie Muse Citronella Candle. Best Modern Citronella Candle: Threshold Ceramic Jar 5-Wick Lavender Citronella Candle. Best Flameless Citronella Candle: Skeeter Screen Patio Egg Diffuser. Best Rustic Citronella Candle: Stansport Citronella Bug Repellant Candle

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  1. History. Citronella essential oil comes from two plant species belonging to the Cymbopogon family. Cymbopogon is better known as lemongrass, a type of grass with different cultivated species.. Two particular lemongrass species produce citronella oil: Cymbopogon nardus and Cymbopogon winterianus, which produce Ceylon citronella oil and Java citronella oil respectively
  2. g, fiery orange SunPatiens; velvety, fragrant citronella plant; purple iridescent Persian shield; and a heavenly skirt of angel vine spilling down the sides
  3. Citronella plants can reach 2 to 4 feet (0.6 to 1 meter) in height. You can pinch back citronella to form a more compact, bushy plant. The lacey, fragrant leaves also work well in summer floral bouquets so feel free to prune often. The stems also can be cut and dried. How to Cut Back Citronella Geranium Plants

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  1. Plant citronella grass 24 inches apart to give them room to spread. While citronella isn't invasive because it doesn't reproduce through runners as some grasses can, it does spread out readily and can crowd out other plants. Caring for Citronella Grass. Once you got it in the ground, citronella isn't too demanding
  2. Citronella Essential Oil -. Refreshing Oil for Hot Summer Buggy Days. Citronella essential oil was traditionally used to prevent food spoilage. The citronella plant belongs to the same family as lemongrass and palmarosa grasses. Citronella contains over 80 chemical constituents when tested by gc/ms. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.
  3. utes to one hour, depending on the type of wax you used. When the wax has melted, turn the oven off. Add the palm or coconut oil and allow it to melt
  4. The citronella plant has a much stronger aroma than other mosquito repellents that contain citronella, so it is a great choice. Citronella is very easy to grow, and can get to be a very tall 5 or 6 feet high! You can grow citronella in pots and place it around a porch or patio, or you can plant it directly in a yard or garden bed
  5. Homemade Rosemary Mosquito Repellent Recipe. Mosquitoes are the bane of evening outdoor activities. Unfortunately, seasons when the weather is nice enough to enjoy an evening on the patio or a.
  6. Keep bugs away when you're outdoors this summer with Bonnie Citronella Mosquito Plants from Home Depot. Snag one in a pot for just $9.98 or in a hanging basket for $12.98 when you shop in stores. My Home Depot had these plants at the front entrance outside
  7. Plant them in your backyard, stick some by your pool, and put them in planters on your patio. Wherever you're annoyed by mosquitoes, stick a citronella plant. Best of all, they're super affordable; you can snag a two-pack on Amazon for just $17.99. 2 Large Citronella Mosquito Repellent Plants. $17.99

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  1. Citronella is safe and nontoxic. Another citronella pro is it's nontoxic, even to the insects it's repelling. It acts by masking scents, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, that are attractive to pests. Few people have any sort of allergic reaction to the oil, and even if ingested, citronella won't affect a person negatively
  2. Citronella Essential Oil. calms. repels insects. no synthetics, fragrances, or fillers! $11.99. 15ml. ADD TO CART. Simply Earth 100% EARTH-TASTIC GURANTEE . Free shipping for orders over $29
  3. Citronella is an aromatic, perennial grass that is cultivated primarily in Asia. Citronella Essential Oil is most widely known for its ability to deter mosquitos and other insects. Because the aroma is so widely associated with insect repellent products, Citronella Oil is often ignored for its other beneficial uses (refer to the Citronella.
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Cananga odorata ct. macrophylla - plant family: Annonaceae. Type of plant: Flowering tree growing to 50 feet with glossy leaves and large, fragrant yellow flowers. Data: The tree grows in tropical areas of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other Asian countries, where the flowers are used in decoration and ceremony. It is sometimes. The active ingredients included 3% lemongrass essential oil, 3% citronella essential oil, and 1% geranium rose essential oil. This means the concentration of essential oils is 7%, and I would actually round up closer to 10% (which is what the concentration of my recipe is) The recipe below is for a DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray which uses the bug repellent essential oils: lavender and citronella! It also contains two other ingredients: distilled water and witch hazel. Distilled water is the base ingredient of this spray while witch hazel is the essential oil emulsifier

Lemongrass and Citrus Poached Salmon. Rating: 4.03 stars. 29. This is a very light and delicate dish with a smooth and subtle lemon and citrus flavor that melts in your mouth. Also serves well cold. Best if served with veggies and a good teriyaki sauce. By Chef Dave What is the Citronella Plant? As I started researching for this post I was very surprised to learn that the so-called citronella plant is not the plant that produces citronella oil - the active ingredient in citronella candles. The picture above shows the citronella plant; also called Pelargonium citrosum. This geranium is unrelated to. The Little Potato Company's Fingerling potatoes are the star of this recipe! Thin-skinned with firm flesh and a unique flavour, their elongated shape makes them perfect for mini baked potatoes! Customize them with your favourite toppings or follow our directions for Tex-Mex or Loaded two bite baked potatoes Recipe 3 Rosemary. Plant this herb near where your cat(s) is causing problems and you should him take it to the street. Rosemary is a natural cat deterrent. You can also make a solution of Rosemary extract and water to put in your spray bottle. Recipe 4 Grow herbs. To follow recipe 3, put in citronella, rue, rosemary or garlic and chives into.

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March 14, 2017 By Stacy Williams . DIY Citronella Candles - Easy Natural Mosquito Repellent. Filed Under: DIY and Crafts, Green Living Tips, Homesteading Tips Tagged With: Essential Oil Recipes, Frugal Living, Home Remedies, Homemade Candles This site uses affiliate links and may earn a small commission when you click on them Citronella oil is one of the essential oils obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon (lemongrass). Citronella oil can be used to make soap, candles and incense, perfumery and cosmetic agents. More importantly for campers, it works as a great non-toxic insect repellant 2. You Could Be Burning Chemicals. This is the main reason I make my own essential oil mosquito repellent blend. Take a look a the information provided for this citronella candle on the US Household Products Database. The ingredients listed are 1% citronella. That's it; 99% of the formula is left out. It isn't on the label or on any MSDS Mar 2, 2019 - Explore Niloufar's board Citronella oil on Pinterest. See more ideas about potpourri recipes, house smells, home scents 7 drops cinnamon. 3 drops cedarwood. Bug Blend 2. This bug blend has a very lemony-mint aroma to it that is exciting and uplifting. 12 drops lemongrass. 6 drops eucalyptus. 2 drops citronella. Bug Blend 3. This is the easiest blend of all since you only need one oil, and it gives you a very floral like smell

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One of the plants mentioned, and probably the most effective in the list, was citronella - but it is not just the plant that mosquitoes hate. Citronella essential oil is widely regarded as one of the most effective natural insect repellents and citronella candles are widely used in gardens around the world to keep mosquitoes away 8. Citronella. A well-known natural mosquito repellent. The lotions, sprays, and candles use oil from the citronella plant. The University of Guelph did a study on citronella and it's ability to repel mosquitos. It assessed the effectiveness of 3% citronella candles and 5% citronella incense


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Plant Therapy takes all the guess work out of wondering if essential oils are safe to use on kiddos (focusing on ages 2-10), so the Kid Safe Shield Me blend has Citronella, Grapefruit, Geranium Bourbon, Rosalina and Patchouli, while the Nature Shield has Citronella, Geranium Egyptian, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Globulus, Cedarwood. Super Duper Compost Tea Recipe. This compost tea recipe comes from the Smiling Gardener. This is a super duper organic compost tea recipe that was adapted for a five-gallon homemade compost tea brewer. This takes several days to make and uses liquid fish and kelp fertilizers to give it an extra nutrient boost. The compost tea recipe ingredients. I prefer citronella candles to keep the bugs away - citronella oil is plant based and non-toxic, so you don't have to feel bad about harming the environment. These candles also very easy to make at home! Plus this way you can put them in whatever type of container you want and make large batches of citronella candles for summer parties Citronella - 5 Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away. The Citronella plant has long been known as a natural repellent for mosquitoes. In fact, its unique scent is placed in candles, oils and sprays as a common deterrent. But the actual plant is perfect for helping to keep mosquitoes away naturally

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Citronella is the substance in citronella candles used to deter mosquitoes. This plant is most effective as a repellent if you crush a few leaves and rub them on your skin. Watch this video from Natural Ways about 4 natural homemade organic pesticide recipes using plant ingredients How to Make Citronella Candles. I made four citronella candles, a trio of three to use on our patio at the lake, and a single candle for my mom to use on her 1912 home's porch. This is Mama's candle Citronella grass loves warm weather, and now thrives in many parts of the world in tropical areas, including America. The perennial grass looks like tight tufts that gently bow over. While it thrives in warm areas and is recommended for planting in the temperate zones 10-12, the plant is often grown in cooler areas as an annual

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Add the citronella oil to the bottle and shake it well. After you've nearly filled the bottle with water, squeeze 20 drops of citronella oil into it. Mix the oil into the water by shaking the bottle well. Like citrus and other essential oils, citronella oil has an extremely strong odor that repels cats 5. citronella oil (available at health food stores, online, or some specialty hardware stores) 6. stir stick or spoon (for wax) 7. thermometer 8. letter stickers (optional, these are found in craft stores and hardware stores - these are for signs and mailbox labels, etc I can not wait to try the Citronella spray for bugs. I don't like using chemicals on my body and I am always looking for an effective, natural bug spray. Thank you for the recipe. And thank you for the May 4th sale, it was fun. I bought 3 out of the 4 (I already had Citronella) and I am looking forward to learning about the other oils and. Citronella grass is one of the best mosquito repellent plants and it can be planted and used in a similar way as citronella candles, to keep flying insects away. Belonging to the geranium plant family, the fragrance produced by the citronella foliage is known as one of the most effective natural mosquito repellents, which is why it is often.

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9,259. Likes Received: 4,690. Lemon Grass is an herb plant that grows 3-6 foot tall, is dark green and clumping, it has a strong lemony scent. The blades can be used for teas and various dishes. I think its zone 10 or treated as an annual. Citronella is a pelargonium species, which means it is in the geranium family, it looks like a geranium. A weed can be any plant growing where you don't want it to, but there are some particularly weedy species to keep an eye out for. These aggressive plants choke out the garden plants you've worked so hard to grow. Use this handy guide to identify these weeds by appearance and know how to remove them safely. Read Mor

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UH-CTAHR Natural Farming Fermented Plant Juice SA- Aug. 2013 plant material. Cut the shoot tips into 2- to 3-inch pieces (Fig. 2). Weigh plant parts before or after cutting, whichever is easier. Step 3. Add brown sugar Weigh out an amount of brown sugar equal to the weight of the plant material, and toss together in a bowl or large pan Citronella oil is derived from the plant genus - Cymbopogon. More specifically, it is extracted from two types of grass - Cymbopogon nardus and Cymbopogon winteranius . The two grasses are steam distilled to produce two different varieties of essential oil called Ceylon and Java Mosquito Guard Repellent Tea Light Candles (16 Pack) Made with Natural Plant Based Ingredients - Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Cedarwood Oil- Deet Free. 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,352. $10.95 $ 10. 95. Save more with Subscribe & Save. This anti-mosquito product is a natural insect repellent that also doubles as a luxury candle Step 3 - Dye the wax. While the wax cooled a bit, I colored it with wax dye chips. I wanted two of these to look like margaritas, so I chose the bright lime and bright yellow chips. I first mixed in some yellow, and then I stirred in some green to get the right margarita color for my DIY citronella candles Mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, filariasis, chikunguniya, yellow fever, dengue and Japanese encephalitis are the major cause of remarkable morbidity and mortality in livestock and humans worldwide. Since ancient times, aromatic plants are used for their medicinal value. Essential oils deriv

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While citronella products might smell like a tasty lemon treat to you, do not let your dog eat, lick, or get too close to a citronella plant or product Citronella oil is an essential oil that's made from the distillation of the Asian grass plant in the Cymbopogon genus. This fragrant grass got its name from the French word meaning lemon balm. The plant, when steeped into a strong wormwood tea, has been used traditionally in Europe as well as a bitter stomach stabilizer to stave off indigestion and loss of appetite. A favorite alcoholic beverage in 19th century France, absinthe was said to be addictive and associated with a collection of serious side effects known as absinthism or. Citronella (Cymbopogon winterianus) has a lemony ginger scent to it. The oil is made from the leaves of the lemongrass plant that is often used in Asian cooking. It can call to mind warm summer nights out on the patio. Combines Well With. Geranium, Lemon, Bergamot, Orange, Cedarwood, Pine Needles. Ways to Use Citronella Essential Oi Making the proper citronella oil solution is key to the success of using citronella oil as cat repellent, particularly if you are going to use the solution indoors. The Citronella solution should be 20 drops citronella oil diluted into 200ml of water or about one fourth citronella oil to water. This solution should be the proper strength for.

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Citronella Essential Oil. Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus) is a grass plant native to the tropical regions of Asia.Using steam distillation, hydro-distillation, or ohmic heated hydro-distillation, citronella essential oil is extracted from the aerial parts of the plant. 5 Once distilled, the oil is yellow in color and has a bold, lemony aroma.. Both plants have spear type leaves and can grow to heights of 5 - 6 feet. Citronella grass has wide blades, is deep green, and features a very strong smell and taste. Lemongrass is narrow, light green in color, with a pleasing lemon smell that creates a light-weight, sweet-tasting The plant's leaves can be crushed and the oils that it secretes could be applied to the skin in order to keep pesky mosquitoes away from you. This insect repellent wonder plant is a mosquito pest control on its own. So feel free to decorate your garden with some citronella grass. Lemon grass. Lemon grass is the cousin of citronella grass Costa Farms Live Indoor 10 inches Tall Clean Air Plants in 4 inches Pot (Assorted Pack, Includes Any 3 Random Clean Air Plants) 154. $24.99. $24.99 -. $28.99. $28.99. Shop Now. A member of the geranium family, mosquito plant carries the fragrance of citronella in its foliage. When a leaf is crushed and rubbed on the skin, it smells wonderful. Citronella grass is the species famous for the oil that serves as a mosquito repellent. Natural mosquito repellent products - whether lotions, sprays, or candles — invariably contain.