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HOW TO DECORATE A PROFESSIONAL CHRISTMAS TREE! In a few easy steps, I'll teach you exactly how to create a stunning holiday tree that your friends and family.. Christmas tree decorating like a pro! Here are some ways you can make your Christmas tree look more professional. These are some of the Christmas tree decora.. Secrets and Tips To Decorate A White Christmas Tree. The first thing that you'll want to do is to set up your new tree and fluff out the branches. It's more tedious the very first time, and I like to store my trees in a tree bag and take off as little as possible to make next year easier! This tree is a WHITE FLOCKED CHRISTMAS TREE with LIGHTS Flocked Christmas Trees. Flocked Christmas trees are extremely popular among those who love a natural look but don't want a real fresh tree. Such trees look as if they are covered with snow and white frost, some of them more and others less. The décor is up to you and you can achieve almost any look. if you want a super natural look, don't use ornaments, just cover the tree with lights. How-To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Professional Getting a designer look when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree is way easier than you may think. Here are some of my top tips and tricks to decorating your Christmas tree like a professional stylist this Christmas season

For more detailed instructions on fluffing your tree, see the article How to Fluff and Artificial Christmas Tree into the Correct Shape. Christmas Lights Before decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments, you should put your Christmas lights on your tree. Use either clear or white non-blinking lights for a professional designer look A little bit Merry and a little bit bright, bring in the wonder and magic of the holiday season with white Christmas tree decor for an elegant and sophisticated look. This is the time of year for entertaining in style, so why not go all out with your holiday decor and try out something new to fascinate your guests 3. Design around a theme. A professional-looking Christmas tree has a central look that ties the decorations together. Deciding on a theme before choosing your decorations sets the tone for your. I love decorating Christmas trees. I usually have more than one. (Yes, I own 6 Christmas trees!) But I'm also a bit of a Christmas tree decorating stickler. In other words, I have some rules for success: There has to be a color scheme. However, I don't like to do the exact same colors every year. It always involves white lights. Ribbons are.

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The white flocked Christmas tree in my master bedroom is my favorite tree. When I finish decorating it, and I turn out the lights, it is just magical. Here's.. This tree is beautifully decorated by Bonnie C and is done with mirror balls, acrylic icicles, white snowballs in various materials, acrylic snowflakes, and anything else white, mirror or acrylic, as well as a lot of white fuzzy stars. She also used white feather boas that were pushed into the tree before the ornaments were added Check out our guide to decorating your Christmas tree like a professional. Here are our editors' best tips and festive decorating ideas Some of the most textural, organic Christmas tree decorations can be found right outside your door. When adding clusters of ornaments to your tree, incorporate a few made from pinecones dipped in white paint. The paint adds a nice contrast while the rough texture of the pinecones themselves helps bring in an organic feel How to decorate a Christmas tree like a professional. Create a display to rival the Queen's. By Charley Ward. 07/12/2020 green gold and white in Classic Christmas

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A rule of thumb is at least 9 feet of ribbon per foot of tree, so a 7-foot Christmas tree will need 63 feet of garland. Consider scale and your personal preference: Depending on the size and shape of the tree, you may need more ribbon for a fuller, rich look. And if you have any leftover ribbon, use it to decorate wrapped presents under the tree THE ULTIMATE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR HOW TO DECORATE YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER! My friends, this is one blog post that you're going to want to pin to your Christmas Decorating Boards so that you can refer to it year after year. This is THAT GOOD and there's a great pinnable image below Neutral Decor. A pre-lit white Christmas tree is rather bold itself and you can leave it as it is without any decor, it will stand out. If you want a soft neutral look or some shabby chic charm, you can go for shiny silver, pearly and white ornaments and strands of pearls as garlands. For a soft girlish look go for blush, champagne and creamy. Lights. When adding lights to a Christmas tree, the designer rule of thumb is to add 1 strand of 100 mini non-blinking lights per foot height of your tree in either white, green, or clear. Make sure that the Christmas light wire is the same color as your tree. So, if you have a 10 foot tall tree, you will use 10 strands of lights 37+ Awesome Silver And White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas. The colors silver and white are the best colors to remember winter days. These colors are amazing for decoration - white snowflakes, garlands of silver, and, of course, white wood Christmas tree for the backyard. You can use white and silver garlands, branches would be as if they.

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, consider branching out from traditional evergreen holiday trees with a white or flocked one. Then, trim your white tree with shimmering decorations for a sophisticated, elegant look. From ornaments and garlands to toppers and skirts, here are our 12 most dazzling white Christmas tree decor ideas that. Tip #2. Divide your tree into sections. Think of your Christmas tree in segments such as top, middle, and bottom. Decorate one section at a time starting from the top and working your way down. To help you check for a cohesive and balanced look, further divide your tree into quadrants Oct 9, 2013 - Explore Jamie M. Crouch's board White Christmas Tree , followed by 1392 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about white christmas tree, white christmas, christmas tree Feb 7, 2021 - Beautiful Christmas Trees, to inspire mine... See more ideas about beautiful christmas trees, beautiful christmas, christmas Looking for some decorating ideas for your winter wonderland white Christmas tree? These tips that will help make sure it looks beautiful when you're done. Because I'm a color-loving person, I usually decorate my Christmas trees with lots of color, like my Kate Spade inspired black, white and pink Christmas tree or my peacock Christmas tree

How to Decorate a White Christmas Tree to Look Like a Snowman. Add whimsy to holiday decorating with a snowman tree made using a white artificial Christmas tree. Frosty can be brought to life very. Today, sharing my secrets and how to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbon, in a step-by-step tutorial. More specifically, how I'm able to add ribbon to a Christmas tree by wrapping and tucking it to get that tufted, random look that fills out the tree How to decorate a tree - quick links to the kit you'll need. 1. Place the Christmas tree and fluff the branches. Image credit: Joanna Henderson. First you'll need to set your tree in a secure stand - we'll later cover this with a tree skirt. If you have a faux tree, fluffing the branches is really important, as it will make your tree. For the ornaments, I went with a clean and modern look. I picked up over 100 of these Wooden Tags from Michaels and painted them varying shades of gray. The bottom color is this beautiful Gray Decor Paint , then I added a little bit of white for the middle tone and even more white for the top color.It turned out just the way I envisioned and I'm loving the gray ombre on this winter white tree Step 2: Hang Christmas tree decorations. Place the gold berry picks, spreading them evenly throughout the tree. Weave the ribbon in between branches in a downward direction. Hang blush, pink, white, gold, and vintage ornaments for a full effect

The Professional Christmas Tree This is an actual tutorial on how to decorate your Christmas tree like a professional designer. If you are someone that wants that professional look but are on a budget, then this could be a good place to start 9 Tips for Decorating A Christmas Tree. Begin with a theme and yes, Traditional is a theme. Always take plenty of time to fluff and shape the branches of your artificial tree. Decorate your Christmas tree in layers. Lights go on first. It is okay to add more lights to a pre-lit tree. Hang ornaments with ribbon instead of wire hooks A white tree with a few carefully placed blue ornaments proves that less can be more when it comes to holiday decor. Just looking at this tree evokes a feeling of brisk wintry air, swirling with. How to Decorate the Base of a Christmas Tree. After you've fluffed the tree and hung the ornaments it's time to turn your attention to below the branches. The base of a Christmas tree can be decorated in many ways, most of which serve to cover up the ugly metal Christmas tree stand. Try a tree collar or skirt Nov 22, 2013 - Updated for 2020: How to put ribbon on a Christmas tree. Easy, step by step tutorial to create the tree of your dreams, with cascading ribbon

Wintery White. Winter White Christmas Tree Wrapped with Silver Ribbon. Credit: GANNAMARTYSHEVA/Getty Images. Keep things cool with all things white and silver. You can start with a green tree like shown, or go big with a flocked tree. Wrap the tree in white or silver ribbon and ornaments. 4 of 16 Beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas & DIY tutorials! Professional tips & tricks on styles, colors, how to use ribbons, ornaments, etc! In this collection of achievable and beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas, we will share lots of tips and tricks on commonly asked questions such as: How do I decorate my Christmas tree like a professional, and easily There are three main ways to put ribbon on a Christmas tree: Start at the base of the tree and go slightly up as you wind the ribbon around and around the tree. This creates a barber pole effect. Leave even spaces between the ribbons. Twist the ribbon as you wrap it around, if desired. Put a bow on the top of the tree Recognize the different species of Christmas Trees. Many people may not realize that not all Christmas tree species are created equal. Each species has its own characteristic that plays a role in how you decorate it, how long it lasts in your home and also rather or not it has a strong Christmas tree fragrance. There are three main families offered in the fresh cut Christmas tree trade. Each.

Step 2: Fluff up your empty Christmas tree (lights only). OK, now that you have your ribbon, you are ready to begin. Start by fluffing up your empty tree (lights only). If your tree is real or it's not already pre-lit, put lights on it first. A fluffed up, lit tree is the foundation for any beautifully decorated Christmas tree 3. Unique String Lights. While I definitely use regular old Christmas lights around the tree, I also brought in some unique ones for a different look. Urban Outfitters has some super fun string lights that will really add a bohemian touch to your tree. I love these pom pom string lights (colorful here !) and these awesome twinkle lights. 4 Secure first ribbon bundle. Starting near the top of the tree, take your first ribbon bundle and secure it. Let it hang from a branch from the 'pinched'/knotted area of the bundle. This means that half of your ribbon length will hang from each side of the branch. To keep the bundle secure, wrap one of the more flexible wire branches around it See how to decorate an Elegant Gold and White Flocked Christmas Tree! Lots of ornament ideas and glam tree decorating tips! Plus see more gorgeous Christmas tree inspiration in this fun 35 Christmas tree blog tour! Be sure to visit each of the blogs ( linked at the end of the post) throughout this week to see lots of magical Christmas trees This theme features farmhouse Christmas decor and rustic Christmas decorations with a focus on classic red and green colors. To create a rustic Christmas tree, decorate with pine cones, red and green plaid bows, bird ornaments and bundles of burlap. Finish it with a rustic tree topper. The Top Martha Farmhouse Christmas Decor At Macy's

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White Christmas trees offer a fresh take on tree decorating. For a vintage look, place the trees in galvanized tubs and cover the base with burlap. A black-and-white banner-style garland lends an old-time vibe. Vintage bingo cards pair with glittery silhouette ornaments. Reclaimed wooden snowflakes top the trees Dec 22, 2020 - Explore April's Garden's board Christmas Trees, followed by 2879 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas, christmas tree decorations, christmas decorations

White, Gold + Green. For a classic aesthetic with a frosty touch, Instagram user sunnygacharm paired her flocked Christmas tree with green, white and metallic ornaments for a still-festive color. Nov 21, 2016 - Explore Judi Vrieling's board Christmas Trees, followed by 2785 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas, christmas decorations, christmas tree

I'm in love with my slim flocked Christmas tree! It doesn't take up too much room and the red and white decor fits this tree perfectly. I've had my slim flocked Christmas tree up and decorated since late-October. Don't judge me - LOL! An online Christmas tree company gifted this tree for me to review and wanted it published in October The other day I shared my Black & White Christmas Mantel, I'm excited to finally be sharing my Black & White Christmas Tree Decor.This year it was about keeping things simple, so while my tree isn't over the top decorated on a grand scale it turned out exactly how I wanted and it's perfect for our current space 60+ OF THE BEST DIY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. Looking for great DIY Christmas Decorations and craft ideas to put up this Christmas, but don't know where to start? We got you covered! Here is a neat collection of over 60 of the BEST DIY Christmas décor and craft ideas for you to try this holiday season The official White House Christmas tree, grown and harvested this year in Lansdale, Pa., is located in the oval-shaped Blue Room at the center of the State Floor. This year the tree is particularly striking at a height of 18.5 feet and with ornaments arranged to create a design of separate tiers of red, white and blue

The Vermont White Spruce is not only the gem of our Vermont Signature Collection, but also one of the most breathtaking, state-of-the-art Christmas trees with the widest variety of sizes, lights, and shapes of any of our Balsam Hill® trees. Pair with matching WREATHS AND GARLANDS to complement your holiday decorations 8 Black Christmas Tree Alternative. Sara Danielsson for IKEA. Strapped for space? Draw and cut a tree shape shape from black contact paper, adhere onto the wall, and hang decorations from it. Or go with blackboard-style contact paper and draw the decorations on it! Get the tutorial at LivetheEmma.IKEA Without further waiting, let's take a closer look at my Red and White Christmas Tree. Red and White Christmas Tree: As I mentioned above, this tree is in my family room. As I've done the past two years, I went with a red-inspired look in this room. Maybe I will switch it up one of these years, but I just love how the red looks in this space Watch how to decorate a white Christmas tree in another magical way: Comments. Add Comment Be the first to comment! Advertisement. Share options. Back to story Comment on this project. Comment on this story Kevin Sharkey's White Christmas Tree Shows the Transformative Magic of Color. Birch Tree Christmas Wall Decor. Last, but not least, I splurged on a statement piece for our living room wall decor. I bought a birch tree shower curtain from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $20. They only sell this online, but you can bypass the shipping by ordering it from the store

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4. Pour a little bit of paint into your first group of ornaments. Pull the metal caps off of each ornament first, then pour some paint inside the ornament. If you need to, stick a funnel into the neck of the ornament first, then pour the paint in. Keep the caps in a safe place so that you don't lose them Make Christmas mantel decorating stress-free with low-fuss accents found around the house. Here, a black, white, and green palette complement Scandinavian-inspired holiday touches, including wood candlestick holders, small white trees, and sprigs of evergreen. Black-and-white family photographs add a nostalgic element to the display COLOURS IN STYLE FOR CHRISTMAS 2021. Apparently, Christmas trends follow fashion trends when it comes to decoration. So there is no surprise to see Christmas trees in beige, brown, blush, pink, red, rose gold and the colours from the Fall Winter 2021 Colour Pallete this year. I guess our Christmas tree could enter new year dressed even more fashionable then we How to Decorate a Gold and Green Christmas Tree: I used a variety of gold and green hues to give the tree a collected-over-time look. You'll even see a touch of blue and orange in the mix. I really loaded the tree with ornaments. I even tucked dozens deep into the branches and hung others on the tips of the branches

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Blue U0026 White Themed Christmas Decor Diy S Dollar Tree Homemaking Lifestyle; Department 56 The Grinch Max Mt. Crumpit Villages Christmas Dr Seuss Lighted; NEW! 9 ft Elegant Grand Fir LED Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree with Timer; FRONTGATE Christmas Tree Pre Lit 7 1/2 Slim profile with Rolling Stand & Cove a shiny silver Christmas tree with lights is a glam and bright idea, no additional decor required. a mini snowy Christmas tree in a galvanized bucket, with lights and white star ornaments for a centerpiece. a pure white Christmas tree with LEDs looks very magical and will create a snowy fairy-tale in your home Red and white Christmas tree decorating ideas! From the ribbon to the ornaments- how to decorate the perfect tree. I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and do a more elaborate, red and white Christmas tree this year in our living room. Last year, I decorated our white Christmas tree with all white decorations A RUSTIC AND CLASSIC CHRISTMAS TREE. This gorgeous tree from Love Grows Wild is the perfect combination of rustic and classic. I love the oversized white ornaments and the rustic pinecones. The seagrass basket that she used for a tree base adds such a pretty neutral tone to this whole look 12 Champagne Feather Tree. The spread out branch design of this warm, white feathered tree makes it perfect for hanging ornaments or achieving an understated look. The tree comes with white micro lights that are strung on a chic golden wire

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  1. For an artificial tree, assemble it according to the manufacturer's directions.Then shape the branches and tips for a full, natural look. For live trees, make sure it has a fresh cut, then position the tree in a stand, add water and let it acclimate.The tree will take up more water initially, so remember to check the water level in the stand and add plain tap water to keep the cut fully.
  2. DIY Snowman Christmas Tree Ideas. 1. Snowmen Made Out Of White Christmas Trees. You would need a white Christmas tree, snowman head, twigs for the arms, hat, black Christmas ornaments for the buttons and a scarf for this project. For the detailed DIY click on the link above. Awesome Snowman Christmas Trees
  3. d when setting out to decorate a farmhouse Christmas tree. From the frosted branches to the mostly white and silver ornaments - there is a restfulness to this tree that is.

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We can see it now: a lovely white Christmas tree decorated with blue and silver, or a room filled with white and rose gold Christmas decor. Here are the best white artificial Christmas trees you. 30 Country Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Create a cozy, classic holiday tree with our favorite DIY ornament projects, color palettes and design ideas. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links Who doesn't love country Christmas decorations?They're full of festive, farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas, homemade touches and, of course, a rustic Christmas tree.It's the focal point of your living room during the holidays, so naturally, it has to fit in with your farmhouse aesthetic

The Disney Christmas Tree can be found at Christmas events all around the world, and they also feature a giant Christmas tree with a Christmas tree inside.3. Brisbane Christmas TreeChristmas trees are another great choice, and the Brisbane Christmas Tree is also set on a top floor. This Christmas Tree features a Christmas-themed decoration and. a flocked Christmas tree with lights, cranberry garlands, letters, skis and sleighs is a chic vintage-inspired idea. a flocked Christmas tree with oversized white and silver ornaments, red berries and striped ribbons plus lights. a pink Christmas tree with colorful ornaments and lights, with gold touches looks pretty and very chic How to Dream Up a Sophisticated Tree Decorating Idea. Blue and gold Christmas tree. Credit: Mark Lund; Styling: Ed Gallagher. For sophisticated style—even with a Christmas tree meant for a small space —limit your color palette. Focus on a color scheme that's bold and bright, like gold, royal blue, and yellow With so much potential for customization, cookie decorating is an art worth mastering. I worked as the head cookie decorator at a bakery for 3 years, and I'm here to help you learn the basics of cookie decorating, from the techniques to the vocabulary. Soon enough, you'll be making cookies like a pro in your own home 8 of 60. White Christmas Tree. Take a snow-flocked white Christmas tree to the next level with white butterflies and metallic ball ornaments. SHOP BUTTERFLIES. Melanie Butcher. 9 of 60. Vintage.

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  1. White Christmas Decor. Start making a white Christmas wreath of vine, fake leaves, berries and maybe blooms or whitewashed evergreens, pinecones or maybe just faux fur. DIY some white ornaments - of wood, clay, plastic and any other materials you have at hand. Make white throws with large pompoms, faux fur rugs, furniture covers, pillow cases.
  2. g more and more popular. They bring a dreamy, white, winter feel to the home and are perfect for displaying special ornaments. Or they can just enhance a favorite color. Besides being beautiful, they are also very easy to decorate. These trees go well with almost any color
  3. Courtesy of Sugar & Cloth. 6 of 60. Have a White Christmas. Skip the tree full of ornaments and opt for a simple frosted white tree with a garland instead. You'll have your Christmas decorating.

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Walkway Trees: For those with walkways and no natural hedges, place walkway trees along the sidewalk to complement staked lights. Take into consideration the rest of your Christmas light colors and choose walkway trees with complementary lights. If your entire home is decorated in warm tones, walkway trees featuring warm white LED lights may work best, whereas cool white lighting pairs. Decorations: White is a neutral color, so the only limit to decorating the perfect Christmas tree is your imagination. First, start with the lights. First, start with the lights. You can decorate white Christmas trees with traditional clear incandescent lights that emit a warm glow, or opt for multi-colored LED lights that provide a soft glow Decorate Your Tree in 6 Simple Steps. For many, the most enjoyable time of the holiday season is decorating the Christmas tree. However, if you are looking for some help this year, let us guide you through the basics of making a beautiful tree 25 Bold Ways To Decorate A Pink Christmas Tree. What you need this Christmas is a super bright Christmas tree! We suggest that you should buy (or spray paint) a pink Christmas tree and make your space super bold and colorful. It can be more pastel and soft-colored, which is amazing for a vintage-inspired room, or bright and hot pink one to make. You should only use 1 huge ornament per foot or per 2 feet of tree. If you are interested in my post on How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Professional click here. Merry Christmas, For other 'living rich' tips, please like me on Facebook and follow me on Pinterest, and Instagram

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Homde Pencil Christmas Tree 6 Foot Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree with Flocked Snow Pine Cone 170 Warm White Lights Holiday Decor 4.2 out of 5 stars 148 Best Choice Products 6ft Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Artificial Holiday Christmas Pine Tree for Home, Office, Party Decoration w/ 250 Warm White Lights, Metal Hinges & Bas Well, there is more than one way to decorate a Christmas tree- obviously! This is just the way that I do MINE, and I find it to be the easiest way for me! First, this advice is purely for artificial trees. It doesn't matter how fancy or nice your tree is, it will be covered up in the end, so even if it is looking shabby now, it won't be for.

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  1. 3. Most of the tree and mantel decor all came from Holiday Warehouse here in Plano, TX. They are sponsoring my tour this year and I am so grateful to them. Holiday Warehouse has the best selection of creative, unique, amazing Christmas decor. They had me at blue and white ornaments and velvet ribbon. 4. If you like neutral, this is the tour for.
  2. How to Decorate for a Colonial Christmas. Christmas decorating in Colonial times was simpler and more primitive than the intricate, showy seasonal displays often seen in today's homes. Natural.
  3. A Christmas Tree- Real or Faux; Self Adhesive Christmas Tree Flock: This is the one I usually use; Here is a smaller size (for a small tree or wreath) Here is one with opalina (added iridescent flakes) Best Value for the quantity (share with a friend) Spray bottle full of water; Kitchen sifter; How to Flock a Christmas Tree

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  1. How to add ribbon to a Christmas tree: the ultimate step-by-step guide to decorating your Christmas tree with ribbon for a professional, high-end look including bows, tips for wired and unwired ribbon, along with diagonal, horizontal and vertical techniques
  2. I love decorating my Christmas tree. In fact I love it so much I usually decorate 5 Christmas trees. One in the living room, family room and each of the three kid bedrooms. I often have friends ask me how I decorate my tree. Some years I even have an audience because they want to watch me do it. I put them to work though
  3. Christmas decoration ideas from some of the UK's top interiors experts, who reveal how they are decorating for Christmas, including Christmas decoration themes and tips
  4. g your way! Today is the first stop on the tour and the focus is Christmas Mantles
  5. g of a white Christmas tree. A pristine white tree instantly adds class to any room, and the possibilities for decorating are endless. There are.
  6. Decor Asylum. This whimsical Christmas tree from Decor Asylum is a great choice for the family that loves spending time outdoors. Between the forest animal ornaments and the classic tree stump base, this tree gives us a woodsy cabin vibe—all that's missing is a set of flannel pajamas. Continue to 4 of 19 below
  7. SUMMER CHRISTMAS TREE IDEAS. These festive tree ideas feature trendy patriotic ornaments but also largely pay homage to summer celebrations, too. Smash Unicorn Chocolate Gift. Report this Ad. From stars and stripes to Popsicles and flip-flops, this fun tree will be perfect to keep up for the entire summer
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  1. Believe it or not, the presents under the Christmas tree aren't the only things that should be neatly tied with a ribbon. Turns out, ribbons can be a great finishing touch to the tree itself—not only can a strand of satin or grosgrain give your holiday decorations some texture, but it can also be a clever way to cover up your tree's inevitable empty spaces and bare patches
  2. Use your holiday decor to nod to your home state, like this festive ranch-inspired Texas front porch by the duo behind The Cavender Diary. The pair upgraded an inexpensive craft store garland with free scrap branches from their local Christmas tree lot for a full and fancy vibe. Plastic berries and a vintage cow skull finish off the unique look
  3. Blue, White And Gold Christmas Tree Decor (plus 40 Bloggers' Christmas Trees) Updated: October 7, 2020 by Wanda Simone . Blue and white is a classic color combination that has always been one of my favorites! So it's probably not much of a surprise that I decided to use it (along with some gold) for my Christmas decorations this year
  4. Eclectic Christmas. If you're going for a colorful, eclectic look, start with a faux tree flocked in blue or silver as your focal point. Use white lights on a blue tree or blue lights on a.
  5. You can use either an artificial Christmas tree or a live Christmas tree when you decorate with silver ornaments. You can also use a green tree, white tree, black tree, silver tree, pink tree, or whatever color you desire. Lights When adding lights to your Christmas tree, it is nearly impossible to add too many
  6. You'll need more than you think. The narrow 7.5-foot tree pictured above took 12 yards of 2 1/2-inch ribbon. The tree in the video (which is a full 7.5-foot tree) took 30 yards of 1 1/2-inch ribbon. I prefer to have ribbon left over for wrapping coordinating presents to place under the tree. Wired ribbon works best
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Decorating Christmas tree with our family is probably among the best childhood memories we have. However, not everyone likes the idea of cutting down the trees, so people came up with an idea to replace them with artificial ones. And now, as the boundaries of imagination are only expanding, the most recent trend is the DIY Christmas trees You have your Christmas tree, now for the fun part: decorating it from top to bottom! Spruce up the boughs with twinkly lights, silvery tinsel, hanging ornaments, and more. We have everything you need to turn your tree into a holiday masterpiece that the family will remember for Christmases to come Christmas tree flocking kits. These include a misting gun, which filters an even amount of flock and water to achieve an even, realistic look. Christmas tree flocking spray and self-adhesive powders, which people apply themselves (the most popular method). Splurge on a professionally flocked tree Christmas Tree Height Guide. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 6 inches between the top of your tree and the ceiling. This also accounts for a topper or any decorative stand that adds height to the tree. So, if you have the standard 9-foot ceiling and a 12-inch angel topper, you'd want a 7.5-foot Christmas tree Christmas at the White House. Every December, the White House is filled with holiday decorations: Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, colorful lights, gingerbread houses, and more.Volunteers from across the country work diligently in late November to get the White House ready for the very popular public White House holiday tours Many people use string lights to wrap their Christmas trees and decorate banisters, and today, these lights come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors to match your decor. Indoor Christmas lights can be white or multicolored, incandescent or LED, and even battery-powered, if you prefer