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The natural resources of Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut include wildlife, freshwater, minerals, oil and gas. Yukon and the Northwest territories also have vast forests. Mackenzie River at Fort Good Hope, NT. Aerial view of the Mackenzie River The Northwest Territories (NWT) has vast undeveloped oil and gas reserves. It is estimated that the NWT could hold as much as 37 percent of Canada's marketable light crude oil resources and 35 percent of its marketable natural gas resources. The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) is responsible for the administration of onshore oil and gas interests in th Industry drilling activity south of the Northwest Territories border within Alberta and British Columbia have demonstrated the potential for shale gas plays associated with Klua, Evie, Otter Park and Muskwa Formation shales of the Horn River Group and the lower Carboniferous-aged Exshaw Formation shale Agriculture in the Northwest Territories is virtually impossible except for limited cultivation south of the Mackenzie River region. Trapping, the region's oldest industry, ranks second after mining. A thriving commercial fishing industry, based on whitefish and lake trout, is centered on the village of Hay River, on Great Slave Lake The Government of the Northwest Territories provides a policy, planning and regulatory framework for the stewardship, protection and sustainable management of forest resources on 40-million hectares of land in the NWT. The goal is to ensure sustainability of forest use for future generations through careful management

Main natural resources if Northwest Territories are 1. Gold 2. Diamond Two of the biggest mineral resource companies in the world, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto mine many of their diamonds from the NWT. It provides and alternative to purchasing blood.. Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Total Energy Consumption. End-use demand in NWT was 21.3 petajoules (PJ) in 2017. The largest sector for energy demand was industrial at 54% of total demand, followed by transportation at 29%, commercial at 12%, and residential at 6% (Figure 6).NWT's total energy demand was the third smallest in Canada, and the third largest on a per. Mining Insider, Mines, Northwest Territories Rover Metals Corp. announces 3D interpretative exploration model for the Cabin Lake Gold Project. Rover Metals is a natural resource exploration company specialized in Canadian precious metal resources, specifically gold

Caroline Cochrane is the Premier of the Northwest Territories and head of the Government of the Northwest Territories The Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon have large, untapped resources of crude oil and natural gas. The oil and natural gas industry has acquired offshore oil and gas interests and there are some active exploration programs in the Northwest Territories and Yukon. Oil. 7,500 - barrels of conventional oil produced per day in the. Currently, the Northwest Territories economy is based on the extraction of petroleum and natural gas, as well as the mining of gold and diamonds. The land is rich in resources, and mining is, therefore, one of the major works conducted in this region The Gross Domestic Product of the Northwest Territories was C$4.856 billion in 2017. The Northwest Territories has the highest per capita GDP of all provinces and territories in Canada, totalling C$76,000 in 2009. Mining. The NWT's geological resources include gold, diamonds, natural gas and petroleum

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Electricity in the region is provided by three companies: Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NTPC), Northland Utilities Enterprises Ltd. (NUL) and Imperial Oil Ltd., which sells natural gas to NTPC for distribution in Norman Wells, an oil field in the NWT Northwest Territories is a territory whose primary industry is mining. The region has had some successful gold mines in the past, but currently no producing gold mines are present The mandate of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) is to promote economic self-sufficiency through the responsible development of Northwest Territories (NWT) mineral and petroleum resources and the development of natural resource industries to create a prosperous, diverse and sustainable economy for the benefit of all NWT.

Northwest Territories, region of northern and northwestern Canada encompassing a vast area of forests and tundra. Throughout most of the 20th century, the territories constituted more than one-third of the area of Canada and reached almost from the eastern to the western extremities of the country, across the roof of the North American continent. The creation in 1999 of the territory of. The federal government holds jurisdiction on all offshore natural resources, including the Beaufort Sea. Since Devolution in 2014, the GNWT has had a role to play in governing onshore — meaning not in the ocean — lands and natural resources. There are some exceptions. For example, the Norman Wells oil field is a federally-governed site

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In April 1999, the Northwest Territories was divided in two, with 60 percent of the land being transferred to the new territory of Nunavut in Canada's Eastern Arctic. Coat of arms. The Northwest Territories' coat of arms was granted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1956 and represents the geography of the Northwest Territories at that time The population of the Northwest Territories has fluctuated significantly over the years with shifting borders and natural resource booms. The vast territory is now home to more than 43,000 people. Just under half of these individuals live in the capital city of Yellowknife, while the remainder are dispersed into much smaller settlements The natural environment of the continent to which Indian cultures adapted in prehistoric and historic times, natural resources utilized by these cultures, current knowledge of the earliest Indian occupation (before 9,000 BC), and human biology of Indian and Eskimo (Inuit) populations, prehistoric, historic and modern. 2006 The lay of the land The Northwest Territories is a land that has never been tamed. Larger than all but a handful of sovereign nations, it's where Canada's biggest river weaves through an empire of peaks. It's where herds of caribou darken the horizon. Where lakes are ocean-sized and fish are human-sized. Where polar bears roar and great whales spout

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As provinces and territories gradually reopen their economies, many worksites in the natural resources industries are ramping up or resuming operations. Protecting the health of workers and the communities where they work is critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19 The Northwest Territories did receive a population boost following the 1885 North-West Rebellion that ended with the hanging of Louis Riel. Several Métis fled Manitoba and headed north after the controversy, and many of their descendants still live in the Northwest Territories today. Over 12,000 Métis and First Nations artifacts are exhibited. Environment and Natural Resources. 6,901 likes · 87 talking about this · 10 were here. Environment and Natural Resources - EN

However, after Great Britain gave up its rights to the mainland south of the 49th parallel in 1846, the company eventually sold its forts in the lands that became the Oregon and Washington Territories of the United States. Americans began to develop Washington's lumber industry where the HBC left off. B. The Rise of the Lumber Industry, 1848-188 Mining is a major industry in the Northwest Territories. This region is home to BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto mines, which is where many of the world's diamonds are mined. Other important natural resources for the territory include natural gas, petroleum and gold. As previously mentioned, the estimated population of the Northwest Territories is. Menzie McEachern: Our strategy is to pursue two goals for our natural gas resources in the Northwest Territories. The first goal is to enable our natural gas resources to be used for the energy needs of our communities and industries and displace imported diesel, which has economic, energy security and environmental benefits Northwest Territories; Natural Resources (NAT Cluster) Natural Resources (NAT Cluster) Northwest Territories Natural Resources (NAT Cluster) Clean energy industries [LCSH] Geology [LCSH] Mineral industries [LCSH] Search for related content Wildlife courses (AB) 13-14 15-17; Englis

northwest territories mine lots of ores like diamonds, lead, gold and many more. Northwest territories has 5 mines, which averages out to making 2.1 billion dollars per mine. Another natural. Industry The economy relies heavily on resource industries subject to wide fluctuations in world markets. Mining is by far the largest private industrial sector of the Northwest Territories economy. Oil and gas exploration and development are also important In the early 21st century, natural resource exploitation continued to influence the course of economic development in the Northwest Territories, with the energy and diamond-mining industries playing prominent roles. Our Lady of Victory Church, often called the Igloo Church, is located on Mackenzie Road in downtown Inuvik NATURAL RESOURCES GOVERNMENT OF THE NORTHWEST TERRITORIES 2008 Manuscript Report No. 179 . ii . iii . iv ABSTRACT The goal of the Northwest Territories (NWT) Protected Areas Strategy (PAS) is to protect special natural and cultural areas, and core representative areas within each ecoregion of the NWT. Core representative areas are intact areas. Agriculture, Natural Resources and Industry; Agriculture, Natural Resources and Industry. Agribusiness, Farmers and Ranchers. Learn about crops and marketing options, land, livestock, public trust in agriculture, risk management and business management for producers and agri-businesses

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The forestry industry is under the management of the Natural Resources Canada and the Canadian Forest Service in conjunction with several other organizations. The Northwest Territories are the largest Canadian territories and the country's fourth largest region regarding forest cover accounting for a total forest area of 28,352 hectares and. This region is located in a large part of British Columbia, part of Alberta, Part of the Northwest Territories, and much of the Yukon territory. It's coast is along the Pacific Ocean. Natural Resources (and industries) Natural resources played an important role in the development of the Cordillera region. (results in the industry of.

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The development of federal programs to conserve natural resources—e.g. by creating Forest Reserves (later called National Forests) during the 1890s, or National Parks such as Mt. Rainier in 1899 and Crater Lake in 1902—illustrated how this new sense of limits began to operate on the Pacific Northwest Mining is a major part of the economy sustaining the Northwest Territories. The area is widely known for producing a vast amount of valuable metal ores including gold, zinc, lead and even uranium. A large number of mines have been opened and closed in the vast area covered by the Northwest Territories in the course [

Hydrotemp Inc. www.hydrotemp.com. For North Texas. Eric Johnson ~ ejohnson@hydrotemp.com 8710 Empress Row Dallas, TX 75247. Phone: (214) 630-1984 Toll-Free: (888) 829-1984 Fax: (214) 630-2253 Axiom Industries Ltd. www.axiomind.co that of the provinces than the other territories. Note, however, that Yukon only has administration and control over federal land and water resources. See s.3 Waters Act, S.Y. 2003, c.19. A comparison on Yukon water governance to that of the other territories is beyond the scope of this paper Natural Resources: Mostly, minerals like gold, zinc, lead and silver are Yukons leading nonrenewable resources. Diffucult access to the minerals (because of rugged terrian) have made it so that the mining industries haven't taken off well in Yukon. But now Yukon is beggining to perk interest in the mining industry because of things like highly. The Northern Territories. Occupying nearly 40 per cent of the country's total landmass, the North is an iconic yet mysterious region of Canada. Igloos, icebergs, polar bears, seal hunters and the Northern Lights may be some of Canada's best-known symbols, but they're found in a part of the country few will ever visit

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Canada's three territories - Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon - account for nearly 40 percent of the country's land mass and have a coastline that is twice as long as the Atlantic and Pacific coasts combined. Northerners number about 113,000, with many living in the territorial capitals of Iqaluit, Yellowknife and Whitehorse With regards to caribou, studies conducted by the Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Environment and Natural Resources conclude that barrenground caribou herds in the Northwest Territories have been declining and are at low numbers. To assist in the conservation and recovery of these herds, there is currently no outfitted.

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  1. ing.Traces of base metals such as copper, iron, nickel, silver, lead, zinc precious materials for example, gold, and diamonds, hydrocarbons oil and gas and radioactive elements uranium have been detected in various locations of the territory in recent years
  2. There is a close working relationship between land and water inspectors within the GNWT, as the Departments of Lands and Environment and Natural Resources are committed to delivering effective and efficient inspection and enforcement functions. Both types of officers are appointed as inspectors under the Waters Act, the Northwest Territories.
  3. Geologically, the Northwest Territories is the extension of Alberta's sedimentary basin with its massive oil and gas deposits. Norman Wells, for instance, has produced and shipped a small amount.
  4. Yukon Territory Northwest Territories Washington Montana Alaska Idaho ± Projection: Albers Datum: NA 83 Source: BC Geographic Warehouse Pro duce by: Ministry of Energy and Mines Mineral Titles Branch, Vancouver Date: Dec 04th, 2015 W: \ em vi ctb L oal p rj s \Recreational Panning Reserves \ R ec r at io nl P g s vO V w M
  5. The large and culturally diverse population, natural resources and strategic location contribute to a vital economy. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the country's main financial centre. Many people work in the service or manufacturing industries, which produce a large percentage of Canada's exports
  6. Natural Resources Canada. Nunavut is the largest and most northern territory of Canada. It is the newest territory as well, having been separated from Northwest Territories in 1999. One of the world's most remote locations, it has the second smallest population in Canada
  7. ing has been Yukon's most important extractive industry, although market fluctuations can cause sharp variations in production. The extensive and varied

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  1. Shane Thompson was re-elected to the 19 th Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly representing the constituency of Nahendeh. Mr. Thompson was first elected to the 18 th Assembly in November 2015 and served as Chair of the Standing Committee on Social Development. Mr
  2. Melville Island ( Inuktitut: ᐃᓗᓪᓕᖅ, Ilulliq) is an uninhabited island of the Arctic Archipelago with an area of 42,149 km 2 (16,274 sq mi). It is the 33rd largest island in the world and Canada's eighth largest island . Mountains on Melville Island, some of the largest in the western Canadian Arctic, reach heights of 750 m (2,460 ft)
  3. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada is one of our newest incentive program destinations.We know it is an amazing, if remote, location - and yet, many people have never heard of the place! We'd like to introduce you to this fascinating place by sharing some interesting facts about Yellowknife
  4. Most people have heard of this natural phenomenon, which sees the bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows dance and shift across the night sky. This is a top 10 bucket list item we're talking about. What you might not know is that the Northwest Territories provides some of the best (if not THE best) aurora borealis viewing in the world
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  6. Natural Gas in Canada. Natural gas is another natural resource in abundance in Canada. As the world's 4th largest producer and 5th largest exporter, it is estimated that there is about 1,225 trillion cubic feet of natural gas potential in the country.. Currently, natural gas is produced in almost all provinces and territories: Alberta, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, New.
  7. The Yukon was part of the Northwest Territories at this time, and when Great Britain gave the Northwest Territories to Canada in 1870, the Yukon was included in the deal. In 1896, a major gold discovery was made near Dawson City by prospector George Carmack and two native North Americans, Skookum Jim and Tagish Charlie

The official bird of the Northwest Territories is the gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus). It was adopted as the official bird in 1990. The gyrfalcon is the largest of all the falcons. The tundra region of the north is its breeding ground. In the most northerly part of its range its coloring is almost completely white In Nunavut and certain areas of the Northwest Territories, public lands and natural resources are governed and administered by the federal government. Other than Nunavut, each province and territory has its own mining legislation and mineral tenure system, though certain mineral rights in the Northwest Territories are administered by the. The Northwest Ordinance incorporated democratic ideals into the territories. It provided a process for territories to become states and industry, and its natural resources have evolved and continue to have a significant impact on the economic progress of the state, region,. The southern half of the region is almost entirely subarctic, with patches of Tundra in the northern half. The Northwest territories rely on the mining of products like natural gas, petroleum, gold, and diamonds to support their economy. Nunavut. Nunavut is the newest territory in Canada. It was separated from the Northwest Territories in 1999

Agriculture, Tourism, Natural Resources and Industry news . New action plan and supports for tourism industry. Thursday, March 18, 2021. New program to help farmers fight climate change . Thursday, March 18, 2021. Fund to assist farmers with costs from post-tropical storm Dorian. Tuesday, February 9, 2021 Natural Resources and Energy Development. Government of New Brunswick. Natural Resources. Invasive Species Alert: Smallmouth bass in the Miramichi River: Zebra mussels in moss/algal ball products: Buy a licence - Apply for a draw - Get an Outdoors Card number (Fish & Wildlife Licensing Yellowknife, capital of the Northwest Territories, grew up around a 1930s gold rush. While all of the miners tents of Old Town have long since been replaced, there is now a mix of wooden heritage buildings, arts and cultural institutions like the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, and a bustling community life fueled by the mining industry.. Some of the popular things to do are the boat. Energy and natural resources. Oil sands, oil, natural gas, coal, minerals, tenure, and electricity and renewable energy. Services and information. Alberta energy online services. Mineral and surface rights mapping, energy news, information letters, subscriptions and other online resources

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The Northwest Territories occupies about six percent of the total land area of the country. The NWT has a total area of 587,206 square miles (1,541,844 square kilometers), making it almost as large as the state of Alaska. Between 1905 and 1999, the Northwest Territories included all of Canada north of the 60th parallel, except the Yukon and. Agriculture, Natural Resources and Industry; Oil and Gas; Oil and Gas. Accelerated Site Closure Program. This program will provide up to $400 million for the abandonment and reclamation of inactive oil and gas wells and facilities in Saskatchewan. Public Offerings, Dispositions and Tenure Environment and Natural Resources Government of the Northwest Territories PO Box 1320 Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9 . Dear Linda, Re: Comments on the Proposed NWT Boreal Caribou Recovery Strategy . We have had the benefit of consulting members of the Chamber of Mines with many years They have enormous natural resources that translate to highest per capita GDP. All provinces and territories in Canada have been looking into new sectors to diversify their respective economies. In Ontario, the province has traditionally relied on its manufacturing and service industries

Assistant Deputy Minister, Environment and Natural Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada 500+ connections. Join to Connect Government of the Northwest Territories. University of Alberta. Report this profile Activity. Industries For Military Users Toporama - 075O10, Northwest Territories Get this Map Description: This collection is a legacy product that is no longer supported. Toporama is a digital topographic reference product developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). It covers the entire area of Canada's landmass and provides topographic, geo. The goal of the Northwest Territories (NWT) State of the Environment Report is to provide decision makers and the public with important information on our changing environment and to help make. The Northwest Territories is also big park country: picture five national parks and 34 territorial parks. Compared to many other Canada National Parks, the national parks in the Northwest Territories are truly wild and untouched. The gateway to many of the parks is from Inuvik, a town at the end of the iconic Dempster Highway

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Environment and natural resources in the North. Learn more about co-management of natural resources, climate change, environmental protection and fishing/hunting in the North. Learn about the development and management of minerals in Nunavut and in the Northwest Territories. Northern petroleum resources northwest territories mine lots of ores like diamonds, lead, gold and many more. Northwest territories has 5 mines, which averages out to making 2.1 billion dollars per mine NATURAL RESOURCES. The N.W.T. mines oil, zinc, iron ore, lead, and silver. The Canadian Shield is in part of N.W.T. It is an area with many minarals that are used all over the world. The N.W.T. also has natural gas and oil which can pumped out of the ocean floor by an oil platform, like the picture above Northwest Territories. In the Northwest Territories (NWT), the land, plants, animals and humans hold a kin interrelationship that has consummated livelihoods for generations. Resilience is central to this landscape whereby traditional knowledge, experience, skills, language, interconnections with the land, and resource care have all sustained. <p>Script is disabled. Click Submit to continue.</p><input type=submit value=Submit />

The Northwest Territories Lands and Resources Devolution Agreement was signed on June 25, 2013. This agreement transferred responsibility for public land, water and resource management in the Northwest Territories from the federal department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) to the GNWT on April 1, 2014 Northwest Territories Tourism Members. We've gathered some helpful resources together for you. In this section you will find documents and links that will be helpful to the tourism industry The government of the Northwest Territories is working on reviving a decades-old dream of exporting natural gas from the Mackenzie Delta. A map by the N.W.T.'s department of Industry, Tourism. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has six upland region offices and three aquatic districts that help to provide localized services throughout Washington. Offices are open during regular business hours Monday-Friday, except on state holidays. Upland Regions COVID-19 UPDATE View list of operational changes

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Canada's borders remain closed to international visitors and there is uncertainty about when and where restrictions on travel or gatherings will be lifted in the Northwest Territories. We are not alone in this challenge as the world is grappling with the impacts of COVID-19. The tourism industry has been hit hard, hit fast and it is hurting About. Environment and Natural Resources, as part of the Government of the Northwest Territories, works to promote and support the sustainable use and development of natural resources and to protect, conserve and enhance the Northwest Territories environment for the social and economic benefit of all residents. Visit Partner Website Canada's Northwest Territories and Siberia both have natural resources, and jobs in mining. Which region is richer and better place to work? There are hardly any cities in the Canadian arctic, but there are multiple cities in Siberia and Russian Far East (Kamchatka is like Baffin Island Select a city to browse Martindale.com's collection of Natural Resources attorneys in Northwest Territories Canada so you can find the right attorney or law firm near you

Coal is one major natural resource in Nova Scotia as well as Oil, Natural gas, and the Fishing Industry. Oil as well as Natural Gases are both found on the Southern coasts of Nova Scotia. Fishing and fish can be found at any of the Capes, Inlets, or Bays. Coal is very plentiful throughout all of Nova Scotia.There is not any Natural resources on. Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories 5 ; Department of Lands, Government of the Northwest Territories 6 East Arm Property Owner's Association 7-61 Nature United 62-64 NWT Chamber of Commerce 65-68 NWT Floatplane Association 69-71 NWT Métis Nation 72-7 Natural Resources of the Caribbean The character, extent, and availability of the Caribbean's natural resources are heavily influenced by the region's social and political characteristics, which result from historical relationships of the Caribbean with other, more powerful areas of the world. Source for information on Natural Resources of the Caribbean: Encyclopedia of African-American. Alberta's Oil Sands: Key Issues and Impacts. Northern Alberta's oil sands are increasingly becoming a source of political conflict, both domestically and globally, as scrutiny of the world's second-largest known oil reserve intensifies. While recent production in the oil sands has driven rapid economic growth in Alberta, there is. Employment-includes jobs held by people employed directly in the following industries: forestry and logging, support activities for forestry, pulp and paper product manufacturing, and wood product manufacturing.; Natural Resources Canada-Canadian Forest Service prefers to use employment data from Statistics Canada's System of National Accounts (SNA) because these data are linked to the.

Visit nwnatural.com to discover the affordability, reliability, comforts and conveniences of natural gas at home. Once you're a customer, you can register accounts, check your gas use, make payments and manage service online When severe weather threatens, Environment Canada issues alerts that notify those in affected areas so that they can take steps to protect themselves and their property from harm. The type of alert issued depends on the severity and timing of the event. Special statements: issued to highlight significant weather or express uncertainty. Watches: alert you about weather conditions that are. Course Overview: History of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest . What is Covered HSTAA 432, History of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest is an upper-division, undergraduate course on local and regional history. It focuses primarily on the three American states of Oregon, Idaho, and Washington, with additional attention to British Columbia, Alaska, western Montana, and. Manitoba is located in the center of Canada. The province borders Ontario to the east, Saskatchewan to the west, Northwest Territories to the north, and North Dakota to the south. Manitoba's economy relies heavily on natural resources and farming Since 2006, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR), Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has reported on the significant declines in the Kǫk'èetı̀ and Sahtì ekwǫ̀ herds and identified the requirement for management actions . In Board proceedings during 2010, 2016, and 2019, the WRR

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ECE, along with industry partners, is committed to supporting partnerships, people and possibilities, and building a workforce that contributes to industry and the economic well-being of the Northwest Territories. Service Standards. National Skilled Trades and Technology Wee Mike Westwick | Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada | Manager, Communications and Public Affairs, Environment and Natural Resources at Government of Northwest Territories | Everything has a story and I have a passion for telling them. | 259 connections | View Mike's homepage, profile, activity, article Canada and the Northwest Territories invest in more reliable and efficient energy generation in Fort Providence and Kakisa Press Release. From: Infrastructure Canada. Fort Providence, July 16, 2021—The safety and well-being of Canadians are top priorities for the governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories Top Things to Do in Northwest Territories, Canada: See Tripadvisor's 17,942 traveller reviews and photos of Northwest Territories tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in July. We have reviews of the best places to see in Northwest Territories. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions According to Natural Resources Canada, the highest temperature geothermal resources are located in British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Alberta. Biomass and Biofuels Biomass is a biological material in solid, liquid or gaseous form that has stored sunlight in the form of chemical energy, such as wood, peat and agricultural. the sustainable use and development of natural resources and to protect, conserve and enhance the Northwest Territories environment. They share this responsibility with Aboriginal and municipal governments, federal and territorial departments, boards and agencies and every resident of the Northwest Territories