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To transfer in as an ABE student, you must meet all requirements for admission to the degree granting program. Students at other UW System institutions planning to transfer to UW-Madison to obtain a BSE degree should work with the UW-Madison BSE Department to ensure that the courses they are taking will meet BSE degree requirements Mission and Purpose of the UW-Madison General Education Requirements The purpose of the General Education Requirements is to ensure that every graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison acquires the essential core of an undergraduate education. This core establishes a foundation for living a productive life, being a citizen of the world, appreciating aesthetic values, an It is the policy of UW-Madison that all work for the degree must be completed and all degree requirements satisfied before the degree can be granted. Example: A student who expects to graduate in Spring 2018 receives a grade of Incomplete for a Spring 2018 class that is required for their degree Students may also set up an appointment with the undergraduate advisor to go over requirements in detail and processes for switching colleges/degrees. Honors in the Biochemistry Major. Honors is available for all majors, regardless of the specific degree they are pursuing. However, the requirements differ

Students coming in with no AP/IB/transfer credit shouldplan on taking an average of 15 credits each semester in order to graduate in 4 years (120 credits in 8 semesters) Effective for students matriculating to any postsecondary institution as of May 21, 2007 and later, or who opted into the 2007 degree requirements The doctoral degree minimum residence credit requirement can be satisfied only with courses numbered 300 and above taken as a graduate student at UW-Madison. To learn more about this requirement, see Minimum Graduate Residence Credit Requirement. Minimum graduate coursework (50%) requirement At least 15 credits of upper level work in the major (courses numbered 300 or above) Total Political Science Credits _____ Students must have at least 30 credits within the Political Science Department. Here is the Undergraduate Catalog entry for the Political Science Major: BA in Political Science / BS in Political Science University of Wisconsin - Madison SAT Requirements Many schools say they have no SAT score cutoff, but the truth is that there is a hidden SAT requirement. This is based on the school's average score. Average SAT: 139 * Math requirement includes at least one year each of algebra, geometry, and advanced math, or an integrated sequence of courses. If you take any of these courses in middle school, that will count toward the requirement. Courses that will not fulfill this requirement include: statistics, business math, and computer classes

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  1. Degree A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or a comparable degree from an international institution is required. International applicants must have a degree comparable to a regionally accredited U.S. bachelor's degree. You must have completed your undergraduate degree, or similar, before starting graduate school
  2. Requirements for the BS-AMEP degree are listed in the UW Madison Guide. AMEP is a separate degree in L&S, the BS-AMEP degree requirements are somewhat different from those for a typical Letters & Science BS or BA degree. AMEP requires a total of a least 125 credits in the College of Letters and Sciences and/or the College of Engineering
  3. imum graduate residence, graduate degree, or
  4. Requirements Undergraduate students can pursue the Biology Major- with or without a named option- in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences or the College of Letters and Science: Biology, Bachelor of Arts Degree (College of Letters & Science

Comp Sci Major Declaration Requirements for students with SD grading: Completion of COMP SCI 300 and (MATH 222 or 276) Grade of BC or higher in an introductory programming course (COMP SCI 300, 354, or 400) taken at UW-Madison. 2.25 GPA or higher in the first attempt of the following courses: COMP SCI 300 and (MATH 222 or 276 UW-Madison pre-nursing students and students with other majors as well as prospective transfer and second-degree students, must meet the following requirements by the end of the spring term prior to the fall term of enrollment: 54 college-level credits 2.75 minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA

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  1. UW-Madison Undergraduate: With program approval, students are allowed to count no more than 7 credits of UW-Madison courses numbered 500 or above (earned as a UW-Madison undergraduate) toward the MS degree. Course work should be presented to the Director of Graduate Studies for the Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD program in the first semester of.
  2. Requirements for Graduation. It is each student's responsibility to inform the university when graduation is expected. This information is entered through the individual's Student Center in My UW-Madison. Students may also call or visit the Degree Audit and Diploma Services Office (Suite 11101, 333 East Campus Mall, 608-262-3782) to.
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Yes, in congruence with the UW-Madison Spring 2020 SD (Satisfactory-Disruption) and UD (Unsatisfactory-Disruption) special grading option: SD grade courses will count towards the Economics major declaration requirements, Economics major requirements, and will satisfy future Economics course prerequisites. UD grades will not count towards any of these requirements The statistics major is designed to provide a solid foundation in statistical data analysis and its application across disciplines. Students with interests in the natural and social sciences, engineering, and business among others may benefit by considering a double major with statistics. See a flow chart of the major requirements to view the different pathways of course progression

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Degree requirements are satisfied in two ways: by completing the requirements of your School or College and by completing the requirements of the Communication Sciences and Disorders major. Many Communication Sciences and Disorders students are in the College of Letters and Science. Students must fulfill the requirements of the Communication Sciences and Disorders BA or Communication Science Degree Requirements. Explore further requirements for your degree: Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Science See also: L&S Student Academic Affairs for more information on policies and resources in the College of Letters and Science. General Major Requirements. Students must complete (or show good progress towards completing) the first two pre-requisites before declaring the major REQUIREMENTS FOR UNDERGRADUATE DEGREES The University of Wisconsin-Madison sets minimum standards that must be met by all students pursuing an undergraduate degree. The information in the following paragraphs provides general information about study at UW-Madison. Requirements may vary among the schools and colleges, and for specific programs To automatically progress in a College of Engineering (CoE) degree program (major) after direct admission or to switch between engineering degree programs, students must complete the following requirements after their first two semesters of residency at UW-Madison: 24 credits completed at UW-Madison. Special topics, independent study, seminar.

  1. Bachelor degree requirements. Prospective botany majors should consult with the general undergraduate botany advisor by the beginning of the junior year to outline a course of study appropriate to the student's needs. Major Declaration forms may be obtained in the department office. To be accepted as a major in botany, a student must have a.
  2. Degree Requirements. Microbiology, Bachelor of Science Degree (College of Agricultural and Life Sciences) Microbiology major as an additional major in conjunction with a degree from a different school/college (Business, Education, Engineering, etc.) For all options, the major Microbiology coursework required for the degree is identical
  3. Wisconsin School of Business. Grainger Hall. 975 University Avenue. Madison, WI 53706. +1 608-262-1550. Contact Us
  4. Degree Requirements: Specific degree requirements differ among the various UW-Madison schools and colleges. Transfer credit applies toward degree requirements appropriately, depending on which major and/or degree you intend to complete. To learn more about degree and major requirements, consult the Guide or the appropriate undergraduate major
  5. Master's Degree Requirements Advisory Committee The appointment of Advisory and Certification Committees should occur within the first year following admission, consisting of the major professor, one faculty selected in consultation with the major professor, and the third appointed / approved by the Program Director
  6. Degree Requirements. Requirements are established by the Faculty of the College of Letters and Science to represent the core components of an L&S degree. Your major is just a part of these requirements, and, in fact, only makes up about 30% to 40% of the credits needed for the degree. Regardless of the major you choose, all L&S students must.
  7. GPA Requirements A student must receive at least a B or better in an Honors course in order to receive Honors credit and have that count towards the Honors in the Major Requirements; A cumulative GPA of 3.3 is required to be eligible for any Honors degree from UW-Madison

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  1. UW-Madison Graduate School policy allows the degree conferral to be documented after the Program classes have begun. Official Transcripts If recommended for admission by the Department, you will receive a request for your official transcripts from the Graduate School at that time
  2. The Minimum Graduate Residence Requirement refers to credits earned as a graduate student at UW-Madison.The Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program requires at least 16 graduate level (courses numbered 300 and above) credits in residence for the MS Pharmaceutical Sciences degree and at least 32 graduate level (courses numbered 300 and above) credits in residence for the PhD degree
  3. These new program requirements are as follows: Minimum Graduate Residence Credit Requirement. At least 16 graduate level credits (courses numbered 300 or above) of the 32 credits required by the SAS MS degree must be taken as a graduate student at UW - Madison. Minimum Graduate Course Work Requirements
  4. imum unless taken at the 700 level or above. This work will not appear on the graduate career portion of the UW-Madison transcript nor count towards the graduate career GPA. Table 1. Prior Coursework
  5. Doctoral Degree Requirements. Credits taken while enrolled as a graduate student outside of the Department and UW-Madison may count toward this requirement with the approval of the Graduate Committee. Each area of graduate study within the Department, however, has further specific requirements for the completion of the PhD..
  6. A transfer student is anyone who has attended another college or university after graduating from high school and wishes to enroll in an undergraduate degree program at UW-Madison. In order to be eligible for transfer admission for UW-Madison Online, you must have completed at least 12 transferable semester hours of college-level work

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Best Master's in Data Science program is at University of Wisconsin Madison Department of Statistics. Students will be able to apply computational, mathematical, and statistical thinking to data-rich problems in a wide variety of fields. The full curriculum is now published in our guide. You can see a full listing of the curriculum and the sample 4-year plan for course planning and advising. Current UW-Madison students and transfer students offered admission to the Wisconsin BBA Program must enroll at UW-Madison the following fall semester (or be on a university-sponsored study abroad experience). If an admitted student is unable to attend in the fall term, the student must decline the offer of admission

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Coursework earned ten or more years prior to admission to a doctoral degree is not allowed to satisfy requirements. To confer credits, you will need to fill out the Chemistry Course Waiver Form and: Identify a graduate course at UW-Madison that is similar to the course taken at another institution UW-Madison University Special With program approval students are allowed to count no more than 9 credits of coursework numbered 300 or above taken as a UW-Madison University Special student. Coursework earned five or more years prior to admission to the master's degree is not allowed to satisfy requirements Vallabh Sambamurthy: The business case for new building on UW-Madison campus. Dean of Wisconsin School of Business Vallabh Sambamurthy, shares with Wisconsin State Journal why he believes a new College of Letters & Science building to replace the current Humanities Building would benefit students and the University as a whole A student completing a double degree earns two degrees—an MSW from the Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work and a Master's degree in another area. Graduates receive two diplomas. Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work advisors work with students regarding the requirements to earn their MSW while an advisor from another department advises. Course and Course Criteria. Courses that satisfy the General Education requirements can be found at the University's Course Search and Enrollment page. On the left side of the page will be a list of course attributes that can be used to narrow that list down. Under General Education, you may select the following: Communication A. Communication B


Master of Science in Biotechnology Program at UW-Madison is a working degree program educating professionals in the business, science and legal/ethical aspects of the global biotechnology industry Our undergraduate students are advised by: Vermillion Kalmon, Katie Instructional Faculty Associate: Teaching and Advising 1430 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-265-2865, kvermillion@wisc.edu Foley, Lauren Student Services Coordinator 1426 Genetics Biotechnology Center, 608-265-9285, lauren.foley@wisc.edu Students are typically assigned an adviser; however, students may meet with any adviser. M.S. Requirements In order to obtain the degree of Master of Science in Computer Sciences (MS in CS), a student must: be admitted to the traditional MS track or PhD track of the Department, meet the minimum credit requirement for the degree, not be dismissed, suspended or on probation due to lack of satisfactory performance, and pay all fees and file th Course of Study Students' courses of study in the Ph.D. program must meet the minimum requirements of the department as well as any additional requirements determined by the students' major professor, and this includes University requirements. For example, language requirements will vary considerably according to areas of specialization. At the beginning of, or just prio Department of Biochemistry — Undergraduate Program. The undergraduate program in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison combines modern, cutting-edge science with a strong historical foundation to tackle the largest issues facing science today. Since its origin in 1883, the department has consistently ranked among the best biochemistry departments in the.

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Enrollment in any one of the required certificate courses along with enrollment in a graduate degree program at UW-Madison. Foreign Language. Satisfactorily complete at least four college-level terms (or the equivalent, such as 4 years in high school) of a modern foreign language, including its spoken form To earn the Digital Studies Certificate, students must complete all requirements for a Bachelor's degree, requirements of the declared major (s), and graduate from UW-Madison. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for courses counting toward the Certificate and 9 credits counting toward the Certificate must be taken in-residence UW-Madison is one of the world's premier research and teaching universities. For more than 50 years, we have been synonymous with leadership in engineering mechanics. The UW-Madison Master of Science in Engineering Mechanics: Aerospace Engineering is taught by senior faculty and experienced professionals in the aerospace engineering industry

In addition to fulfilling all University requirements for the College of Letters & Science, students must fulfill the following major requirements:. 1. Mathematics. Math 112: Algebra (3 cr) and Math 113: Trigonometry (3 cr) OR; Math 114: Algebra and Trigonometry (5 cr) OR; Math 171: Calculus with Algebra and Trigonometry I (5 cr) and Math 217: Calculus with Algebra and Trigonometry II (5 cr) O How to Declare. Make an appointment through Starfish with Ginny Jackson, the Molecular and Cell Biology student services coordinator. Questions can also be emailed to vjackson4@wisc.edu. Major Requirements. When selecting courses to meet major and degree requirements, students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor and student services coordinator to discuss courses that align with. PROGRAM OVERVIEW The School of Social Work offers two majors: social welfare and social work. These majors prepare the student for further academic study or for employment in selected human service arenas. The undergraduate curriculum provides an education in the social and behavioral sciences and their application to human problems. Majors in social welfare an Admission requirements for the MA program are taken from the Graduate School's minimum requirements for admission and include: Degree. A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution, or a comparable degree from an international institution. An undergraduate program that includes breadth in liberal arts and sciences is.

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Apply to Graduate: This page describes the process by which UW-Madison students must apply to graduate. Diplomas: This page provides information about when and where you will receive your diploma. Commencement: This page provides general commencement information for UW-Madison.. Graduation Check: This page describes the process by which IS Majors should check that their degree requirements. The Conservation Biology Personal Statement is a writing assignment completed your senior year. It allows you to work with your faculty advisor and connect your UW-Madison experiences to your future goals. Some examples include a personal plan for graduate school, a cover letter for a job or internship or your own personal statement that reviews your educational, and professional history while.

The application requirements are the same as the requirements for applicants to the regular M.S./Ph.D. program, except the GRE Subject test is not required. Applicants must: satisfy the Graduate School requirements with respect to undergraduate grade-point average, bachelor's degree, English proficiency, and international financial informatio The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Art Department offers two professional programs, Studio Art and Art Education, across three undergraduate degrees and two studio certificate programs. Studio Art majors may pursue either the Bachelor of Science in Art degree (BS-Art), the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA), or Graphic Design options in either degree To be eligible for Distinction, students must complete 60 or more credits at UW-Madison and earn a cumulative grade point average that places them within the top 20 percent of their graduating class. Students who receive this award are eligible to wear the Distinction Stole (solid cardinal red) during commencement exercises These courses will not appear on the UW-Madison transcript nor count toward the graduate career GPA. Coursework earned 10 or more years prior to admission to a doctoral degree is not allowed to satisfy requirements. To confer credits, you will need to fill out the Math Transfer Credit Approval Form and submit it to the Director of Graduate Studies Requirements and Expectations for the MA Degree Advising When students first begin the MA program, they are assigned an interim advisor to whom they may go for guidance in the MA program. They may also consult with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in choosing classes and as they review and complete MA requirements. Al

UW-Madison General Education Requirements This document provides links to information about the University General Education Requirements, for which L&S serves as the campus trustee. Campus-wide undergraduate General Education requirements went into effect in the fall semester, 1996-97 for all undergraduates whose initial college. Only select the M.A. application if you plan on a terminal M.A. at UW-Madison—all other applicants select the Ph.D. application, even if you have not yet received a master's degree. Please note : the $75 application fee must be paid at the time of application (international students will be charged an additional $6 for processing)

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See the UW Graduate School website for minimum credit and grade requirements. 7. Teaching Requirement. At least one semester of classroom teaching experience is required of all Ph.D. students while in residence at UW-Madison. Prior teaching experience and grader positions do not count. Additional teaching experience is highly recommended. 8 If you have completed all degree requirements, you need to take action to maintain your visa status. R ead through the program completion checklist c onsult an ISS advisor for any questions. You must be enrolled in on-campus UW-Madison course(s) Online-only courses do not meet F-1 or J-1 enrollment requirements Contact Us. Department of Philosophy University of Wisconsin-Madison 5185 Helen C. White Hall 600 North Park Street Madison, WI 53706 phone: 608-263-370 Minimum requirements for admission to graduate work in geology or geophysics at most universities in the United States, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, are: A bachelor's degree in geology/geophysics or a related science; One year of college chemistry (1 Year High School plus Chemistry 109 recommended The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at University of Wisconsin Madison was 3.84 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily A- students are accepted and ultimately attend. The school ranks #1 in Wisconsin for highest average GPA. If your high school GPA meets these requirements, there is a good chance you will be accepted.

The DoIT Help Desk provides free tech support and troubleshooting help to UW-Madison students. The Help Desk can diagnose most application and hardware issues and provide repair options. Get help via phone, email and chat 7 days a week Starting fall 2021, tuition for UW-Madison Online courses will increase from $575 to $675 per credit hour. For UW-Madison Online, the tuition rate is the same for all students regardless of whether you are a resident of Wisconsin. Fees. For UW-Madison Online, you do not have to pay segregated fees Associate Degree Satisfaction of UW-Madison Gen Ed Requirements This section explains what requirements are fulfilled with a liberal arts associate degree earned by students transferring with a UW Institution Associate Degree and by students transferring from the Wisconsin Technical College System

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  1. imum requirements for admission.. 2. Online Application.Applications must be submitted electronically. To access the UW-Madison Graduate School online application: Click Here 3
  2. UW-Madison PharmD Prerequisite Course Requirements Prerequisite Requirement Course Grade Calculus 1 course General Chemistry I 1 course and lab General Chemistry II 1 course and lab degree Additional Elective Coursework 72 total credits . School of Pharmacy UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON
  3. The University of Wisconsin is a top-ranked research institution located in Madison, Wisconsin, providing exceptional education opportunities to undergraduates, graduate and professional students
  4. ating research findings through extension.
  5. Comm A & Comm B Requirement. The Undergraduate Communication Requirement is a two-course requirement that all undergraduates at the UW-Madison are required to complete. Both courses of this requirement include an information literacy component. For more information about General Education Requirements at UW-Madison click here
  6. If you completed prerequisite coursework at UW-Madison, AP and IB test credits will be granted according to the UW‒Madison Credit by Exam policies. International Coursework While many of our program prerequisites can be completed outside of the United States, two course requirements must be completed at an accredited college or university.

Undergraduate Majors. At the highly ranked UW-Madison School of Education, students can pursue an education in the arts, education, or health. Our graduates lead fulfilling careers in the visual arts, dance, and theatre; education policy, leadership, and teaching; and a variety of health and wellness areas MASTER'S DEGREE PROGRAM Upon admission, each student is assigned a faculty advisor based on the student's area of interest. In consultation with the advisor, each student can shape an individualized course sequence (see also common course sequence). The Masters of Science program consists of 45 credits, and typically takes 2 full years of study t

The minimum foreign language requirement for admission to UW-Madison is two sequential units of a language (other than English). Competitive applicants have at least three or four units. A unit of language is defined as: One semester of college OR. One year of high school OR. Two years of middle school There are also foreign language and math requirements for a Letters & Science degree. All UW-Madison students must complete the same general education requirements: Communications A and Communications B, Quantitative Reasoning A and Quantitative Reasoning B, and an ethnic studies course Transfers must complete one semester at UW-Madison to establish a UW-Madison GPA before admission and may apply during their first semester at UW-Madison for admission the following semester. Students must have earned a minimum of 24 credits either at UW-Madison or via transfer credit from another college degree program and meet. The Au.D. program is a four-year professional doctorate program offered jointly by the UW-Madison Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and the UW-Stevens Point School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. It was designed to train professional audiologists through a firm foundation in science and technology. Clerkships and on-site mentoring assure that students graduate with.

Requirements include completion of ten or more years of distinguished service at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and permanent employee status at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with eligibility to receive an annuity from the Wisconsin Retirement System. Emeritus status is available to Academic Staff, University Staff, and Faculty Graduation Requirements: In order to graduate a Honors in the English major, students must (1) achieve a minimum GPA of 3.5 in major courses, (2) achieve a minimum GPA of 3.3 in all University coursework, and (3) have taken at least 12 credits in English for honors credit. For the current (pre-August 2014) Honors in the major, you must take 5. UW-Madison charges a non-refundable $75 application fee that must be paid by credit card (Master Card or Visa) or debit/ATM card in the online application system. In addition to the $75 application fee, non U.S. citizens will be charged a $6.00 international document processing fee Underneath the title Welcome to UW-Madison University Health Services you will see the following: Submit outside records of COVID-19 Vaccination HERE.. Click or tap on the word HERE.. You will then be on the Medical Clearances page. Look for COVID vaccine under the heading Items required for clearance.

The UW School of Veterinary Medicine offers a four-year professional degree program leading to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. The curriculum is designed to provide each graduate with a broad veterinary medical education and the skills necessary for the profession Be admitted to a Madison College degree program; Once a semester Madison College will notify UW-Madison students of their potential eligibility to receive an associate's degree based on coursework completed at Madison College and UW-Madison. All degree credit requirements must be satisfied to earn an associate's degree Degree Requirements. See M.M. Woodwinds degree worksheet for details. This is the document your advisor will use to keep track of your degree progress. For detailed information on exams, recitals, etc., please visit the Graduate Student Resources page. Be sure to check out the School of Music Graduate Student Handbook Application deadline for Fall 2019: January 4, 2019. Degrees offered: MS; PhD Application Requirements Students entering the PhD program who have pursued an MS at another institution should have the degree in hand before beginning study at UW-Madison. BS or BA is required. Graduate students may enter the department with a bachelor's degree in geolog

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In the UW-Madison Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction: Secondary Education program, you will develop a conceptual appreciation of secondary school mathematics (middle and high school)—one that will enable you to foster students' abilities to create a deep and connected set of ideas, relationships, procedures, and concepts Candidates must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized, accredited college or university in biochemistry, chemistry, physics, or one of the biological or medical sciences. A minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) is required. In addition to meeting the general requirements of the UW-Madison Graduate School, coursework in biochemistry, physics, organic chemistry, and physical chemistr UW-Madison is a leading research university with more than 90 faculty engaged in neuroscience research. Undergraduate students in our major will have access to these faculty members in formal classroom environments and through undergraduate research opportunities UW-Madison online graduate engineering program ranked 8th by U.S. News & World Report. MADISON, Wis.—For the 10th year in a row, the University of Wisconsin-Madison's online master's degrees in engineering have been ranked among the best in the country by U.S. News & World Report. This year's 8th-place

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With program approval and payment of the difference in tuition, students are allowed to count no more than 9 credits of coursework numbered 300 or above taken as a UW-Madison University Special student. Coursework earned five or more years prior to admission to a doctoral degree is not allowed to satisfy requirements. Probatio The UW-Madison graduate program is primarily a Ph.D-granting program. Due to funding, the limited number of spaces we have available each year, and the limited time during which master's student would conduct research, we do not often admit master's students The Master's Degree While the department offers the degree of Master's of Arts in Philosophy, the department does not admit students who do not intend at the outset to pursue the Ph.D. in Philosophy. There is no separate Master's Degree Program. The requirements for the degree of Master of Arts are set in part b

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2. To determine your academic record and degree equivalent and whether it qualifies you for admission to graduate study, review the Grad School admissions requirements. Locate your school and then check minimum quality for UW-Madison Graduate School admission and minimum level for UW-Madison Graduate School admission Graduate Programs. The nationally renowned programs within the UW-Madison School of Education produce scholars who can build upon the practical application of knowledge and master their areas of study from a theoretic and analytic viewpoint. The School houses top-ranked programs in the arts, education, and health, preparing students for. ONLY applicants who are OFFERED ADMISSION to UW-Madison and ACCEPT THE POSITION will be required to submit an ADDITIONAL $75 UW-Madison University enrollment fee (students accepted into our Program are guaranteed admission into the University) and a non-refundable deposit of $500, which will be applied towards summer 2022 tuition The Educational Specialist Certificate Program is a 60-credit program. In most cases, someone entering the program already holds a master's degree in educational leadership. Coursework completed in a master's program in educational leadership is typically accepted toward the 60-credit requirement. At a minimum, 24 of the 60 credits must be completed at UW-Madison Requirements. To earn a CJCP Certificate, a student must complete all requirements for a Bachelor's degree, requirements of their declared major (s), and graduate from UW - Madison. In addition, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 as governed by University regulations, take all required courses for a letter grade versus pass-fail. You were made for more. When it comes to your future, you call the shots. Reach your goals your way, with a professional degree or certificate from UW-Madison. Choose from dozens of programs, including online, accelerated, and other flexible learning options. Explore programs