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5% Off Your Lowe's Advantage Card Purchase: 1/8in drill bit is recommended. Loop opening is .1562-in. Loop size is .4375-in Hillman Hooks Stainless Steel Hooks Steel Hooks Zinc Hooks Screw Hook Hooks Gate Hook And Eye Hooks Hanging Home And Industrial Products Hooks Chain Or Rope Hooks Shoulder Hook Hooks Blue Hawk Hooks K Rail System. Shop Hillman Screwdriving Bit Adapter in the Screwdriver Bit Holders & Adapters department at Lowe's.com. Hex driver bits are terrific for driving screws or fasteners with a drill or impact driver. The slotted bit design is engineered for use with slotted-head la It works with any size wing nut or eye/hook bolt. Works with any size wing nut or eye/hook bolt. Fastest way to install and remove wing nut or eye/hook bolt. One slot for wing nuts, one slot for eye/hook bolts. Works in drills, impact drivers, and SpeedLoad+ Chuck. Includes: (1) AR2011G SpeedLoad+ Wing Nut/Bolt Driver. California residents Mounting on masonry requires a special masonry drill bit and masonry screws. 1. Select the hanging location. 2. Mark the location using the holes on the hanger as a guide. 3. Use a masonry bit to drill the holes about ¼ deeper than the length of the screw. - TIP: For safety, always wear eye protection when drilling into a masonry wall. 4 Celebrate Lowe's first SpringFest event - a festival of fun and savings for your home and garden. Get deals on mulch, soil, power equipment, and more

The Suspend-It Eye Lag Screw Drill Adapter can be used to quickly and easily install eye lag screws (sold separately) when installing drop ceilings. Designed for use with any 3/8 in. power drill. Use the adapter to screw eye lags into wood or metal joists. Insert the adapter into any 3/8 in. power drill for easy installation of eye lag screws Step 4. Install the pegboard, reinstall the shelves, and re-attach the door. When the door is folded up, add a hook and eye to the end (B) and to the door to hold it closed. The sawhorses fold against the wall when not needed, and swing out to support the work surface when you are ready to use it. Shop Tool Storage and Work Benches Ace 3/8 inch D X 2-7/8 inch L Zinc-Plated Steel Screw Eye 250 pound capacity 2 pack. 0 Reviews. $2.59 2.59 $. Free Store Pickup Today. Select 2 or more products for side-by-side feature comparison. Compare. Ace Small Zinc-Plated Steel 3.375 inch L Ceiling Hook 50 pound 2 pack. 0 Reviews. $2.39 2.39 $ PANOVOS (2pc) Power Wing Nut Driver Set,Slot Wing nuts Drill Bit Socket Wrenches Tools Set,1/4 Hex Shank Drills Bits for Panel Nuts screws eye C hook bolt. $7.99. In Stock. Sold by PANOVOS TOOLS and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 Turning multiple hooks and eye hooks (especially the small ones), is a tedious process. Using a lever attached to a drill/driver makes it much easier. An allen key is the perfect shape to fit.

Turning multiple hooks and eye hooks (especially the small ones), is a tedious process. Using a lever attached to a drill/driver makes it much easier. An Allen key is the perfect shape to fit. PANOVOS (2pc) Power Wing Nut Driver Set,Slot Wing nuts Drill Bit Socket Wrenches Tools Set,1/4 Hex Shank Drills Bits for Panel Nuts screws eye C hook bolt. 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,415. $7.99$7.99. With a dual-head design, this wing nut driver set includes 2 ½-inch drill bits, 1 ¼-in drive socket, and a 1/2-amp driver

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hook and eye on the pole due to steps or uneven surfaces use a 1/16 drill bit to drill a hole through the backing and the one side of the pole. This hole will be tight for the hook and eye and will allow it to self tap into the pole for proper gripping. Use a pair of pliers to tighten the hook and eyes through the self-tapping phase PANOVOS (2pc) Power Wing Nut Driver Set,Slot Wing nuts Drill Bit Socket Wrenches Tools Set,1/4 Hex Shank Drills Bits for Panel Nuts screws eye C hook bolt. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 1,316. $7.99. $7. . 99. With a dual-head design, this wing nut driver set includes 2 ½-inch drill bits, 1 ¼-in drive socket, and a 1/2-amp driver The eye bolts are threaded to UNC standard and the hole needs to be tapped accordingly to ensure the shoulder will be firmly seated against the object to be lifted. When drilling and tapping the hole for the eye bolt, the hole depth should be the length of the shank plus one half the diameter of the shank

Muzata T316 Stainless Steel Eye Shape Screws, Heavy Duty Screw Eyes for Metal Hook, Wood Terminal Ring Eyelet Hooks, Hammock Stand, Self Tapping Screws, 3.5 Inches M6 Eye Bolt 10 Pack, CR18 4.7 out of 5 stars 32 Another option is to tapcon a piece of wood (2x4 or 2x6) to the ceiling then you can attach whatever type of lag bolt eye hook you want. Tapcons are blue anchor screws in the hardware isle at HD or Lowe's. They come in kits with drill bits. You should be able to get something like 1/4x 3 should be plenty to secure a board. Just my .0

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  1. 1-5/8 in. Stainless-Steel Screw Eyes Lag Thread (10-Pack) Attach your household items easily with this Attach your household items easily with this 10-pack of Hillman stainless steel screw eyes. Stainless steel construction resists corrosion and impact, while a sturdy loop design allows screw eyes to bear weight up to 1lb. when used with rope of an equal load-capacity rating
  2. Hook Pulleys x2 Rope Cleat x1 48 ft. Rope x1 Pulley Plate x1 Lift Assembly x1 #10x50.4 mm Screw x14 Screw Eye Hook x1 PACKAGE CONTENTS/ HARDWARE CONTENTS/ PREPARATION/ A C E B D AA BB Bicycle not included Before beginning installation of product, make sure all parts are present. Drill with bit, stud finder (if mounting item to the wall.
  3. SA-2408 DOUBLE ROBE HOOK SA-2410 DOUBLE PAPER HOLDER TOOLS AND SUPPLIES Phillips Screwdriver Pencil Drill Drill Bit Ø3/16 Level Hex Key (included) Phillips Drive Bit Additional warranty information can be found at: www.speakman.com WARRANTY MAINTENANCE † Cover your drain to prevent loss of parts. Be sure to wear eye protection
  4. 1/4 in. x 3-3/4 in. Stainless Steel Screw Eye (2-Pack) A screw eye is a bolt with a loop fashioned A screw eye is a bolt with a loop fashioned at the non-threaded end and a lag thread screw on the other. Great for light-duty applications; it is made with steel for strength and is designed to attach cables to surfaces
  5. 3 Packs Power Wing Nut Driver Set, Slot Wing Nuts Drill Bit Socket Wrenches Tools Set, 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Steel Drills Bits for Panel Nuts Screws Eye C Hook Bolt 4.5 out of 5 stars 364 $8.59 $ 8 . 5
  6. • Using a power drill with a 1/16 drill bit attached drill a pilot hole into the center of the joist. • Using the ratchet and 1/2 socket fasten a 3 lag bolt (K) into the joist until the spacer channel pulley bar is securely fastened to the joist
  7. So most bolts, wing-nuts, hex nuts, square nuts, eye-screws, cup hooks, lag screws, etc., that are 7mm-19mm (1/4-3/4) will fit this. It has a standard 3/8 square hole on the back that will fit a standard ratcheting wrench. It also comes with a drill adapter which has one end fits in back and the other in the drill

Plastic pots (I used lime green and turquoise from Lowe's) Drill with 1/4″ drill bit; 3″ S hooks (found in the outdoor section of Lowe's) Vise Grip; Here's the DL (downlow for short) on how I created the Vertical Pallet Garden. 1. At the top of the pallet (slats oriented horizontally), screw in (1) eye hook at about 2-3″ in from. Drill [8.] Drill bit 3/16,1/4 [9.] Phillips screw driver [10.] (12) 1/4 x 3 lag screws or 16d nails [11]. Shims STEP 1: PRELIMINARY INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Standing on the floor, reach up with the pole hook and firmly hook the eye-bolt on the attic door and pull to open door. 2. Position a stepladder to the side of the attic. In this video i will show you how to drill into brick, concrete and cement with a drill and also how to attach, fix, mount or anchor into a brick concrete or.. If you strike wood, you will use the included screw to attach the hook, so don't drill a bigger hole. If your drill bit goes straight through, you will drill a 5/8 hole. Don't attach any hooks or screws just yet! Lift the ladder pot rack up to the ceiling and align the two side eye hooks with the holes you just drilled Pre-drill holes for the screw eye hooks using the 1/16 drill bit in the center marks you just made. Step 6-Screw the eye hooks in with you fingers, into the pre-drilled holes. Step 7-Measure the diameter of the cut sonotube. It should be about 2 feet. Mark your starting point, and mark every 6 inches around. Screw in the eye hooks at these.

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Lowe's Pro Supply is a leading product, services, and solutions provider in the USA for professional customers and companies in the field of Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO), Residential Property Management Services, and Property Renovation and Repairs Screw eyes are sold by industry trade sizes (e.g. 112), which correspond to a specific wire diameter, inside eye diameter and length. 112.222 wire.160 wire.135 wire.080 wire.072 wire.062 wire.056 wire.120 wire.120 wire.105 wire.148 wire.135 wire continued length inside eye diameter wire diameter industry. Security Bit Set with Case, 100 Pc. (2,255) Write a Review. Complete set of security bits to access protected components. $999. Compare to. EAZYPOWER 81962 at $25.41 Save 60%. + Add to My List Lowe's latest battery platform promises powerful, fast tools for pros. Deal of the Week: Titanium Drill Bit Set Harbor Freight is offering 85 percent off their best-selling titanium drill bit set

Double-end Drive Bits (59) Drive Bit Sets (49) Drywall Screw Setters (4) Insert Drive Bits (115) Nut Drivers (68) Power Drive Bits (220) Socket Adapters (8) Impact Rated. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results Jandorf CB218 1/4 in. S X 3/4 in. L Multi-Material Motor Brush 2 pk. 0 Reviews. $9.99 9.99 $. Free Store Pickup Today. Select 2 or more products for side-by-side feature comparison. Compare. Eazypower 7 in. S X 7 in. L Plastic Drill Attachment 1 pk Attach a 1/8-inch drill bit to a power drill and line up the bit at the location on the wood where you want the eye hook installed. Press down firmly on the wood and push the button on the handle to turn on the drill. Drill into the wood the length of the threaded end of the eye hook 8251-10210 HDG2.00EACH$ 18.40. Adjustable Gate Eyes. 3/4 Threaded shaft with 2 nuts and 2 washers. Eye size - 3/4 to fit the other 3/4 Gate Hangers. Available in 4, 6, 8 or 10 lengths (measured from the center of the eye to the end of the threaded shaft. Hot Dipped Galvanized only

A quick and easy method for screwing a hook into a wall. A quick and easy method for screwing a hook into a wall Hook screws are small fasteners consisting of a pointed, threaded end and a curved hook end. They can be purchased from most hardware stores and will come in different sizes based on the amount of weight they can support. There are various sizes of hook screws. If your item is small, use cup hooks or, even smaller, screw eye hooks Use a drill bit to pre-drill holes on either side of the wood shapes for the 1/2 in screw-eye hooks. By hand, screw in the eye hooks. Using acrylic paint, paint the wood shapes and beads Search Results For Eye Screws 40 Items. STOREHOUSE. Anchors and Screws for Wood, 206 Pc. Anchors and Screws for Wood, 206 Pc. $ 4 49. Add to Cart Add to My List. Screw Extractor and Left-Hand Drill Bit Combo Set, 10 Pc. $ 8 99. Add to Cart Add to My List. PITTSBURGH. Multi-Bit Precision Screwdriver Set, 34 Pc. Multi-Bit Precision. Fill the pilot holes halfway with silicone caulk and install a screw hook into each hole. Remove any caulk that squeezes out of the hole. Allow the caulk to cure according to the manufacturer's instructions. Note: Don't space screw eyes and hooks more than 48 in. OC

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Drill 4 holes on the dry wall/beam or concrete. STEP 4: Install the ceiling mount using the 4 bolts or screws, depending on the surface. (You might need a socket ratchet wrench for bolts.) : We strongly recommend a ceiling mount vs. a eye hook because it will provide a stronger anchor point. STEP 5 Also known as screw eyes, use the sharp point of these eyebolts to mount directly into wood. Snap these hooks into track to hang equipment or attach straps. Drive these hangers into wood with an adjustable wrench, pliers, or a special driver bit. Drilling Screw-Style Hangers. Drill holes with the point on these hangers Drill a pilot hole through the floor covering, sinking it deeply into the plywood base directly beneath the bag as indicated by the string. Choose a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the eye hook you used to hang the bag Stainless eye hooks (Lowes, 88¢) Stainless S hooks (Lowes, 88¢) Not pictured: Spray sealer or brush-on sealer and foam brush; Script liner brush (if you decide to add finer detail) Drill and drill bit just smaller than your eye hooks; Paint the base with two coats of ivory and allow to dry. Tape off a rectangle with frog tape Southwire™ Tools & Equipment provides a comprehensive line of top-quality hand tools, meters, testers and contractor equipment. Built for durability. Built for reliability. Built for work

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I want to attach shade sails over my patio. I had 3 steel posts welded to the steel fence supports on one side of my patio. Now I'm trying to figure out how to attach them to the side of my house. Here's a picture of my patio area. On the left side, you can see 2 of the 3 steel posts I had installed Need to attach sails to the house on this side of the patio Turnbuckle Wire Clamp Tool: This is a Wire Clamp Tool. The clamp uses 14ish to 20ish gauge wire to create a tight clamp around or between objects. It works great to replace bulky hose clamps, or to tightly bind almost any two objects together. It has a huge range of s May 26, 2021 - Includes pre assembled 5 ft tall and 10 ft wide sections of pool fencing with 5 rust proof poles with child safety fence mesh spaced every 3 ft. Poles are constructed of a stainless steel core, a PVC insert and a powder coated finished aluminum. Includes deck sleeves, deck caps, hook and eye and a installation template for fast and accurate pole to pole measurements Step 4: Hooks and Eyes: On the one leg side of the platform, choose three consecutive B's. Use your hands to screw in an eye hook into the middle of the side of B. Repeat this for two other B's. Again, using your hands, screw in a hook screw into the top of one of the three F's. Repeat with the other two F's

4. It is also easier to attach the steel cable to an eye hook than attaching the string lights to an anchor would be. To attach the cable to the eye hook we threaded the galvanized steel rope through a ferrule. 5. Once the wire was in place we took a wire rope cutter and crimped the ferrule to make the wire secure. 6 How to Install Hooks in Concrete Ceilings. Concrete, like brick and china, is a ceramic material made from processed rocks. It is extremely strong when under compression but much weaker when under. Step 2: On the other end of the tube, drill two holes about 3″ from the end, one on the top and another on the bottom of the tube. I then put a threaded eye hook bolt (see below) in each hole (with the hook portion on the outside) and used the included nut (threaded on the inside of the tube) to tighten the hooks down Jigs and Misc: $165 for the jigs, and one router bit. Total Cost: $303 to build two shutters. This cost includes the investment of the jigs and bits. So the cost for a pair of shutters without the jigs is roughly $140. Custom wood shutters average about $30/sf. My shutters cover 15 sf which would have been $450 Using a 1 ¼ shank forstner drill bit, drill out the holes for each ladder rung. (Thanks to the guy at Lowe's who helped me figure out which drill bit to buy.) The drilling isn't as hard as it looks, but it does take a steady hand to keep the drill straight. My hubby did the drilling, and I just tried it out for fun on some scrap wood

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Each section will have two (2) eye-hooks and two (2) J-hooks. We will eventually string the wire from one J-hook, through the corresponding eyelet on the other side, down to a tent stake set right next to one of your rhizomes. Above is the image showing the spacing of my hooks. The blue dots signify where I drilled my pilot holes for each hook This Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit is only 6.3 in. front to back and its high-performance brushless motor delivers 340 unit watts outs (UWO). The LED provides optimum illumination in dark spaces. The handle is ergonomically designed for increased comfort, balance and easier tool control. It also has a removable belt hook CONFAST® brand concrete screws are ideal for attaching to solid concrete, brick or block. Available in hex washer head and flat countersunk phillips drive: 3/16 and 1/4 diameter, 3/16 and 1/4 diameter, 1/4 diameter requires a 3/16 hole, Lengths from 1-1/4 to 6, All sizes in stock, All orders ship same day they are received. PRICES & SIZES - Drill - Measuring Tape - Pencil - Door Hardware. Measure from the top of the door to the center of each hinge and mark each hole with a pencil. Measure hinge #1, 7″ from the top of the door. Hinge #2 38″ from top of the door.Hinge #3, 69″ from the top of the door. Using a 3/32″ drill bit, drill 1/4″ deep pilot holes

Hi there. I am just thinking beyond the clothes hooks. Just below that point, below window, there is a plug covering a screw. I am not sure what that is but perhaps it could take one of these M6 Eye Hooks. There is also a plastic hook on the back corner of the trunk (likely for a cargo net). I am wondering if that could a place for one of the. Next, you need to attach your shade to a 1×2. These are super cheap. They can be easily cut with a cheap hand saw, or Lowe's can cut them for you also. It needs to be 1/4″ smaller than the width of your window. Attach 3 eye hooks to one side of the wood like this. Then, measure your fabric from the bottom hem Black & Decker Drill; 1 3/16″ spade drill bit (from Lowes) 3″ hole saw; 3″ wide lip net pots, Use the 1 and 3/8 inch drill bit to drill holes, one at each end (be sure where you place the holes will be able to fit in your tank!). Hook up your pump to the tubing and attach the tubing to the inflow fitting of the grow bed Cut booth so that you now have 6 sections of PVC pipe and foam noodle. Assemble as shown. Drill 5/16 hole in 6 3/4″ PVC end caps and then insert screw eye as shown. Put glue on end cap and screw onto one end of PVC then put glue on the end cap with screw eye and screw onto PVC. Finally put the reflective tape on the end cap without the screw eye

using a drill bit (refer to the package for the appropriate size) pre-drill the 4 holes into the stud. screw in the lag screws ( twist the screws into the ceiling) hang the chain from the carabiner. hang the chair from the S-hook. If doesn't fit, pass the chain into the eye of the swing and link the S-hook to the chain, adjusting the height Slot Wing Nuts Drill Bit Socket Wrenches Tools Set, 1/4 Inch Hex Shank Steel Drills Bits for Panel Nuts Screws Eye C Hook Bolt & Q-Hanger 5pcs (3): Home Improvement,Deep Power Wing Nut Driver,Saver Prices,Great prices and Fast Shipping,All for great prices - Satisfaction Guaranteed Klein's Flex Bit kit includes everything you need for drilling and pulling wire and cable. The flexible drill bit makes 9/16-Inch (14 mm) holes in wood. The folding placement tool helps guide the bit as you drill. The pulling grip attaches to the flexible drill bit after the hole has been made to pull wire and cable through Drill Bits & Drill Bit Sets; Cutting & Hole Enlarging Accessories; Wire Wheels & Cup Brushes; Rotary Files & Rasp; Hex Shank Drill Bits; Misc Drill Accessories; 2 7/8 Brass Fast Eye Snap Hook . $2.50. Add to Cart. 3 1/4 Brass Fast Eye Snap Hook . $3.25. Add to Cart. 3 7/8 Brass Fast Eye Snap Hook . $5.50. Add to Cart. 3 1/2 Brass Open.

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8/29/08 2:28 PM. WonderHowTo. Screwing hooks into a ceiling can be a real pain. In this how to video, home improvement expert Danny Lipford gives you a great tip on screwing hooks into the ceiling. All you need is an electric drill to easily install screw hooks into your ceiling. Video Loading 3) Screw eyes & cup hooks, sawtooth picture hangers (or your own preference for hanging the house assembly...keyhole slots, picture wire, etc.) 4) Drill, wood glue or epoxy, sandpaper, stain and/or paint and clear finish 5) A Dremel-type rotary tool with assorted sanding wheels and bits to sand small details and speed up preparation for finishing

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Eye Size: 3/4 x 2-3/16 (2-1/4 lbs)* * Eye dimensions are approximate and some variation occurs due to the handmade nature of this handle. Some sanding or cutting may be required to get a proper fit. Handles are ordered in batches, and from one batch to the next, the color tone can change significantly 1 - Hammock Hang Calculator. 2 - Eye bolts (or hanging kit) 1 - Drill with drill bit. If you are installing a single hardware piece like the eye bolt, be sure to drill the hole in the center of the stud. The minimum hang distance for a hammock, generally speaking, is about 9 ft (2.7 m), but much depends on what hammock you have Say, for example, a typical 29-piece set. In the following drill bit chart are the typical fractional sizes this kind of set would include. This would generally apply to many drill bit types, such as black oxide, titanium, carbide, high-speed steel and masonry (concrete), to name a few. Basic, twist-type drill bit sizes (fractional) H-J8162 Angled 3/4 X 12 Thimble Eye Bolt, Used for dead-ending and attaching guy wires to poles and crossarms. E liminates the need for thimble,shackles,links, and guy hooks.The broad radius of the eye provides an excellent attachment point to deadend or guy messenger wire, guy strand for formed wire grips. Specifications: Bolt Length: 1 The eye bolts, screws eyes, or hooks should be installed 2 to 4 inches wider than your swing's length. For instance, for a 50-inch swing, space the hangers 52 to 54 inches apart. This will aid uniform weight distribution and also prevent the chains from rubbing against the swing when in motion

Lag Eye Screw Driver is a 41mm single Hole precision drive Tool. This awesome Driver is G316 Stainless Steel and an excellent little tool to drive in our 6mm Lag Eye Screws (both lengths). Lag Screw insertion time is greatly reduced with this tool. Features: The Driver Tool is portable. Therefore, it is light enough to carry - small enough. Drill Bit Decimal Size Equivalent. Drill Bit Decimal Size Equivalent; 0.1562 0.1563 0.1875 0.2187 0.2343 0.25 0.3125 Snap these hooks into track to hang equipment or attach straps. Add an eye nut to threaded rod to hang the rod from rings, hooks, and hangers. Routing Clamps Start with your useless table, and screw in the eye hooks with your hand. Spread them about 14 apart along the 30 beam, and so you can get approximately a 14 x 14 square of eye hooks. Proceed to do the same on one side of the base boards to get a 14 x 14 square there, too Most homeowners who are lucky enough to have vinyl siding find that sooner or later something needs to be attached into the siding or trim. Christmas lights are a great example or maybe a hanging plant. Many times rather than using nails, screws of various sizes are required, and preferred

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So using the correct drill bit size for your anchors is important. It should be indicated in your curtain rod's instructions or on the box that your anchors came in. 5. Screw Your Hooks To The Wall. The rest is pretty straightforward - hammer in your anchors and secure your curtain rod hooks to the wall using the provided screws And heat dulls bits quickly. In general, it's a good idea to drill through metal using as slow a speed as possible using a drill bit for metal. Hard metals like steel and larger drill bits require even slower speeds. With a small twist bit (1/16 in. to 3/16 in.), you can drill through most metals at 3,000 rpm Use a drill to create a small hole in the back of each toy. Find an eye hook in Dollar Tree's hardware section and screw it into the plastic for a simple way to hang the ornament. Spray paint the toys with several even coats, rotating each toy between coats. Add an ornament hook to the eye hook and fill your tree with wildlife! 14 Ace Rewards members are eligible to receive free delivery on orders of $50 or more. Free delivery offer excludes same day delivery. Participation and delivery area vary by store. Delivery From Your Local Ace. Our delivery program lets you get the qualifying items delivered from the store to your door by a helpful Ace associate In denser materials such as high strength concrete, use a drill bit that is 1/16 larger than the size listed. Bolts are zinc-plated steel to resist corrosion in wet environments. The bolt is reusable, but the toggle will fall behind the wall when the bolt is removed. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number

Hooks provided and corresponding size drill bit (5/16) to pre-drill holes For specific swing dimensions and spacing on where to install hooks, please email claire@lcswingbeds.com for a diagram. She will need to know your swing design and size Drill Bits Electrical Fasteners Fittings Hooks Clevis Hangers Rings - Tools Snaps - Swivels Rope - Accessories Screw Eyes Lag Screw Eye Bolts. Lag Screw Eye Bolts Sort by Display. per page. Filter by attributes.

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That brings us to the end of the Flex 24V cordless tools we've actually used. There are a ton of others, though, and the lineup will continue to quickly expand. Here's a sampling of other products you can look for at Lowe's: 3-Speed high-torque impact wrench with Shockshield Vibration Suppression (1150 ft-lbs!): $299.99 w/5.0Ah batter Place the central eye double strap hinge top band (12/18/24) on the gate in the vertical center of the top rail. the post and parallel to the drill bit makes this easier. Use a bit that is slightly larger than 3/4 or ream the hole to enlarge. 6. Install the pins in the holes if they are both pointing up or if the bottom is pointing down. what you'll need: - drill. - very tiny drill bit. - 1/2 inch screw eyes. (found these in that isle at Lowes. where all the washers & screws are in those little drawers) - ball chains. (from hobby lobby - these were 18 inches) - and some miniature my little ponies Lowe's has concrete screws. They're called Tapcon and they're blue. My husband used them on his garage (to screw through the concrete blocks) and he says they work. You have to drill a hole 1st with a masonary bit. Make sure you get the right size bit for the screws that you use. It says on the package of screws what size bit you need