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Working With a Deity Tarot Spread While this spread may not be for everyone, I know a lot of you are interested in witchcraft, magick, spirituality, and mysticism so while I created this spread for my own personal practice, I decided to share it with you as well This deity communication tarot spread will not specifically identify the deity that is wishing to communicate with you. But you will understand their personality, influencing sphere and how they are manifesting themselves in your life, both in the past and the present Deity Identification spread. Card One is the deity — this is the equivalent to the first card in the Deity Communication Spread. Card Two is one of the qualities/traits associated with them. I tend to read this as a more negative trait. Something that might seem scary or intimidating COMMUNING WITH YOUR [DEITY TAROT] SPREAD. While this spread will not directly identify a deity that is influencing your life or wishing to work with you, it will give a lot of information about the deity, how they are manifesting in your life, and what you can do to begin working together. *Disclaimer* This is a powerful spread The larger reason was because the Tarot spread was old. At least by internet standards. The Deity Identification Spread was published in 2013. The short spread doesn't have a lot of exposition.

The result was The Laurel On My Head Deity Communication spread, a tarot spread created from the efforts of members of this amino. This spread would not exist without the input of Ever, CarryKeryKeion and Zale. It is intended to be used with deities, daimon, or spirit guides with whom you have recently made significant contact I was looking for my deity and read about a tarot spread that can help with finding your patron. Hope it helps Read more. Diety. 2 oop Read more. Deity identification spread. 1 spread to identify a deity Read more. Moving Forward. 2 This spread will provide you with guiden Read more

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This is a DOWNLOADABLE product. After you check out, you will be able to download the spread from your Purchases and Reviews or from the confirmation email you receive from Etsy. Sif tarot spread - Norse Deity - Goddess - Golden Hair - Wife of Thor - Printable - Book of Shadows - Grimoire - Journal - Ready to Prin Card One is the deity — this is the equivalent to the first card in the Deity Communication Spread. the world: change, an ending cycle, accomplishment. commonly associated with Gaia (greek) and Terra (roman) Card Two is one of the qualities/traits associated with them. I tend to read this as a more negative trait

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  1. This tarot spread will give a lot of information about the deity, how they are manifesting in your life, and what you can do to begin working together. However, this spread will not directly identify a deity that is influencing your life or wishing to work with you. Witchcraft WIcca Goddess Deity Tarot Spread Follow me on Instagram @selftaro
  2. 1- The essential Tarot deck-Harrison Roberts. 2- I'm trying to interpret a deity who is trying to contact me but I can't figure out who is. 3- Deck spread (1)Ace of Rods- who is the deity (2)VIII Strength- negative trait (3)King of Cups- positive trait (4)XI Justice- what they rule over (5)V The Heirophant- Association (symbols
  3. ine archetypes in the Tarot, world mythology, and within yourself—regardless of your gender. I encourage you to do this spread even if you are still shy of interpreting the cards: the sooner you begin to get used to the process of reading, the sooner you will improve
  4. Deity Tarot Spread. November 25, 2020 by mpsmaster. The tarot is really a collection of playing cards, most typically utilized in the mid-1500s in different European nations to play card video games like Italian tarocchi, German Tarot, French tarot, and even Austrian Konsens
  5. Lilith Tarot Spread. November 22, 2019. March 30, 2021 /. tarotpugs. The goddess Lilith has been shrouded and seen as a dark demonic entity, left out of the Garden of Eden and joined Samael (identified with Satan in some Judaic texts) birthing demons at the Red Sea. However, from another perspective (just as Lucifer), the goddess Lilith can be.

free tarot readings since 2006. Our online readings include the Yes/No Oracle, Celtic Cross, the Burning Question, and our When Will It Happen and True Love Tarot readings. Choose from the Goddess Tarot, the Sacred World Oracle and other popular card decks. We also offer daily TarotScopes, Goddess LunarScopes, Daily Numerology readings, and a. How to Use Tarot to Work With Gods and Goddesses. There are two ways I use tarot and oracle to work with gods and goddesses outside of their traditional divinatory uses. 1. Tarot and Oracle As Altar Decor. I love using tarot and oracle cards to represent deity on my altar. Although I'd love to have full statues, it's often cheaper and easier This spread is intended to help you connect with suitable deities, receive messages from deities, find your matron and/or patron or simply work out what kind.. Get a free tarot reading with the popular Celtic Cross tarot spread at TarotGoddess.com. Because of its versatile ability to examine a situation in depth, the Celtic Cross is a staple of tarot readings. Featured decks include the Rider Waite Tarot, the Goddess Tarot, and the Lover's Path Tarot The tarot is really a collection of playing cards, the majority of typically utilized in the mid-1500s in different European countries to play card video games like Italian tarocchi, German Tarot, French tarot, and even Austrian Konsens. The cards used are red or blue, although they were also green in the middle ages, and gold in other areas of the world. As they are spread out throughout the.

Dark Goddess Tarot Spreads E-Book. 4.00. Add the Dark Goddess to your tarot, witchcraft or spiritual practice with these specially designed tarot spreads. Add To Cart. This 32-page e-book (PDF) helps you to work with the shadow self, dark moon and the dark goddesses to help understand ourselves better. The Dark Goddess is transformation and. Types of Tarot Spreads There are many types of Tarot spreads. Perhaps the most classic is an eleven-card layout called The Celtic Cross (11 cards including the Significator). There is also a Tree of Life spread, a Planetary spread, the Tetraktys spread, and the Pentagram spread, among many, many others TarotPugs was created in 2015 by Stacey (Stasya) & her two pugs. Stacey (Stasya) is a psychic tarot reader, fortune teller (vorozhka/ворожка), energy healer, and witch (відьма) who works with Slavic folk magick. Stacey (Stasya) works with clients to help deepen their spiritual practice, to get messages from goddesses and gain insight into their life and future Dec 22, 2013 - The Correspondences for the Gods and Goddesses of the Tarot Trumps ( Greek, Sumero-Babylonian, Roman, Egyptian) source: Tarot Talismans by Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Chic Cicer Goddess Brigid Tarot Spread. BRIGID, BRIGIT, BRIDE. Celtic Goddess of the sacred flame, poetry, healing, smith craft. Triple goddess, we honor her with this tarot spread. She has so much to offer with healing & inspiration to invite within your life. You can use this spread anytime in month of February or whenever to contact The Goddess Brigid.

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  1. Goddess Freyja Tarot Spread. Goddess Freyja is the lover of all of mankind and the greatest Divine Cheerleader you could ever hope to find. As the Goddess of Love, she is an excellent teacher of self-love and helping us tap into any potential that is untapped due to a lack of self-love. Before doing the Tarot spread that will help you tap into.
  2. deity check-in spread for those of you who are a devotee to a deity like myself, i am constantly wondering if there's anything i could change, or if things are going good for both of us. it doesn't hurt to check in, whether you're new to it or have only been doing it for a fair time. so, this spread is for those of you who want to see how things are goin!enjoy lovelie
  3. Need to just quickly identify a spirit or confirm your suspicions about a deity? This is the spread for you. Verify who's around you and what they want. The last card serves as a either a message from them or advice for proceeding. Tarot and oracle cards aren't just for telling the future; they ca - Online Store Powered by Storenv
  4. The Triple Goddess spread, created along with the Witches Tarot deck by Ellen Dugan, begins with The High Priestess, the Empress and The Moon as significators representing the Goddess in Her Maiden, Mother and Crone energies. The Goddess as Maiden, centers around possibilities, hopes and dreams, while the Mother reveals where we are currently
  5. The spirit guide Tarot spread also helps you find out some facts about your guide, why they are in your life and how you can best work with them for the highest good. This spread works equally well for connecting with a spirit animal. Connect with Your Spirit Guide Tarot Spread. 1. Your deepest held belief about working with spirit guides 2


Goddess Wisdom Tarot Spread. August 30, 2017 Winter-Louise Tarot. I was looking through my Tarot Journal and came across this Goddess Wisdom Spread which I haven't tried so thought it would be nice to give it a go and share with you. Those of you with Tarot cards might like to try this Spread also. The cards are laid out linear, 1-2-3-4 NEW DECK TAROT SPREAD READING . i performed my first tarot reading and used @thewitchofthenorse new deck tarot spread. i want to record what i got for future reference.. Originally posted by thewitchystuff. Card One: personality of deck . card pulled: the worl

A Tarot Spread Use this spread when you feel deflated and lost, when you aren't sure how to achieve your dreams, or you feel pulled by conflicting desires/needs. Posted in Goddess, Tarot, Tarot spreads and tagged Tarot, Tarot spreads, Valentine's Day | Leave a comment. Post Navigation Follow Blog via Email Deity reading : 10$ * A tarot reading to determine what . deity is calling out to you . A Yearly 2021 Tarot Card Reading : 30$ * A month to month reading for the . year 2021. This reading will consist . of 12 cards, and go over advice for. each month of the year 2021. Plus . an additional 1 card for a yearly. overview. Custom Card Spread.

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  1. The patron goddess of Imbolc is Brigid, the goddess of the hearth. She is the patron goddess of healing, arts and poetry, and smithwork. This spread that is shown above is taken from the Pistis Sophia Tarot Deck, and the cards are the Grail Tarot Deck by John Matthews. The intention is creativity and inspiration
  2. Awaken Your Inner Sex Goddess! Tarot Spread Try this sexy-smutty Tarot spread to ratchet up the sexy factor in your life, boost confidence and become seriously irresistible! Classic Tarot Card Spreads. Past, Present, Future Tarot Spread This 3 card tarot spread is a quick and simple way to get insight into the past, present and future
  3. There are probably more Tarot spreads floating around on the Internet then there are stars in the sky. And there is a good chance, if you have a deck or two, that you are already familiar with one or two spreads, most likely a three card spread and the good, old Celtic Cross
  4. The Tarot Goddess. The Tarot Goddess is an easy to use, one card reading. The Goddess can help you gain quick insight into the present and future. She is great for a quick answer and meaning from the card which is drawn. Ask the Tarot Goddess anything you want, from love to wealth, careers to friendships, and everything else
  5. tarot readings/requests for spreads open!! they/them witchy tarot blog to do what i enjoy and interact with others!! cees-tarot. Cee's tarot spreads. 1.5M ratings Journal entries to your deity where you tell them various things such as how your day went, how you are feeling, whats bothering you, how much you look up to them, something you.
  6. Tarot Spread - Guidance for Change. A Tarot Spread to Consult with the Empress and the Emperor. Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. Best Tarot Spreads for Planning and Goal Setting. Easy Relationship Tarot Spread. Tarot Spread for Working on Goals. Horseshoe Spread. Tarot Spread for Difficult Conversations

Feb 3, 2021 - Explore katrinabattles's board tarot spreads on Pinterest. See more ideas about tarot spreads, tarot, tarot learning Little Red Tarot Spreads:21 Original Tarot Spreads. A 60-page e-book containing 21 of my favourite tarot spreads to cover all kinds of questions, plus all kinds of helpful tips about using and reading cards in tarot spreads, and a guide to creating your own! PLUS: 23 printable worksheets - perfect for tarot journalling

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Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse & Tarot. By innergoddesstarot on May 24, 2021 in Eclipses, Tarot Spreads. I have a special relationship with the Moon. I imagine that YOU do, too. I know I am not her only admirer, but my love is true. I FEEL the Moon, even when I can't see her. I flow with her changes, I look to her for guidance and comfort And of course, the Solstice is also a wonderful time to consult the Tarot. Rise with the Sun, let your cards bask in the light, and see how they speak to you. Here is a spread I read each year in honor of the occasion: Give this spread a try, and let me know what is revealed for you. Celebrate and bask in the light, shine bright, flourish This spread will help you to learn to apply the tarot to help you to explore the forces that are influencing the Querent, by looking at the past, present and future energy around them. Left Card: The Past - This card shows the Querent's past experiences, the ones that cast a light on the current situation 365 Tarot Spreads ~ Revealing the Magic in Each Day. A tarot reading is a quest for answers to your greatest questions, deepest desires, and most profound needs. The power of tarot lies in the questions, and now you can discern answers to those questions with fascinating and magical results 365 days a year The Tarot. The Tarot. Tarot (Tar-oh) is a system of symbolism and philosophy consisting of a set of 78 images, normally embodied in a deck of cards similar to a regular set of game-playing cards. In the English speaking world, they are most often encountered as a form of cartomancy. The Tarot have been used for fortune telling for centuries

Reviewed on Jun 30, 2017. 2 others also recommend for spread. Quick look. Altar Tarot Cloth: Triple Goddess With Pentagram - 24 x 24 (Gold/Silver on Black Pentacle/Pentagram) Altar Tarot Cloth: Triple Goddess With Pentagram - 24 x 24 (G. by New Age Imports, Inc This free online Tarot reading will give you guidance in your relationship, your career or even just a daily Tarot energy reading. Just click three cards and see the answers appear before you! This 3-card personal reading spread answers questions about your past, present, and future. This 'pick a card' style spread can be used for anyone or.

Free tarot spreads for you to use to improve your tarot practice, find inspiration and gain insights into yourself and the world around you. Why are they all free?! A lot of other websites charge a fee to view their directory of tarot spreads. This is not something I want to do as I feel this information should be shared and enjoyed by all Pin We often think of the Tarot as a tool for telling your future. But did you know that the Tarot can also be used for creating your future?. That's right - the future is in your hands and you have the free will and power to create your own destiny, just the way you want it.. Even better, the Tarot cards can act as your guide to creating and shaping your future, showing you how to best.

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The Triune Path. Hekate is a triple moon Goddess of the Greeks, ruler of the three realms of the Underworld, the Earth and the Sky. She is guardian of the crossroads, especially where three roads meet, and protects lonely travellers who are out at night. Card 1 is the significator: look through the deck until you find a card that you think. Unboxing the Terra Qi Goddess Oracle! Leave a Comment / Deck Reviews , July 2021 / By Kate (Daily Tarot Girl) / July 13, 2021 July 13, 2021 Join me as I unbox the Terra Qi Goddess Oracle , a gorgeous oracle deck that celebrates the divine feminine Every Tarot deck has its own theme, but most have 78 cards. The Pistis Sophia Goddess Tarot offers only the Major Arcana cards consisting of 22 and excluded the 56 Minor Arcana cards. As the name implies, the deck share Major messages for its users Dark Goddess Tarot Review by Bonnie Cehovet. The Dark Goddess Tarot is a 78 card deck, which comes with a 27 page LWB (Little White Book). It is packaged in a medium gray lift top, heavy cardboard box, with the image of XIII Death (La Santa Muerte) on the cover, and the image of XVII Stars (Spider Woman) on the back Love IS the cure Collective Reading TRIGGER WARNING: Mental Health, Suicide, Narcissism, Misogyny, Misandry, Etc. ~ Answering the Call ~ PART 2 #TripleGoddess #Tarot #Love #TheCur

Tarot cards were most likely created sometime between the late 14th and early 15th centuries. Tarot spreads are not creations of the new age. It is debated whether Tarot was created in Europe, Egypt, India, Italy, Spain, China or France. Today, there are thousands of decks and all are unique. However, most decks consist of 78 cards The 78 card Universal Goddess Tarot by Maria Caratti (text) and Antonella Platano (illustrations) follows the format of a traditional Tarot deck. The Major Arcana carry traditional titles, with Justice as VIII and Strength as XI. The suits are Wands, Chalices (Cups), Swords and Pentacles. The Court Cards are King, Queen, Knight and Knave In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, tarot was a simple parlor game. Within another 100 years, though, it had become a popular tool for divination. Today, both tarot and oracle cards, which have fewer rules and a wider range of content, are still in heavy rotation among modern mystics (or anyone looking for a sneak peek into the future).. The enlightened soul searcher has his or her pick. Deity Work 101Priest/Priestesshood: the what's and how's of priestess/priest work. In a past post, specifically my tarot review, I mentioned I was a priestess for King Asmodeus. Well, I haven't.. Deity Thoughts Spread. I recently did a tarot reading for someone and really liked the spread I made for it! They were asking the thoughts of a deity about them before going into working with them/starting something. So, I made this spread to help make a simple, yet clear reading into the deity's thoughts..

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This spread is meant to guide you in solving the mystery of which deity is contacting you. Deities like to be mysterious, and hopefully this will help identify the deity, and shine light on the message they are trying to give you These Spreads I create can be used for tarot or oracle cards. Feel free to try them with Runes as well for a unique approach. Celebrate the Harvest with the Goddess Demeter. She is the Greek Goddess of Harvests. Mother to Persephone or Kore, she is known for agriculture, abundance, harvest, parenthood, children, family, fertility, & diplomacy divination, goddess tarot spread, tarot, tarot spread, triple goddess, triple goddess divination, triple goddess tarot spread, wicca tarot, wisdom tarot spread, witchcraft tarot. Post navigation. Previous 10 Ways to Use the Color Red in Love Spells & Attraction Magic. Next So, You Decided to Come Out of the Broom Closet 1.Simple Tarot Card Spreads. The Simple Tarot Card Spreads are the ones where you learn more about the cards, about the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. They can be some simpler ones. Tarot Card spreads for beginners is how you can see it. The primary purpose of a Simple Tarot Card spread is to. Learn more about the Tarot card spreads for.

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The tarot is an art form that respects tradition yet constantly keeps evolving. Tarot spreads can be beautiful, complex, simple, and honest all at the same time. For the novice, learning how to spread and interpret the cards can be aided in their placement in a particular situation. For intermediate, advanced, and professional readers, spreads Goddess 3-Card Tarot Spread. Posted by Chris Huff March 26, 2020 March 27, 2020 Posted in Uncategorized Tags: 3card, goddess, instagram, spread, tarot

This Tarot spread is quite clean, and most importantly it doesn't just consider one person's view on the issue, but explores both party's perspectives on it so as to constructively find ways to resolve these issues. It sets rules of engagement between couples, so that they could operate within a framework that allows them to have a safe. Artemis (PDF): Artemis was best known as the goddess of the hunt; however, she was also worshiped as the goddess of nursing and protecting children and of the moon. She was also the twin sister of Apollo and the daughter of Zeus. A tarot card reading that uses cards featuring Greek goddesses may depict her with a bow and a deer or stag The free Passion Tarot spread is capable of reigniting the excitement in your sex and love life with it's powerful spark. Allow the tarot cards to guide you in your quest to conquer the erotic side of yourself through exploration, mediation and communication. Our Tarot Reading for Passion will help you broaden your.. Tarot spread for when you're feeling frustrated and blocked. When there's something wrong but you can't quite figure what that is. The cork, what's keeping card five trapped. What you need to keep an eye out for, the negative repercussions that this reveal will give you deity check-in spread .

The Hermit Tarot Spread. This spread represents you yourself, alone. Shuffle the deck and lay out the cards per the diagram above. Card 1: This card represents you in solitude, your true self. This is your quietest and most centered self, undistracted and relaxed This month's tarot spread: Inner Goddess Tarot's What you need to KNOW, GROW, and LET GO . A few days ago, I had a situation blow up in my life. (If you need to read about the dirty details of that situation, here ya go.) I found myself seething, even after I got an apology. That's because when I get mad, I tend to brew 'n stew for a.

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A tarot spread for moving into a new house. Hestia is the Greek goddess of the Hearth, so we invoke her guidance in creating a new home inside a new house. This can either be a brick and mortar new house that you're moving to, or you can read these cards as a fresh start to a new phase of your life. Where you are right now Welcome to Tarot Spread Test Drive! Curious about all the different tarot spreads out there? Wondering if they're a keeper - or a lemon? Me too! So, let's take them for a test drive and find out! Below are some of my favorite tarot spreads I've found either from a beloved book or around the web

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Not just another tarot card deck, The Mythical Goddess Tarot 10th Anniversary Editionoffers its users something very special, original, and extremely powerful a card deck that provides ancient universal myths or stories of the deep feminine principle with new inspiration and hope that guide us toward a life of peace and love.The Mythical Goddess Tarot 10th Anniversary Edition. can actualize. Hekate and a Tarot Spread. I want to share with you a tarot spread inspired by Hekate. As a goddess, she inspired Shakespeare's three witches in the infamous opening scene of Macbeth, which helped to create her modern conception of Hekate as a crone. For the 5th century Greeks, Hekate was described as a maiden goddess of roads and witches Six impossible things tarot spread witchybeauty: Please enjoy this spread for getting to know yourself in celebration of Alice: through the looking glass. This spread is a direct reference from.. I hope that you enjoyed this spread and that it is helpful to you in greeting the spring, clearing space, and inviting the Sun's warmth back into your life during this Imbolc festival. You can also purchase the complete Wheel of the Year Tarot Spreads which includes this spread and all the other spreads in the Wheel of the Year series in one.

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The Full Moon Tarot Spread and Ritual By Brigit August 23, 2018 September 22nd, 2018 If the moon has the power to create the ebb and flow of the ocean's tides, it no doubt also has the power to influence human beings, especially as we are 60 percent water A Tarot Spread to Instantly Raise Your Vibration! Hello my witchy friend! I've experienced some disappointing setbacks in the last couple months —particularly with rejection and money. I'm finally starting to see those setbacks revealing themselves to be miracles from the universe. Sti This tarot spread gives an excellent understanding of specific issues or questions. You can also just let the cards reveal what you need to know at this time, without asking any questions. The Celtic Cross tarot spread is an ancient tarot reading with amazing power and accuracy

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Posts about Goddess Tarot written by Lily. This idea came from The Aclectic Tarot forums. (The exact location is here.)Basically the reader should do a three-card spread, without any specific meanings for location of cards within the spread, and develop a little maxim that is useful for the querent at that time The Goddess Tarot deck is an empowering deck that combines traditional Tarot symbolism with ornate illustrations of various goddesses. Created by Kris Waldherr, the stories each card tells address the universal problems all of us face in our lifetimes

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The one card tarot draw is the simplest possible tarot spread. But simple doesn't mean easy. In fact, drawing a single card More. tarot, tarot reading. The Ancient Art of Bone Reading for Beginners. Bone reading, also called bone scrying or casting the bones, is an ancient form of divination found in many cultures An Atheopagan Tarot Spread. I have written before about divination and particularly the use of complex symbol systems such as runes or Tarot cards in Atheopaganism. We can use these symbol sets to access our intuitive and subconscious understandings of our situations, despite the fact that the arrangement of the cards (runes, bones, tea.

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I have a love-hate relationship with year ahead tarot spreads. While I love sinking into some dream time with planners and tarot cards, I find that the traditional 12-card tarot spread - one card that represents a theme for each month of the year - just isn't very useful for me Tarot Card Layouts for Beginners Three-Card Tarot Layout. A three-card tarot spread offers clear and straightforward answers to otherwise complicated problems. The minimal setup allows room for discussion between you and the querent. While you can use a three card tarot spread to explore motivation, gratitude, or self-reflection, most people use it to look at the past, present, and future

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Do you have a connection with a deity that you believe spans back to past lives as well? Hopefully this spread will be able to help you out! THIS IS MY OWN ORIGINAL SPREAD, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST . 1) Overall relationship in past life: The basics! If your relationship as a whole could be summed up in one card, then this would be it Tarot spreads as a form of divination, my favorite form, stems from late 14th century Egypt. Each card has an energetic frequency. As a medium and necromancer, implementing the use of tarot into my daily practice has allowed me to develop my own language with the dead and my spirit team Three Card Tarot Spread. Use just three cards for a simple reading. Patti Wigington. Card 1: The Past. The concept of the past sounds like an obvious one, but often there are subtleties involved. While this can include the Querent's past, it can also include events or the feelings of others that have had an impact or influence on the current. from 25.00. Underworld Journeys in Witchcraft E-book. 9.00. Working with the Dark Moon & Dark Goddess E-Book. 7.00. Dark Goddess Tarot Spreads E-Book. 4.00. Simple and Easy Money Magick & Witchcraft E-Book. 3.00 I begin Tarot Divination over 5 years ago, (Self Taught) through vested knowledge, mentor-ship and being a practitioner of various spiritual practices. My Goal as a spiritual practitioner is to leave all clients with a pleasant experience and a deep understanding into the symbolism behind Tarot & Oracle Readings